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  1. Need time-out procedure for HTML perl procedure
  2. searching pattern and replace it with string
  3. Can't read from xml file
  4. Need kstat alternative in Linux
  5. Error while running code
  6. how to get table name using Win32::IEAutomation
  7. Compare two files and print difference
  8. Merging TIFFs into a Multi-Page Tiff
  9. Writing PERL script to query oracle data and write the output to Excel
  10. how to find the cost of a query in sybase?
  11. How to get around strawberry Perl "out of memory" error
  12. Unlink/rename works on linux, not working on windows??
  13. Sync remote directory with local and update local directory if there is any changed.
  14. search for duplicated via IPTC field (OS X)
  15. How to open and modify files in a subdirectory?
  16. TCP echo client & server (socket about)-- network programming with perl
  17. Pearl: how would I send router command output to a varaible and a file
  18. Error in perl script.
  19. upload multiple files with perl
  20. Gift Voucher System
  21. Replacing value of a string and adding original value to an array?
  22. NSIS installer script for detecting JRE
  23. Is it possible to image the perl from one box to another
  24. Why has my program has stop writting to files.
  25. HOw will I display the missing file together the date when it was not created?
  26. Mechanize for Flash ?
  27. Filtering key words using p2p client
  28. Downloading a file using http
  29. How to solve my problem in the Internet Explorer ?
  30. is it possible to close a dialog box which is opened by some other program in windows
  31. How to include CPAN packages inside my application
  32. Is it possible to post my add(message) to any website using perlscript?
  33. Perl Scripting Newbie
  34. Perl script compiling
  35. Is it possible to test JAVA SWING application using PERL
  36. Picking values from timestamp
  37. Need a little help with a newsletter/subscription code.
  38. perl xs call function of SvPVMG
  39. how to pass object reference between Perl XS and Perl ?
  40. Simple http redirect is failing with Perl 5.8.9 and IIS6
  41. I need help with running multiple commands within one system call.
  42. WWW::Selenium terminates program on object not found - not expected -
  43. How do we do an array of File Handles?
  44. How to write to an XML File
  45. Copy HV in perl xs
  46. Why use strict?
  47. Need help in Perl code..
  48. Grabing line from file
  49. Combinations using perl
  50. cgi popup_menu multi selection
  51. how to unzip with option of ecluding directories in perl
  52. Extract text from a Website Stats Widget
  53. How to set Timeout option maximum to unlimited?
  54. A question about HTML::Parser.
  55. 501 Protocol scheme '' is not supported error when using LWP
  56. How can I delete contents between
  57. Count the number of character(case insensitive) in a file
  58. Passing SOME command-line options to another script
  59. Win32::OLE objects
  60. What ppm repository has Win32::GuiTest package in it
  61. Issues with Eclipse and EPIC
  62. Uncaught exception 'PerlException'
  63. what is scope of $1 or why can't I call the same sub twice?
  64. Is <id> reserved and unusable in perl XML::Simple?
  65. i am asked to design a perl soap:lite application to design a server in port no. 8001
  66. how do I reference key in xml::simpleview
  67. I cannot access hash of hash from outside function?
  68. How to open file whose name is stored in a variable
  69. How to find file pattern in a directory
  70. system command in perl - prompt does not return back - window
  71. system command in perl
  72. Regular expression in Perl
  73. Where to get Activeperl 5.8.8 822 for Windows
  74. regarding replacing a placeholder by windows / unix style path in perl
  75. Running a process in background and making a GUI
  76. Multiple File Upload
  77. use a list to extract out the data...
  78. How to read a value from an XML tag
  79. How to read Excel data into a hash
  80. Time Counter
  81. How to read csv file with multi line in one field
  82. How to create a dynamic Object
  83. How to get Mac Address
  84. How to retrieve Last modified Date of a ftp directory
  85. how to capture console output by using perl?
  86. PerlException: [perl] eval error
  87. How to determine if a part of a text file is in English or not
  88. how to open a text file for editing using perl
  89. MIME::Lite::TT::HTML Problem - Unable to see HTML images on the mail client
  90. How to search for a particular Directory in all the Drives in windows
  91. Sort program runs but is slow
  92. Subroutines called from other subroutines
  93. Perl pattern matching
  94. Passing data from a HTML form to perl script
  95. how to convert socket in linux to work on windows
  96. perl socket listening server
  97. identify sudirectories in a directory
  98. error in simulating an ftp client in perl
  99. want to validate a form (user and password) have default values and want to proceed
