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make a pop up window for this xml code

this is the code to a photogallery that displays thumbnails when clicked on a window opens my problem is i wish to customize the size of the window height 500 width 400 scrollbars no resize no and so on can this be done?
below is the file items.xml the site is cjmusicproduction.com/gallery.html

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  1. <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
  2. <data>
  3.     <settings
  4.         itemsOnPage="5"
  5.         onClickChange="5"
  6.         onChangeHideArrows="true"
  8.         itemSlider_X="20"                    
  9.         itemSlider_Y="190"
  10.         scaleItemImages="true"
  12.         arrowDistance="10"
  13.         itemsDistance="15"
  15.         alwaysShowText="true"
  16.         rolloverBrigtness="-0.3"
  17.         rolloverSaturation="0"
  18.         rolloverEffectTweenTime="1"
  19.         rolloverEffectTweenType="linear"
  21.         slideTweenTime="0.5"
  22.         slideTweenDelayTime="0.15"
  23.         slideTweenType="easeOutCubic"
  24.         slideDistance="200"
  26.         blur="true"
  27.         blurQuality="1"
  28.         blurX="40"
  29.         blurTweenTime="0.4"
  30.         blurTweenType="easeOutCubic"
  32.         startAlpha="0"
  33.         alphaTweenTime="0.3"
  34.         alphaTweenType="easeOutCubic"
  36.         reflection="true"
  37.         reflectionAlpha="50"
  38.         reflectionAlpha2="90"
  39.         reflectionRatio="190"
  40.         reflectionDistance="2"
  41.         reflectionUpdateTime="0.1"
  42.     />
  46.     <items>
  47.         <item>
  48.             <thumb1>http://bytes.com/images/2_1.jpg</thumb1>
  49.             <thumb2>http://bytes.com/images/2_2.jpg</thumb2>
  50.             <text1><![CDATA[FEELING IT! ]]></text1>
  51.             <text2><![CDATA[FEELING IT! ]]></text2>
  52.             <link>2.html</link>
  53.             <target>_blank</target>
  54.         </item>
  55.         <item>
  56.             <thumb1>http://bytes.com/images/6_1.jpg</thumb1>
  57.             <thumb2>http://bytes.com/images/6_2.jpg</thumb2>
  58.             <text1><![CDATA[DIRECTION]]></text1>
  59.             <text2><![CDATA[DIRECTION]]></text2>
  60.             <link>6.swf</link>
  61.             <target>_blank</target>
  62.         </item>
  63.         <item>
  64.             <thumb1>http://bytes.com/images/7_1.jpg</thumb1>
  65.             <thumb2>http://bytes.com/images/7_2.jpg</thumb2>
  66.             <text1><![CDATA[MS.HAYNES]]></text1>
  67.             <text2><![CDATA[SUPERSTAR]]></text2>
  68.             <link><![CDATA[7_0.html]]></link>
  69.             <target>_blank</target>
  71.         </item>
  72.         <item>
  73.             <thumb1>http://bytes.com/images/8_1.jpg</thumb1>
  74.             <thumb2>http://bytes.com/images/8_2.jpg</thumb2>
  75.             <text1><![CDATA[REFLECTIONS]]></text1>
  76.             <text2><![CDATA[REFLECTIONS]]></text2>
  77.             <link><![CDATA[]]></link>
  78.             <target>_blank</target>
  79.         </item>
  80.         <item>
  81.             <thumb1>http://bytes.com/images/9_1.jpg</thumb1>
  82.             <thumb2>http://bytes.com/images/9_2.jpg</thumb2>
  83.             <text1><![CDATA[DIRECTOR]]></text1>
  84.             <text2><![CDATA[DIRECTOR]]></text2>
  85.             <link><![CDATA[]]></link>
  86.             <target>_blank</target>
  87.         </item>
  88.         <item>
  89.             <thumb1>http://bytes.com/images/1_1.jpg</thumb1>
  90.             <thumb2>http://bytes.com/images/1_2.jpg</thumb2>
  91.             <text1><![CDATA[SING IT!]]></text1>
  92.             <text2><![CDATA[SING IT!]]></text2>
  93.             <link>1.html</link>
  94.             <target>_blank</target>
  95.         </item>
  97.         <item>
  98.             <thumb1>http://bytes.com/images/3_1.jpg</thumb1>
  99.             <thumb2>http://bytes.com/images/3_2.jpg</thumb2>
