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very important need ur help

please i really need help to make a start
I need to write an XSLT script that takes a file as its
input and produces bargraph as its output

the file (input)
svg:svg xmlns:xs="http://www.w3.org/2001/XMLSchema" xmlns:svg="http://www.w3.org/2000/svg" width="555" height="320">
<svg:text x="277.5" y="20" text-anchor="middle" font-family="Arial">Monthly Income for Berthold's Cafe</svg:text>
<svg:g transform="translate(100, 35)" font-family="Arial">
<svg:g text-anchor="end" stroke="none">
<svg:rect width="35.625" height="151.94001215486674" x="0" y="48.05998784513326" fill="blue"></svg:rect>
<svg:text transform="translate(18.75, 210) rotate(-45)">January</svg:text>
<svg:rect width="35.625" height="200" x="37.5" y="0" fill="green"></svg:rect>
<svg:text transform="translate(56.25, 210) rotate(-45)">February</svg:text>
<svg:rect width="35.625" height="149.6037751587876" x="75" y="50.3962248412124" fill="blue"></svg:rect>
<svg:text transform="translate(93.75, 210) rotate(-45)">March</svg:text>
<svg:rect width="35.625" height="128.4787349404766" x="112.5" y="71.52126505952339" fill="blue"></svg:rect>
<svg:text transform="translate(131.25, 210) rotate(-45)">April</svg:text>
<svg:rect width="35.625" height="158.30225103375955" x="150" y="41.697748966240454" fill="blue"></svg:rect>
<svg:text transform="translate(168.75, 210) rotate(-45)">May</svg:text>
<svg:rect width="35.625" height="126.54110609292503" x="187.5" y="73.45889390707497" fill="blue"></svg:rect>
<svg:text transform="translate(206.25, 210) rotate(-45)">June</svg:text>
<svg:rect width="35.625" height="165.9913962605907" x="225" y="34.0086037394093" fill="blue"></svg:rect>
<svg:text transform="translate(243.75, 210) rotate(-45)">July</svg:text>
<svg:rect width="35.625" height="164.7955718150073" x="262.5" y="35.2044281849927" fill="blue"></svg:rect>
<svg:text transform="translate(281.25, 210) rotate(-45)">August</svg:text>
<svg:rect width="35.625" height="136.29300380137502" x="300" y="63.706996198624985" fill="blue"></svg:rect>
<svg:text transform="translate(318.75, 210) rotate(-45)">September</svg:text>
<svg:rect width="35.625" height="113.89706495704066" x="337.5" y="86.10293504295934" fill="red"></svg:rect>
<svg:text transform="translate(356.25, 210) rotate(-45)">October</svg:text>
<svg:rect width="35.625" height="171.72920862280532" x="375" y="28.270791377194683" fill="blue"></svg:rect>
<svg:text transform="translate(393.75, 210) rotate(-45)">November</svg:text>
<svg:rect width="35.625" height="140.5466115328243" x="412.5" y="59.45338846717569" fill="blue"></svg:rect>
<svg:text transform="translate(431.25, 210) rotate(-45)">December</svg:text>
<svg:g stroke-width="3" stroke-linecap="round" stroke="black">
<svg:line x1="0" y1="200" x2="450" y2="200"></svg:line>
<svg:line x1="0" y1="0" x2="0" y2="200"></svg:line>
<svg:g stroke-width="1" stroke-dasharray="4,2" stroke="black">
<svg:line x1="-15" y1="86.10293504295934" x2="450" y2="86.10293504295934"></svg:line>
<svg:line x1="-15" y1="0" x2="450" y2="0"></svg:line>
<svg:g fill="black" stroke="none" text-anchor="end">
<svg:text x="-15" y="86.10293504295934">£ 1911.58</svg:text>
<svg:text x="-15" y="0">£ 3356.68</svg:text>

hoe can i implement this file to XSLT script
please if you know do not ignore me i need your help
Jan 24 '07 #1
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