  100. Reading IP address in sql database using perl language.
  101. parses a cvs file: open and save in a new file but needs to check a certain column
  102. Palindrome Question
  103. Looking for an perl IDE that does these things...
  104. Perl script to do BLASTn for mutliple sequence
  105. Modify a Substitution Line and a Split function
  106. Wordnet help
  107. Establish webservice using perl from AIX environment
  108. Error Handling
  109. file handle operation
  110. Perl for backing up configuration of Cisco IOS devices
  111. Importing data from Excel into MySQL using Perl
  112. am trying to run a programme which is using PGPLOT.When I call it from browser I get
  113. redirect script BGCOLOR
  114. LWP::UserAgent get just body content(image)
  115. soap::wsdl assistance
  116. Soap::Lite assistance
  117. How to compare array items
  118. Get values from checkbox
  119. FTP change get path
  120. Remove all javascript code/content/references from the HTML code using Perl code lang
  121. Foreach looping an array in perl tk.
  122. Update lastmod in sitemap.xml file
  123. Help with Net::Telnet perl module
  124. How to get the OS type from the IPAddress ?
  125. regular expression
  126. How to get input xml file as XMLout. output.
  127. Perl program for client socket communication and transaction data and storage of data
  128. Send entry data via lan
  129. get variable name from txt file
  130. Oracle SQL parallel query within PERL
  131. launch perl script onclick button
  132. Editing a PCL file
  133. html form and perl
  134. Issues reading a simple text file
  135. delete files if there are more than 8 files in a directory
  136. Tracking a website
  137. a subroutine that creates a file with a given name and outputs the contents of a give
  138. subroutine that searches an array for an item
  139. How to display program output on vista machine
  140. split up FASTA into array....perl...any suggestions please?
  141. Perl calculate average and standard deviation from specified column of a text file
  142. put all lines of one file with all lines of another
  143. concenciosus finding
  144. How to read every line of file into array
  145. Net::Ftp Dir command to display formatted records
  146. Expand a Hex number range with PERL
  147. Perl script to change ownership of folder giving error
  148. Packet Capturing Using PERL
  149. need help with extract info using regular expression from input line
  150. How to connect to MS access from Perl script
  151. Analysing simple weblog
  152. Finding orphan files in linux system after owner account is deleted
  153. Splitting Records into HTML Pages from a database
  154. how to create a client/server socket connection (ask for user name and secretword)
  155. display perl script output in html page
  156. Redirecting error output to a File
  157. Kill a Process via a shell script
  158. How to delete a line with pattern matching
  159. Perl copy Multiple Worksheets
  160. Perl functions: subroutines
  161. How to copy multiple Excel Sheets into new Workbook
  162. code for getting maximum rows in excel sheet using perl script
  163. date and time functions
  164. Client/Server Password question
  165. invoking unix command in perl
  166. How to call a perl script in Unix server from a web-page.
  167. Download excel files in xls or csv using perl
  168. code is not working
  169. how to fetch one row at a time
  170. How do I get the IP address of a TCP/IP client?
  171. PERL script that prints out the file names and file sizes and determines the average
  172. Perl Communication with html
  173. Perl Communication
  174. PERL and DBI and WHILE LOOP
  175. module installation on windows
  176. need help.....want to know whats the logic...not the code
  177. Module Install error -
  178. Help needed to format the output of df command
  179. array in perl
  180. how to expand a perl variable within a unix command
  181. index() vs perl()
  182. How to collect code coverage of both perl scripts and modules
  183. access data of configuration files
  184. Counting in while loop splitting
  185. Assembling small files in a large file but format is shifted
  186. Perl script that cannot receive respond from Oracle stored procedure
  187. How to make this print to file right --
  188. Replacing multiple strings in a file
  189. Hi, need Perl program ?
  190. Use of Text::ParseWords module
  191. I want to Remove Space from a text file conatining a sequence in FASTA format.
  192. what is wrong with my script.
  193. extract links from html web page
  194. Looking for win32 notification options
  195. hi, i want to have the perl script that can take input from any text file.
  196. Problem Reading From File
  197. Creating directory/subdirectory
  198. How to tokenize input
  199. newline problem when writing to a file
  200. one token per line
  201. counting different number of characters
  202. Code to compare two libraries for cells and pins
  203. Server Load Testing
  204. comparing two files
  205. Extracting HTML link fragment
  206. Uploading a file and copying over the file onto a remote server
  207. Having trouble with Spreadsheet::Read hash
  208. How to run Perforce command from Perl script.
  209. Urgent
  210. httpd exist after error Use of uninitialized value in concatenation (.) or string
  211. Which modules are needed for Net::SFTP
  212. perl hash data
  213. program for input apple output "apple"
  214. Issue with Thread:Que
  215. Checking file type of a file in perl
  216. Is there a perl method for retrieving the create date of remote files via FTP?
  217. Close EXE & die command
  218. what kind of data sturcture is this ?
