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question by: Nikhilesh10 | last post 6 Hours Ago by: Olympiton
What are the current in use software development tools in the industry other than agile softwares?
question by: techextensor | last post 1 Days ago by: CrackJack
How to Generate More Leads for IT Company?
article by: Killer42 | last post 5 Days Ago by: Hitronic
The VB6 Version Generating a random number is somewhat different in VB6. It's not for me to say which is better, since I'm only familiar with the VB6 method. But certainly generating a random...
question by: DJRhino | last post 6 Days Ago by: DJRhino
Was curious if anyone else was having this same issue or not.... I was just Up/Down graded to windows 11 and now my access combo boxes are not acting right. With win 10 I could start typing...
question by: Samuel Wekesa | last post 6 Days Ago by: isladogs
Formula for finding rank in ms access
question by: ielamrani | last post 6 Days Ago by: NeoPa
Hi, I would like to add a button (outside of the subform) or a double click on text box (inside a subform) to add an attachement (pdf, word, excel). I was told i can use the OLE Object, but I could...
question by: bkozub | last post 6 Days Ago by: Cyrilesther
Hello to all! Lately I have tried many non-standard SEO methods to improve my business. Who can advise more?
question by: DJRhino | last post 6 Days Ago by: NeoPa
Private Sub CboDrawingID_BeforeUpdate(Cancel As Integer) If = 310029923 Or 310030138 Or 310030152 Or 310030346 Or 310030348 Or _ 310030356 Or 310030359 Or 310030362 Or...
question by: aquafina | last post 1 Week Ago by: Elenamay
Hello, I am writing a client/server application for live video streaming. Could anyone please suggest me a library or framework that eases the work? Thank you,
question by: Dragnorian | last post 1 Week Ago by: jazzgill
Hello! I am a more desktop developer but I was wanting to get into mobile design. I mainly use Unity for my developing for games and Visual Studio for my desktop applications but what would I use for...
question by: Yudhister jain | last post 1 Week Ago by: salmawisoky
I have list of color hex code, now i want it to rearrange so that light color comes first, after that color which is darker than previous one comes and so on..
Dr Cake
question by: Dr Cake | last post 1 Week Ago by: lauryfriese
So, I've been working on a project recently, and the only thing remaining to do is a detector to whenever down arrow key is pressed. The down arrow key can only trigger when a certain check box...
question by: DJRhino1175 | last post 1 Week Ago by: NeoPa
When I run this code I get an error, its Run-time error# 424 Object required...This is my first attempt at doing something like this. I test the entire code and it worked until I added this - If...
question by: Mushico | last post 1 Week Ago by: Mushico
How to calculate date of retirement from date of birth
question by: lllomh | last post 1 Week Ago by: lllomh
How does React native implement an English player?
article by: lllomh | last post 1 Week Ago by: lllomh
Define the method first this.state = { buttonBackgroundColor: 'green', isBlinking: false, // A new status is added to identify whether the button is blinking or not } autoStart=()=>{
question by: nearlyhub | last post 1 Week Ago by: AdmontYanko
can anyone please tell me the best option, How do I know when job openings are available?
article by: Anastasiia123 | last post 1 Week Ago by: dricne
Iíve recently found a very interesting collection of terrible tips for C++ developers. Yes, that's right, they are terrible! And the coolest thing is that the book is both useful and entertaining. ...
question by: Rina0 | last post 1 Week Ago by: Rina0
I am looking for a Python code to find the longest common subsequence of two strings. I found this blog post that describes the length of longest common subsequence problem and provides a solution in...
question by: Taofi | last post 2 Weeks Ago by: Taofi
I try to insert a new record but the error message says the number of query names and destination fields are not the same This are my field names ID, Budgeted, Actual, Status and Differences ...
question by: Humphrey Lungu | last post 2 Weeks Ago by: Humphrey Lungu
I want help I made a multichose accunt but when I want to login the account it tells me that parameters errors use stack trace to make everything in oder please people help me.
question by: cosmere | last post 2 Weeks Ago by: cosmere
Hello I'm trying to create a basic game in python using OOP style programming. The problem is that I'm not sure how to link my files. I currently have main.py, a game.py and a logic.py. I would like...
question by: jayfer | last post 2 Weeks Ago by: vipulguptaseo
I'm not sure if this is the right thread, considering I have no idea how to do this. I'm designing a website for a friend who wants his youtube videos to be on the site. I'd like to make it so when...
question by: Wanie2023 | last post 2 Weeks Ago by: isladogs
Hi, I have a form with a subform which has vba to resize when open. I use a dropdown menu to change the source of the subform using source object in vba but when i do this the subform changes size...
question by: tusharbabar | last post 3 Weeks Ago by: tusharbabar
Hello friends, I am working on some tasks like reading data in an Excel file and store in a World file but in an Excel file I have mobile number data I tried to read and store it in World but got...
question by: Rina0 | last post 3 Weeks Ago by: Rina0
Hi everyone, I am trying to find the greatest common divisor (GCD) of two numbers in Python from here. I found a few different algorithms online, but I am not sure which one is the most efficient....
question by: YTAIGamer | last post 3 Weeks Ago by: vipulguptaseo
I'm an experienced programmer, but new to AI. I'm trying to learn ML techniques by building a bot to play a video game. I'm documenting my process as I go. The game I'm focusing on 1st is TFT...
question by: heiro1 | last post 3 Weeks Ago by: ChristianHansen
Hi Guys! So, I am using the modulus and a rand as part of a function I am writing. Now, I understand that: rand() % 6 + 1; gives me a random number between one and six in this situation....
question by: CraigA | last post 3 Weeks Ago by: CraigA
Hi I want to use VCG Library (http://www.vcglib.net/index.html) in my C++ OpenGL code in Linux. According to the installation instructions for VCGLib one simply clones the repository and...
question by: dragrid | last post 3 Weeks Ago by: Hegli
Hi All , I would like to in one query from the same table of say first names count all the occurrences of the various first names in a column called thecount and create another column called...
article by: kcodez | last post 3 Weeks Ago by: kcodez
As a H5 game development enthusiast, I recently wrote a very interesting little game - Toy Claw ((http://claw.kjeek.com/))。Here I will summarize and share the development experience here, and hope it...
question by: DGrund | last post 3 Weeks Ago by: danp129
When I start the program, it asks me for a server. That is the only thing, I think, that is keeping me from starting the program. What in the world are they referring to when they say "server"? I...
question by: meomap0z1 | last post 3 Weeks Ago by: danp129
I have this table of data. Now I wanna hide the data of the "Password" column. How can I do that?. Many thanks
article by: isladogs | last post 3 Weeks Ago by: kendraland
The next Access Europe meeting will be on Wednesday 2 August 2023 starting at 18:00 UK time (6PM UTC+1) and finishing at about 19:15 (7.15PM) The start time is equivalent to 19:00 (7PM) in Central...
question by: lainenickl | last post 4 Weeks Ago by: AdmontYanko
I created a template that has Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn share butotns (which share an event page). It works correctly however when I test it, however, when I do the HTML validation I get the...

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