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XML tree not displaying in IE7


My feed is not showing in IE7, working fine in FF,chrome and IE6,
here is the code

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  1. <?xml version="1.0" encoding="ISO-8859-1"?>
  2.     <feed>
  3.         <title>Transaction Details</title>
  4.         <records>
  5.                 <transaction>
  6.                 <tID>1</tID>
  7.                 <uID>1567YTY01</uID>
  8.                 <Commission>125.00</Commission>
  9.                 <Status>Hold</Status>
  10.                 <mID>M184</mID>
  11.                 <Type>3</Type>                
  12.                 <Date>2009-02-10</Date>
  13.                 </transaction>
  14.     </records>
  15. </feed>
pls help me urgently.. thanks in advance

May 17 '10 #1
4 3581
Ohh , No luck.. Its driving me mad.. pls help me somebody...
Im getting error like this 'feed format not supported'
May 17 '10 #2
2,057 Expert 2GB
what's the extension of your file? .xml? .rss?
May 17 '10 #3
Extension is .xml I want the out put in xml tree format.
pls help me urgently..
May 18 '10 #4
5,058 Expert 4TB

I just came across a similar problem, and I discovered two things.
  1. It seems that IE assumes that any XML with a <feed> node is a RSS feed. And as such, instead of parsing it as generic XML and showing the tree, it sends it through a RSS specific parser, which then fails because the XML is not compliant with any RSS specification, giving an error like:
    Internet Explorer does not support this feed format.
    And it goes on to specify a list of supported RSS standards.
  2. It does not accept any character set except Unicode. When trying to use an ISO charset, I get a message reading:
    Switch from current encoding to specified encoding not supported. Error processing resource 'http://localhost/test/text.xml...
    Although, given the text of the message, it seems it may be able to convert some character sets to Unicode automatically.

Therefore, to get your example working, you would either have to modify it to implement one of the RSS standards, or change the charset and rename the <feed> node into something more generic. This seems to work:
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  1. <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
  2. <root>
  3.     <title>Transaction Details</title>
  4.     <records>
  5.         <transaction>
  6.             <tID>1</tID>
  7.             <uID>1567YTY01</uID>
  8.             <Commission>125.00</Commission>
  9.             <Status>Hold</Status>
  10.             <mID>M184</mID>
  11.             <Type>3</Type>
  12.             <Date>2009-02-10</Date>
  13.         </transaction>
  14.     </records>
  15. </root>
Note that I am using IE8, not IE7. I suspect they both (mis)behave similarly though. (I don't have a IE7 installation available to me atm, so I can' test it.)
May 23 '10 #5

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