  219. plugin development in perl
  220. Software for web development in perl
  221. What to do with a Build.PL file on Solaris 10?
  222. cgi script with password_field parameter
  223. Parsing a text file in unix using perl having name and value
  224. Reading xml in perl
  225. traverse directory and count the number of files
  226. regx for time
  227. CGI to MYSQL on IIS6 not working
  228. Check outlook email and a little more
  229. perl search algorithm
  230. Regex, HTML string modification
  231. trying to connect to DB
  232. Config file?
  233. High Low Game (PERL Coding)
  234. perl an PHP
  235. chomp($var = <>) Hitting enter directly ends the script...
  236. Directory listing script
  237. how to connect to db2 using shell script commands
  238. Help writting simple regex
  239. PERL Craps Game
  240. Checkbox in PERL? How I do this?
  241. How to Insert Closing for Nested Elements
  242. how to search the pattern from the given file
  243. Find::File error: Invalid Top Directory
  244. PDF parsing
  245. Printing array of references to hash maps (perl newbie)
  246. Resend password function
  247. what does it do undef $/;
  248. File::Find package
  249. ActivePerl ~s/ / / and ~tr/ / / and lc() not working
  250. Preserving Array Values Positions
  251. How to return a value of a variable from shell script to perl script
  252. RSS Parsing with Perl
  253. iso 8859-2 input in cmd.exe as input for ActivePerl
  254. Extracting Data from XML using XSL
  255. parsing text file
  256. module caching in mod_perl
  257. problem with spaces in directory name
  258. Please recommend a good "file upload" module
  259. Set up for Perl Scripts using Komodo on a Mac
  260. perl output
  261. processing array
  262. Matrix pairings to print 0 or 1
  263. perl hash doubt
  264. Only fetch date from array.
  265. Printing first column value
  266. print("@input") VS print(@input)
  267. Unable to Create Socket Connection as Non Root User in HP
  268. excel spreadshit parser :
  269. process a file in perl
  270. Unable to put array as a comment on excel sheet cell .
  271. PDF display from perl script
  272. Hi all,Can any one tell me how to create password protected Pdf file in perl?
  273. A simple Perlscript in ASP page fails in ActivePerl 5.6, 5.8, and 5.10.
  274. How TO Show : or index.yaml or or indexer.cgi On My Server ?
  275. Not able to open excel sheet created by Spreadsheet::WriteExcel .
  276. Reg. Regular Expression...
  277. 30 Simultaneous Processes
  278. memory problem?
  279. Sending an input to a running application.
  280. Strange code, dont know what does it do?
  281. Perl Video tutorial
  282. temp string manipulation :
  283. Call .NET asmx web service from PERL
  284. how 2 edit file like list of lines :
  285. perl recursive iteration
  286. extract pointer varibles and memory assignmnets from a c file
  287. error in calculation of standard deviation
  288. how to replace each first letter of a word into capital letter :
