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Weekly Python Patch/Bug Summary

Patch / Bug Summary
_______________ ____

Patches : 342 open (-38) / 3712 closed (+54) / 4054 total (+16)
Bugs : 951 open (-14) / 6588 closed (+33) / 7539 total (+19)
RFE : 257 open (-15) / 266 closed (+13) / 523 total ( -2)

New / Reopened Patches
_______________ _______

ftp.python.org does not exist anymore (2007-03-12)
CLOSED http://python.org/sf/1678662 opened by Björn Lindqvist

fix a bug mixing up 0.0 and-0.0 (2007-03-11)
http://python.org/sf/1678668 opened by Alex Martelli

Allow "datetime in date" (2007-03-12)
CLOSED http://python.org/sf/1679204 opened by Collin Winter

Documentation for fnmatch.transla te() (2007-03-12)
CLOSED http://python.org/sf/1679379 opened by Björn Lindqvist

__slots__ tuple modified inplace if it contains unicode name (2007-03-13)
CLOSED http://python.org/sf/1680015 opened by ?iga Seilnacht

CGIHTTPServer doesn't handle path names with embeded space (2006-08-06)
http://python.org/sf/1535504 reopened by htgoebel

Add tests for pipes module (test_pipes) (2007-03-14)
http://python.org/sf/1680959 opened by Alan McIntyre

remove sys.exitfunc, rewrite atexit in C (2007-03-14)
http://python.org/sf/1680961 opened by Georg Brandl

Use "alive" instead of "active" in the docs for threading (2007-03-14)
CLOSED http://python.org/sf/1680978 opened by Björn Lindqvist

binary and new-style octal literals (2007-03-14)
http://python.org/sf/1681002 opened by Thomas Wouters

PEP 3115 patch (2007-03-14)
http://python.org/sf/1681101 opened by Guido van Rossum

Patch for [ 1603150 ] wave module forgets to close... (2007-03-15)
CLOSED http://python.org/sf/1681153 opened by Patricio Olivares

email.header unicode fix (2007-03-15)
http://python.org/sf/1681333 opened by Tokio Kikuchi

Add triangular distribution to random (2007-03-15)
http://python.org/sf/1681432 opened by Wladmir

splitext of dotfiles, incl backwards compat and migration (2007-03-16)
http://python.org/sf/1681842 opened by Stephen Hansen

Patches Closed

Patch to 742342 Crash on recursive reload (2004-03-23)
http://python.org/sf/922167 closed by collinwinter

add optional CWD argument to os.path.abspath () (2003-01-30)
http://python.org/sf/677890 closed by collinwinter

ftp.python.org does not exist anymore (2007-03-11)
http://python.org/sf/1678662 closed by collinwinter

fix for external test regression in test.regrtest (2003-09-17)
http://python.org/sf/808210 closed by collinwinter

urllib2.URLErro r don't calll IOError.__init_ _ (2003-10-02)
http://python.org/sf/816787 closed by collinwinter

Refactor test_threadedte mpfile.py to use unittest. (2007-02-28)
http://python.org/sf/1670993 closed by collinwinter

urllib2.urlopen () raises OSError instead of URLError (2007-02-24)
http://python.org/sf/1668100 closed by gbrandl

site.py small ?bug fix | change? (2007-03-10)
http://python.org/sf/1677862 closed by loewis

adding __dir__ (2006-11-06)
http://python.org/sf/1591665 closed by gbrandl

Refactor test_operations .py to use unittest. (2007-03-10)
http://python.org/sf/1678088 closed by collinwinter

Add current dir when running try_run test program (2005-03-21)
http://python.org/sf/1168055 closed by collinwinter

Allow "datetime in date" (2007-03-12)
http://python.org/sf/1679204 closed by collinwinter

Documentation for fnmatch.transla te() (2007-03-12)
http://python.org/sf/1679379 closed by gbrandl

comments to clarify complexobject.c (2007-01-23)
http://python.org/sf/1642844 closed by gbrandl

Fix for bugs relating to ntpath.expandus er() (2004-05-20)
http://python.org/sf/957650 closed by gbrandl

Add %var% support to ntpath.expandva rs (2006-10-10)
http://python.org/sf/1574252 closed by gbrandl

