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VB.NET Forms (Master / Master-Detail / Views) Wizard

visit http://www.eazycode.com

Introducing a unique product "EazyCode", that can do coding/programming for
you at the click of a button, in a matter of seconds.

What is EazyCode?

EazyCode is a RAD tool that integrates into Visual Studio .NET and helps you
develop and maintain front-end GUI of database applications. EazyCode is a
powerful code-generation tool that creates ready-to-use database-driven
front-end GUI applications. The main benefit from using EazyCode is the
enormous time saving. EazyCode generates thousand lines of code in a matter
of seconds.

EazyCode 1.0 generates VB.Net code and supports SQL Server 8.0 and MSDE 8.0.
Following key features set EazyCode apart from all other tools.

1 Automatic Code Generation
EazyCode generates your front-end GUI and Data Access Layers as ADO.NET, and
provides helps generate complete Windows Forms applications.

2 Fully Integrated into Visual Studio .NET
Experience all these features without leaving your preferred IDE.

3 Object-relational mapping
Significantly decreases development time generating reliable front-end GUI
code that do all persistence and retrieval.

4 WinForm UI Generation
Generates ready-to-use and easily-extendable database-driven applications.

5 High quality code generation
Generates understandable, well-structured, and fully documented source code.

6 Stored procedures
Generates stored procedures for all database operations.

7 Support all Major Databases
Currently it supports MS SQL Server 8.0, and MSDE 8.0 for code generation.
EasyCode supports all major databases (OLEDB interface) for code execution.

8 Transactional support
The generated front-end GUI code supports ADO.NET transactions for all
database operations.

9 Near to zero debug time
Generates up to 100% bug-free code. This means your testing time is
significantly reduced because you mostly need to test just your own
hand-written code.

10 VB.Net code generation
Generates in the language of your choice: VB.NET. More languages are under

11 Customizable code
The generated front-end GUI code is easily customizable according to your

12 Easy to use
EazyCode is extremely easy to use. Just connect to a database, select a
template you want to use, set the generator options, and click the "Generate
Code" button. In many cases you even don't need to know SQL!

13 VS.NET compatible
Creates VS.NET solution and project files.

14 Support for Windows .NET Framework 1.1
Generates front-end GUI code that is compatible with .NET Framework 1.1.

15 Templates use VB.Net syntax
EazyCode uses an VB.Net syntax for templates that can be easily adapted for
specific needs. You will not have to learn another scripting language, and
can use all the power of .Net Framework and flexibility of VB.

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