  289. telnet to router
  290. IO::Compress::Gzip problem (CentOS)
  291. Perl 5.8.9 vs perl 5.10.1
  292. Connecting to MS SQL Server SDF file
  293. cgi program help
  294. Good beginning book for a never-before programmer.
  295. How to parse files ...
  296. Print to a file instead of to the screen
  297. Extract lines from a file
  298. I've Hit the Process Limit
  299. can't find documentation for curses menu support
  300. Problem while inserting values in oracle database
  301. What should be the mime type given
  302. I have to unplug and plug my USB device every time to communicate :(
  303. adding columns to db at runtime and inserting to db
  304. Sending Attachment using MIME::Lite
  305. How to replace the predefined variable which is set after the decleration
  306. Accessing cell of a HTML table using Perl
  307. Problem instaling win32:GuiTest 1.56 in windows xp .
  308. mkdir - do not inherit permissions
  309. Regex: select all possible of a pattern
  310. PERL find files
  311. Trouble registering enter key.
  312. automatically running third-party tool for all files in folder
  313. List of Scheduled Tasks of Windows
  314. Colum major or row major
  315. PERL Variable names, Significant Length
  316. Use of uninitialized value in concatenation (.) or string at line 450.
  317. Date Manipulation
  318. number of string occurence
  319. How to make an automated password file for perl script
  320. strange problem connecting oracle db
  321. Issue using Sendmail
  322. Hexadecimal number > 0xffffffff non-portable
  323. How to determine if a key is pressed when tell user to hit any key to continue?
  324. hidden variables with EncType="multipart/form-data"
  325. On Perl/CGI
  326. How to print text file from hash table one line at a time
  327. Problems in comparing two files written in Japanese
  328. First ten hits, blast scripts
  329. Problem with push() Function
  330. String comparison
  331. Kill a process in Perl
  332. Printing a "File Not Found" message in Perl.
  333. Unable to install CPAN modules with PPM GUI in win32
  334. embedding javascript using html into perl script
  335. String manipulation for a date
  336. Passing parameters to subroutine?
  337. Searching files by matching filename pattern and concatenating contents of the files
  338. alpha-num numbering scheme in perl
  339. alpha-num numbering scheme in perl
  340. Trying to add audio content to an non-audio container.
  341. Skipping null/empty fields caught by split()
  342. new to perl
  343. Using XML DOM and XPATH together in perl
  344. Internet logging using c# & perl cgi script
  345. Automatic Data population from DB in Dropdowns
  346. Sending email issues...
  347. average by user defined cutoff
  348. Trouble with while loop
  349. trying to chomp a file by date factor
  350. New page in perl
  351. control panel in domain services
  352. How can i CHANGE one specific word in a line????
  353. How to export a text line to a new file?
  354. FileHandle - searching single word from a txt file
  355. FILEHANDLE Questions
  356. Pipe to list all readable text files
  357. SOAP::Lite Issue with sending new request to EAI while looping thru multiple record
  358. using perl to print output
  359. How to install a package in OS X
  360. Extract IP Email Dataset
  361. Perl Regular Expression
  362. update an excel with spreadsheet
  363. Need DBI:Excel and SQL modules
  364. splitting a file by a character
  365. how to get title of a window
  366. Pass Perl array to Oracle stored procedure
  367. packages
  368. Hello to all of you
  369. Getting Local Port Number in Perl
  370. Date difference between two dates
  371. Copy image from a URL into a local folder
  372. remove space, tab, newline etc.. from a text file
  373. perl crashes when searching
  374. need to open command prompt
  375. Problem with input and hashes
  376. how to write vxml in perl?
  377. With LWP; wish to print a part of a page in browser
  378. foraech loop inside a for loop
  379. Populate array with split problem.
  380. Issue with special characters in Perl
  381. Match and Extract everything between 2 words in a file
  382. About file copy in modperl
  383. Dynamic Link Library p2x588.dll
  384. Copy one file every one min to another folder
  385. Undefined Arrays inside for loop
  386. search move and change
  387. Please Help for perl Script
  388. Installing Win32-GuiTest Module
  389. About Javascript in perl
  390. File open in for loop
  391. date conversion
  392. how to submit online form and get the output on submission using LWP
  393. Deleting a file
  394. Check to see if file exsists (perl running on vista)
  395. Unable to match a backslash inside system command
  396. Learning Perl and its Future?
  397. DBI: Is there an "unbind" method?
  398. how to install win32::GuidGen on windows 64 bit OS
  399. Deitel: How to Program
  400. Integer Repetition
  401. need help on string matching and tranlastion
  402. Win32::ODBC problem with colon in column name
  403. Need help with openFile
  404. problem with get method
  405. Integer size
  406. Help On Perl - Multi Threading
  407. Opening a file and outputing the contents
  408. system("COMMAND"); just with Win32?
  409. Integer Validation in Perl
  410. Perl Script that gets data from a form
  411. Using a perl cgi script in windows
  412. Algebra
  413. Win32::ODBC-problem escaping "c:\new.mdb"
  414. changing case of charracters with accents
  415. perl regex
  416. Help! MySQL LEFT JOIN probelm in Perl
  417. Any perl editors list methods?
  418. how to extract $1, $2, etc on same line?
  419. Getting console output
  420. subroutine input from external txt file?
  421. How to give run time inputs to a command?
  422. Out of memory error
  423. Multiple "system" commands? (asynchronously?)
  424. Get Values for the id's
  425. Starting and stopping service
  426. insert text
  427. Extracting data from text file from different lines
  428. Simple TCP/IP server/client - help!
  429. Perl with Sybase DBI - having problems in sp_helptext
  430. How can I get my https file fetch working?
  431. Script to copy files from one folder to another
  432. Copy file from Windows 2003 server to MAC OS X
  433. Looking for a value in an array and returning the index
  434. How to search a regex without replacing it in perl
  435. Find and Replace
  436. compare two file contents
  437. at lest 2 character in that and a maximum of 3 characters.