CSV DictWriter Errors (2007-01-15)
http://python.org/sf/1635454 closed by gbrandl

test_cmd_line fails on Windows (2006-09-15)
http://python.org/sf/1559413 closed by loewis

Performance enhancements. (2006-09-09)
http://python.org/sf/1555098 closed by gbrandl

Tweak pydoc to speak about with and CONTEXTMANAGERS (2006-08-18)
http://python.org/sf/1542681 closed by gbrandl

Fix building the source within exec_prefix (2006-10-03)
http://python.org/sf/1569798 closed by gbrandl

email.message.p y charset can be unicode instance (2006-03-14)
http://python.org/sf/1449244 closed by loewis

Allow __class __ assignment for classes with __slots__ (2006-12-28)
http://python.org/sf/1623563 closed by zseil

__slots__ tuple modified inplace if it contains unicode name (2007-03-13)
http://python.org/sf/1680015 closed by zseil

ConfigParser does not quote % (2007-01-15)
http://python.org/sf/1635639 closed by gbrandl

Allow textwrap to preserve leading and trailing whitespace (2006-10-20)
http://python.org/sf/1581073 closed by gbrandl

posix.readlink doesn't use filesystemencod ing (2006-10-19)
http://python.org/sf/1580674 closed by gbrandl

Make Imap Error more helpful (2006-11-29)
http://python.org/sf/1605192 closed by gbrandl

option to leave tempfile.NamedT emporaryFile around on close (2006-08-10)
http://python.org/sf/1537850 closed by gbrandl

Let timeit accept functions (2006-08-03)
http://python.org/sf/1533909 closed by gbrandl

pydoc render_doc (2006-07-28)
http://python.org/sf/1530482 closed by gbrandl

Switch syntax (partial PEP 275) (2006-06-11)
http://python.org/sf/1504199 closed by gbrandl

Patch for bug #931877 Segfault in object_reduce_e x (2006-04-01)
http://python.org/sf/1462488 closed by zseil

Remove sys.exitfunc (2006-07-03)
http://python.org/sf/1516375 closed by gbrandl

Patch to commands.py to enable callback support (2006-07-05)
http://python.org/sf/1517586 closed by gbrandl

Remove deprecated functions from operator (2006-07-03)
http://python.org/sf/1516309 closed by collinwinter

Adding support for _Bool to ctypes as c_bool (2007-01-31)
http://python.org/sf/1649190 closed by theller

kwdargs for compile/__import__ (2006-03-07)
http://python.org/sf/1444529 closed by gbrandl

Add restart debugger command to pdb.py (2005-12-30)
http://python.org/sf/1393667 closed by gbrandl

httplib error handling and HTTP/0.9 fix (2005-10-04)
http://python.org/sf/1312980 closed by gbrandl

assert for NULL in Py_INCREF Py_DECREF (2006-07-06)
http://python.org/sf/1517947 closed by gbrandl

pdb: fix for 1326406 (import __main__ pdb failure) (2006-02-11)
http://python.org/sf/1429539 closed by gbrandl

pydoc requires o.__nonzero__() == True (2005-05-03)
http://python.org/sf/1194449 closed by gbrandl

binascii.b2a_qp does not handle binary data correctly (2005-04-18)
http://python.org/sf/1185447 closed by gbrandl

Fix for 767111, 'AttributeError thrown by urllib.open_htt p' (2007-02-25)
http://python.org/sf/1668132 closed by gbrandl

Use "alive" instead of "active" in the docs for threading (2007-03-14)
http://python.org/sf/1680978 closed by gbrandl

Patch for [ 1603150 ] wave module forgets to close... (2007-03-15)
http://python.org/sf/1681153 closed by gbrandl

Add Thread.isActive () (2005-01-23)
http://python.org/sf/1107656 closed by gbrandl

Refactor test_popen2.py to use unittest. (2007-03-09)
http://python.org/sf/1676994 closed by collinwinter

debugger ``condition`` and ``ignore`` exception handling (2005-04-29)
http://python.org/sf/1192590 closed by collinwinter

new function: os.path.relpath (2005-10-27)
http://python.org/sf/1339796 closed by collinwinter

Fix error/crash in AST: syntaxerror in complex ifs (2007-01-23)
http://python.org/sf/1642547 closed by collinwinter

release lock on exception in threading.Threa d.join() (2005-07-18)
http://python.org/sf/1240614 closed by nnorwitz

extending os.walk to support following symlinks (2005-08-26)
http://python.org/sf/1273829 closed by gbrandl

