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Dynamically Adding Controls

72 New Member
So i'm making my own filter page for a gridview and have ran into some problems. When the user clicks on the add filter button, I create a row in an ASP table displaying the filter. The filtering works correctly and adds the row to the table. But att the last cell is a button that is created when the row is added to delete the filter. For some reason the delete button will not fire the event ive created for it. Any suggestions? Code that creates the tablerow and button.
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  1. private void BindDtToTable()  
  2.    {
  4.        // Get the DataTable from Session  
  5.        DataTable dt = (DataTable)Session["MyDt"];
  10.        // Loop through the rows  
  11.        foreach (DataRow dr in dt.Rows)  
  12.        {
  14.            // Create a table row  
  15.            TableRow tr = new TableRow();
  16.            tr.ID = dr["id"].ToString();
  17.            // Create table cells  
  18.            TableCell tc1 = new TableCell();
  19.            tc1.Text = dr["Column1"].ToString();
  20.            TableCell tc2 = new TableCell();
  21.            tc2.Text = dr["Column2"].ToString();
  22.            TableCell tc3 = new TableCell();
  23.            tc3.Text = dr["Column3"].ToString();
  25.            Button removebutton = new Button();
  26.            removebutton.Text = "Remove";
  27.            removebutton.ID = "btnRemove" + dr["id"].ToString();
  28.            removebutton.EnableViewState = true;
  29.            removebutton.Attributes.Add("runat", "server");
  31.            removebutton.Click += new EventHandler(this.removebutton_Click);
  33.            TableCell tc4 = new TableCell();
  34.            tc4.Controls.Add(removebutton);
  37.            // Add the columns to the table row  
  38.            tr.Controls.Add(tc1);  
  39.            tr.Controls.Add(tc2);  
  40.            tr.Controls.Add(tc3);
  41.            tr.Controls.Add(tc4); 
  43.            // Lastly add the row to the table  
  44.            tblFilter.Controls.Add(tr);
  46.        }
  48.    }  
Jun 8 '10 #1
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72 New Member
Ok so I have this event handler bound to my remove button. Everytime i click on the remove button i get. Collection was modified; enumeration operation might not execute."System .Exception {System.Invalid OperationExcept ion}. Here is my remove operation.
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  1. protected void removebutton_Click(object sender, EventArgs e)
  2.     {
  3.         string script = "alert('i made it to the remove button');";
  4.         ScriptManager.RegisterClientScriptBlock(this.Page, this.GetType(), "testing", script, true);
  6.         string temp = ((Button)sender).ID;
  7.         string id = temp.Substring(9);
  8.         int idnum = Convert.ToInt32(id);
  9.         string expression = Convert.ToString(Session[idnum]);
  10.         string filterexpression = dsHistory.FilterExpression;
  11.         string newexpression = filterexpression.Replace(expression, "");
  12.         dsHistory.FilterExpression = newexpression;
  14.         DataTable dt = (DataTable)Session["MyDt"];
  16.         //loop through table and find cell with id and remove
  17.         foreach (DataRow dr in dt.Rows)
  18.         {
  19.             if (dr["id"].ToString() == id )
  20.             {
  21.                 dr.Delete();
  22.             }
  23.         }
  24.         BindDtToTable();
  26.     }
Jun 8 '10 #2
72 New Member
Scrapped the whole idea and used a Gridview with a Datatable to filter dynamically.
Jun 9 '10 #3
9,735 Recognized Expert Moderator Expert
:) I'm glad you solved your problem :)

Jun 10 '10 #4

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