  438. Checking to see if file exsists
  439. How to copy file from one source to other source?
  440. Background child with PID under Windows
  441. How can I forward an email as an attachment
  442. Perl Database SQL query variable passing
  443. creating and sorting records from pseodofile using hash
  444. creating a hash of hash from excel file
  445. Perl code changes
  446. quiting a program started by perl
  447. installation problem with Text::NLP::Stanford::EntityExtract perl module
  448. Running MySQL script in Perl
  449. removing GBP symbol from a string
  450. Remove new line characters
  451. Perl client to AXIS2 with arrays
  452. Hash of Hashes, Hash of Arrays and Hashes
  453. perl string comparison
  454. Renaming files
  455. pick out the differing entries between 2 files
  456. Run Visio Macro Using perl Script
  457. Check if Cygwin or Windows CMD
  458. How to traverse through a array reference
  459. Help: hash key pass to subroutine as string failed
  460. How to use Perl on Vista?
  461. upgrading to perl 5.10 from 5.8.8 in RHEL5
  462. The Scope of the Perl in India ?
  463. Multi-Line Input
  464. Downloading data from online site
  465. Call to perl script in image tag does not execute
  466. Problem installing perl module for IO::Uncompress::Unzip
  467. About athentication
  468. Help Open Web Page
  469. Find data type of structure members of a C file
  470. Perl Regular Expression
  471. hash of a hash
  472. copying more than one line to another file
  473. copy a file
  474. background on desktop
  475. How to get complete URL Referer
  476. Perl SMS Script Install
  477. String manipulation in perl
  478. Download an Excel File.
  479. Reading from ms Access
  480. getting the column names of the table in DB testing
  481. Gif Image delaying user while processing script
  482. search string in a file and print
  483. Using Tk in wix XP
  484. Modules and Function..
  485. how to compare null string
  486. Unix command, hide error message
  487. Finding limits of Integer in the system
  488. Getting the process running on the other PC wiht administrative rights
  489. Is there a standard way to send an SMS
  490. how to find standard country drop down list combo box in internet..
  491. Learning PERL
  492. Reading Files From Directories
  493. how to use value of variable written in shell script in perl script
  494. sorting confusion
  495. Generating a site map
  496. why the script did not reprint html out
  497. Problem 1 Email ids Conversion code
  498. Trying to insert a long XML string in mysql using perl
  499. file seperation
  500. set_cookie?
  501. How to replace sentence?
  502. DBI, NT Authentication, CGI, and Apache
  503. Hello World Day
  504. Regular Expressions
  505. Threading in Perl
  506. Reading unknown word on txt file
  507. Doubt in installing CGI perl
  508. Capital letters causing problems =[
  509. extracting a string
  510. Using an open connection to mysql database.
  511. READMODE or READKEY from a file
  512. Filter::decrypt
  513. Perl Send email
  514. Number formatting doubt
  515. reading a file
  516. Regarding require function in perl
  517. Sending PopUp code on the body of an email from a script
  518. Writing an Array of Bytes from a .NET web service to a file
  519. Regular Expression - drive me crazy
  520. Need Help parsing a file
  521. Help on Network machine's status using ping command.
  522. Catching File not found exception
  523. How to copy files from one directory to another?
  524. perl projects..
  525. Finding the mismatches
  526. How to parse a multipart form in CGI/PERL?
  527. open fifo
  528. use Bio::Tools::Run::StandAloneBlast
  529. how to get the keys in a hash file in the same order?
  530. how to prompt user that registration field is wrong or keyed in
  531. Date validation using Pattern matching
  532. Need help pulling in library sub to shuffle deck of cards
  533. Custom DSN for accessing a MS.ACCESS database.
  534. Parsing escape characters in @ARGV
  535. Need a regex to check form submission url format
  536. Randomizing specific range
  537. how to get these basic modules
  538. Editor with embedded-Perl-interpreter?
  539. Extract a substring between two elements
  540. How to print the header only once in the new Excel
  541. how to add the user to one unix group using perl
  542. deleting lines from a db dump file using perl
  543. Help with regex
  544. search string not working
  545. Using perl to manipulate Database
  546. problem with DBI statements in while loop
  547. How to get a duplicate rows based on the particular cell value in excel using Perl
  548. split function
  549. Set the Modified date of a file from Perl
  550. why is my site giving me a 500 error?