New / Reopened Bugs
_______________ ____

Lots of errors reported by valgrind in 2.4.4 and 2.5 (2007-01-05)
CLOSED http://python.org/sf/1629158 opened by Anton Tropashko

dead link in tkinter documentation (2007-03-11)
http://python.org/sf/1678710 opened by Ben Collver

Lib/io.py open uses unset "bs" (2007-03-12)
http://python.org/sf/1679498 opened by Jim Jewett

error in the sys module documentation (2007-03-13)
CLOSED http://python.org/sf/1679652 opened by David Fillinger

"my" should be "may" (2007-03-13)
CLOSED http://python.org/sf/1679784 opened by edward

Importing SystemRandom wastes entropy. (2007-03-13)
CLOSED http://python.org/sf/1680034 reopened by stephent98

Importing SystemRandom wastes entropy. (2007-03-13)
CLOSED http://python.org/sf/1680034 opened by Steve Tyler

Misleading exception from unicode.__conta ins__ (2007-03-13)
http://python.org/sf/1680159 opened by Jan Hudec

urllib.urlopen( ) raises AttributeError (2007-03-14)
CLOSED http://python.org/sf/1680230 opened by Björn Lindqvist

httplib fails to parse response on HEAD request (2007-03-13)
CLOSED http://python.org/sf/1680312 opened by Patrick Altman

execfile locks file forever if there are any syntax errors (2007-03-14)
CLOSED http://python.org/sf/1681020 opened by virwen

webbrowser priorities (2007-03-15)
CLOSED http://python.org/sf/1681228 opened by Lukas Lalinsky

WindowsError in webbrowser.open (2007-03-15)
CLOSED http://python.org/sf/1681248 opened by Lukas Lalinsky

Python and Indeterminate Forms (Math) (2007-03-15)
http://python.org/sf/1681671 opened by jehahn

subprocess.Pope n fails with socket._fileobj ect on Windows (2007-03-15)
http://python.org/sf/1681674 opened by Hartmut Goebel

too long string causes segmentation fault (2007-03-16)
http://python.org/sf/1681762 opened by L

mkdtemp fails on Windows if username has non-ASCII character (2007-03-16)
http://python.org/sf/1681974 opened by Markus Niemistö

unittest documentation is incomplete (2007-03-16)
http://python.org/sf/1681984 opened by STINNER Victor

[PATCH] TypeError swallowing in UNPACK_SEQUENCE opcode (2007-03-16)
http://python.org/sf/1682205 opened by Piet Delport

Problems with urllib2 read() (2007-03-16)
http://python.org/sf/1682241 opened by Lucas Malor

docutils clarification request for "rest" (2007-03-16)
http://python.org/sf/1682403 opened by j vickroy

Bugs Closed

Lots of errors reported by valgrind in 2.4.4 and 2.5 (2007-01-06)
http://python.org/sf/1629158 closed by loewis

absolute import patch breaks external users of test.regrtest (2003-08-31)
http://python.org/sf/798274 closed by collinwinter

email._parseadd r AddrlistClass bug (2007-01-06)
http://python.org/sf/1629369 closed by bwarsaw

Weird behavior Exception with unicode string (2007-03-12)
http://python.org/sf/1678647 closed by gbrandl

Python still uses broken -xcode option on Solaris/x86 (2007-03-07)
http://python.org/sf/1675511 closed by loewis

Python crashes if recursively reloading modules (2003-05-23)
http://python.org/sf/742342 closed by collinwinter

inspect trouble when source file changes (2007-01-05)
http://python.org/sf/1628987 closed by collinwinter

fnmatch.transla te undocumented (2007-01-08)
http://python.org/sf/1630844 closed by gbrandl

Install fails with no error (2007-02-24)
http://python.org/sf/1667877 closed by sf-robot

Urllib2.urlopen () raises OSError w/bad HTTP Location header (2006-11-07)
http://python.org/sf/1591774 closed by gbrandl

error in the sys module documentation (2007-03-13)
http://python.org/sf/1679652 closed by gbrandl

Exception when compressing certain data with bz2 (2006-12-27)
http://python.org/sf/1622896 closed by gbrandl

