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Anyone See An Error?


I'm an old guy trying to create a guestbook. The xml code keeps throwing an error in the following:

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  1. <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" ?> 
  2. <configuration>
  3.     <img_back>img/back.jpg</img_back>
  4.     <phpURL>/home/users/web/b2713/jpg.jimmybryantnet</phpURL>
  5.     <alert_color>#FF0000</alert_color>
  6.     <name_color>#8d2405</name_color>
  7.     <message_color>#532b2b</message_color>
  8.     <datePosted_color>#307a03</datePosted_color>
  9.     <insert_ok><![CDATA[<font color='#0f5711'>Thanks for the message.</font>]]></insert_ok>
  10.     <insert_error><![CDATA[<font color='#ff0000'>Error adding Message</font>]]></insert_error>
  11. </configuration>
It throws the error: "Error Adding Message", which I assume means that it got that far.

Any help appreciated!

Nov 24 '14 #1
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297 100+
The xml is fine. The error is being thrown by something other than the XML parser so we would need to see the rest of your code to determine what might be happening.
Nov 25 '14 #2
I attached all the files - there isn't a lot, but I'm sure you can see the problem. Thank you so much for replying!

Nov 25 '14 #3
297 100+
I don't see any attachment...
Nov 28 '14 #4
I think the error is in the Guestbook.php module:

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  1. <?php
  3. $server = "<?php 
  4. $link = mysqli_connect('jimmybryantnet.ipagemysqli.com', 'jimmyb29', 'alfiep69'); 
  5. if (!$link) { 
  6.     die('Could not connect: ' . mysqli_error()); 
  8. echo 'Connected successfully'; 
  9. mysqli_select_db(guestbook); 
  10. ?> ";
  11. $user = "jimmyb29";
  12. $password = "alfiep69";
  13. $dataBase = "guestbook";
  15. $conx = mysqli_connect($server,$user,$password);
  16. $db_selected = mysqli_select_db($dataBase,$conx);
  18. if($conx && $db_selected){
  20.     $xml = "<?xml version=\"1.0\" encoding=\"UTF-8\" ?>\n";
  21.     $xml .= "<data>\n";
  23.     if(isset($_POST['name'])){
  24.         $result = 0;
  25.         $name=mysql_escape_string(trim($_POST['name']));
  26.         $email=mysql_escape_string(trim($_POST['email']));
  27.         $message=mysql_escape_string(trim($_POST['message']));
  29.         // ADD DATA TO THE TABLE guestbook WHEN THE USER PRESS THE send_btn in FLASH
  30.         $sqli="INSERT INTO guestbook(name,email,message,dateAdded)values('$name','$email','$message',now())";
  31.         $query = mysqli_query($sql,$conx);
  32.         if ($query){
  33.             $result= 1;
  34.             $sqli2 = "SELECT * FROM guestbook ORDER BY id DESC";
  35.             $query2 = mysqli_query($sql2,$conx);
  36.             //WHEN query == true , GET LIST OF MESSAGES  AND PUT THEM AS XML FILE
  37.             while($data = mysqli_fetch_array($query2)){
  38.                 $xml .= "<guest>\n";
  39.                 $xml .= "<name>".$data['name']."</name>\n";
  40.                 $xml .= "<msg><![CDATA[".$data['message']."]]></msg>\n";
  41.                 $xml .= "<sdate>".$data['dateAdded']."</sdate>\n";
  42.                 $xml .= "</guest>\n";
  43.                 }
  44.             }
  45.         else{
  46.             $result=0;
  47.             }
  48.         $xml .= "<inserted>".$result."</inserted>\n";
  50.     }    
  51.     if(isset($_POST['getMessage'])){
  53.             $sql = "SELECT * FROM guestbook ORDER BY id DESC";
  54.             $query = mysqli_query($sqli,$conx);
  55.             while($data = mysql_fetch_array($query))
  56.                 $xml .= "<guest>\n";
  57.                 $xml .= "<name>".$data['name']."</name>\n";
  58.                 $xml .= "<msg><![CDATA[".$data['message']."]]></msg>\n";
  59.                 $xml .= "<sdate>".$data['dateAdded']."</sdate>\n";
  60.                 $xml .= "</guest>\n";
  61.             }
  62.         }
  63.     $xml .= "</data>\n";
  64.     echo $xml;
  65. }
  66. else{
  68.     die (mysqli_error());
  69. }
  70. ?>
Thanks again for your expertise,

Nov 28 '14 #5
OOPS! I used the wrong terminology - I didn't "attach" the files, I "included" the files in my reply. SORRY!

Nov 28 '14 #6
Sorry about the
Expand|Select|Wrap|Line Numbers
error - I'm NOT a coder, as you can probably imagine.
Nov 28 '14 #7

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