  100.             <text1><![CDATA[MY PRODUCER]]></text1>
  101.             <text2><![CDATA[PRODUCER]]></text2>
  102.             <link><![CDATA[]]></link>
  103.             <target>_blank</target>
  104.         </item>
  105.         <item>
  106.             <thumb1>http://bytes.com/images/4_1.jpg</thumb1>
  107.             <thumb2>http://bytes.com/images/4_2.jpg</thumb2>
  108.             <text1><![CDATA[DIRECTION]]></text1>
  109.             <text2><![CDATA[DIRECTION]]></text2>
  110.             <link><![CDATA[]]></link>
  111.             <target>_blank</target>
  112.         </item>
  113.         <item>
  114.             <thumb1>http://bytes.com/images/11_1.jpg</thumb1>
  115.             <thumb2>http://bytes.com/images/11_2.jpg</thumb2>
  116.             <text1><![CDATA[COMPOSER]]></text1>
  117.             <text2><![CDATA[COMPOSER]]></text2>
  118.             <link><![CDATA[]]></link>
  119.             <target>_blank</target>
  120.         </item>
  121.         <item>
  122.             <thumb1>http://bytes.com/images/10_1.jpg</thumb1>
  123.             <thumb2>http://bytes.com/images/10_2.jpg</thumb2>
  124.             <text1><![CDATA[ON STAGE]]></text1>
  125.             <text2><![CDATA[ON STAGE]]></text2>
  126.             <link><![CDATA[]]></link>
  127.             <target>_blank</target>
  128.         </item>
  129.         <item>
  130.             <thumb1>http://bytes.com/images/12_1.jpg</thumb1>
  131.             <thumb2>http://bytes.com/images/12_2.jpg</thumb2>
  132.             <text1><![CDATA[LOVE]]></text1>
  133.             <text2><![CDATA[LOVE]]></text2>
  134.             <link><![CDATA[12_0.html]]></link>
  135.             <target>_blank</target>
  136.         </item>
  137.         <item>
  138.             <thumb1>http://bytes.com/images/5_1.jpg</thumb1>
  139.             <thumb2>http://bytes.com/images/5_2.jpg</thumb2>
  140.             <text1><![CDATA[STARS]]></text1>
  141.             <text2><![CDATA[STARS]]></text2>
  142.             <link><![CDATA[]]></link>
  143.             <target>_parent</target>
  144.         </item>
  145.         <item>
  146.             <thumb1>http://bytes.com/images/13_1.jpg</thumb1>
  147.             <thumb2>http://bytes.com/images/13_2.jpg</thumb2>
  148.             <text1><![CDATA[FAMILY]]></text1>
  149.             <text2><![CDATA[MOTHER AND SON]]></text2>
  150.             <link><![CDATA[13_0.html]]></link>
  151.             <target>_blank</target>
  152.         </item>
  153.         <item>
  154.             <thumb1>http://bytes.com/images/14_1.jpg</thumb1>
  155.             <thumb2>http://bytes.com/images/14_2.jpg</thumb2>
  156.             <text1><![CDATA[LOOKING GOOD]]></text1>
  157.             <text2><![CDATA[DYNAMIC DUO]]></text2>
  158.             <link><![CDATA[14_0.html]]></link>
  159.             <target>_blank</target>
  160.         </item>
  161.     </items>
  162. </data>
Feb 16 '09 #1
3 8237
2,057 Expert 2GB
This is more of a javascript question first. Figure out how to do it in javascript, and then the xml forum can tell you how to convert your xml into this source.

Moved to javascript forum.
Feb 18 '09 #2
Expand|Select|Wrap|Line Numbers
  1. <SCRIPT LANGUAGE="javascript">
  2. <!--
  3. window.open ('titlepage.html', 'newwindow', config='height=100,
  4. width=400, toolbar=no, menubar=no, scrollbars=no, resizable=no,
  5. location=no, directories=no, status=no')
  6. -->
  7. </SCRIPT> 
how do i convert this Javascript function to a xml function?

Expand|Select|Wrap|Line Numbers
  1. <item>
  2.     <thumb1>images/2_1.jpg</thumb1>
  3.     <thumb2>images/2_2.jpg</thumb2>
  4.     <text1><![CDATA[FEELING IT! ]]></text1>
  5.     <text2><![CDATA[FEELING IT! ]]></text2>
  6.     <link>2.html</link>
  7.     <target>window.open</target>
  8. </item>
Feb 19 '09 #3
8,658 Expert Mod 8TB
you can't make XML do the popup for you. nevertheless, XSLT is able to produce the Javascript code necessary for that (I recommend server side processing here).
Feb 19 '09 #4

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