"my" should be "may" (2007-03-13)
http://python.org/sf/1679784 closed by gbrandl

Importing SystemRandom wastes entropy. (2007-03-13)
http://python.org/sf/1680034 closed by rhettinger

Importing SystemRandom wastes entropy. (2007-03-13)
http://python.org/sf/1680034 closed by gbrandl

typo in encoding name in email package (2006-09-12)
http://python.org/sf/1556895 closed by bwarsaw

pdb breaks programs which import from __main__ (2005-10-14)
http://python.org/sf/1326406 closed by gbrandl

ntpath.expandus er() is still wrong (2003-08-27)
http://python.org/sf/796219 closed by gbrandl

binascii.b2a_qp oddities (2004-12-14)
http://python.org/sf/1085283 closed by gbrandl

urllib.urlopen( ) raises AttributeError (2007-03-13)
http://python.org/sf/1680230 closed by gbrandl

httplib fails to parse response on HEAD request (2007-03-14)
http://python.org/sf/1680312 closed by gbrandl

email.header decode within word (2006-10-22)
http://python.org/sf/1582282 closed by bwarsaw

AttributeError thrown by urllib.open_htt p (2003-07-07)
http://python.org/sf/767111 closed by gbrandl

urllib.py: AttributeError on BadStatusLine (2006-02-11)
http://python.org/sf/1429783 closed by gbrandl

poor urllib error handling (2006-11-09)
http://python.org/sf/1593751 closed by gbrandl

urllib does not handle Connection reset (2003-12-07)
http://python.org/sf/855819 closed by gbrandl

commands module doesn't support background commands (2004-02-06)
http://python.org/sf/891832 closed by gbrandl

commands.getsta tusoutput(): cmd.exe support (2002-01-20)
http://python.org/sf/506100 closed by gbrandl

Installation path sent to configure (2005-05-08)
http://python.org/sf/1197883 closed by gbrandl

execfile locks file forever if there are any syntax errors (2007-03-14)
http://python.org/sf/1681020 closed by gbrandl

wave module forgets to close file on exception (2006-11-26)
http://python.org/sf/1603150 closed by gbrandl

webbrowser priorities (2007-03-15)
http://python.org/sf/1681228 closed by gbrandl

WindowsError in webbrowser.open (2007-03-15)
http://python.org/sf/1681248 closed by gbrandl

Segfault in object_reduce_e x (2004-04-08)
http://python.org/sf/931877 closed by zseil

Documentation missing for OptionGroup class in optparse (2007-02-21)
http://python.org/sf/1665333 closed by nnorwitz

New / Reopened RFE
_______________ ___

optparse should support arbitrary number of arguments (2006-07-24)
CLOSED http://python.org/sf/1527705 reopened by riteshsarraf

RFE Closed

csv.DictWriter: Include offending name in error message (2007-01-13)
http://python.org/sf/1634717 closed by gbrandl

Update to the BEGIN_ALLOW_THR EADS macros (2001-07-23)
http://python.org/sf/443775 closed by nnorwitz

moving the Mac/ src dir to a diff packag (2001-09-24)
http://python.org/sf/464605 closed by nnorwitz

assert return values (2002-07-24)
http://python.org/sf/585915 closed by nnorwitz

Including python-codecs codecs in standard distribution? (2003-03-20)
http://python.org/sf/706970 closed by nnorwitz

optparse help text is not easily extensible (2004-01-16)
http://python.org/sf/878458 closed by nnorwitz

dir(mod) OK or use vars(mod).keys( )? (2004-03-29)
http://python.org/sf/925537 closed by gbrandl

Allow any lvalue for function definitions (2004-05-08)
http://python.org/sf/950644 closed by gvanrossum

Extension to optparse: options with optional arguments (2004-11-25)
http://python.org/sf/1073198 closed by nnorwitz

Bad optparse help wrapping with multiple paragraphs (2005-06-16)
http://python.org/sf/1222235 closed by nnorwitz

python executable optionally should search script on PATH (2005-12-13)
http://python.org/sf/1379573 closed by loewis

optparse should support arbitrary number of arguments (2006-07-24)
http://python.org/sf/1527705 closed by nnorwitz

optparse "store" action should not gobble up next option (2007-01-03)
http://python.org/sf/1627266 closed by nnorwitz

isinstance.__do c__ is somewhat irritating (2007-02-27)
http://python.org/sf/1670167 closed by gbrandl

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