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PHP SOAP XML File Size Issue

1 New Member
I have a PHP SOAP XML file size problem that I was wondering if anyone has seen before. I have an XML file that when I put it through my PHP script with 270 lines (13,082 KB) it works fine. If I make it 271 lines (13,112 KB), it causes the script to end with a soap fault.

I've tried adding substance to the 270 lines to make the file bigger with out adding lines, but it didn't fail.

I've installed everything on a second development box at a higher release, it works fine. Although, unfortunately, the production box is not at this higher release and we can't move it there for another year.

I've also isolated it to a soap issue. I've removed the soap logic (wsdl file) and just created the service object in my client and it works fine (commented in logic).

I have two development systems as follows:
PHP 5.2.1 with Apache 2.0.59 on a iSeries V5R3M0 (problem machine)
PHP 5.2.1 with Apache 2.0.59 on a iSeries V5R4M0 (works fine here)

Messages & Other Information
The Request going to the server looks fine. I'm not getting any Response. The Soap Fault generated is as follows:


ERROR-LOOP Submit CU Exception-Internal Server Error0/www/htdocs/LOOPSubmitCU_Cl ient.php34#0 [internal function]: SoapClient->__doRequest('< ?xml version="...', 'http://localhos...', 'urn:LOOPSubmit C...', 1, 0) #1 [internal function]: SoapClient->__call('Insert DATA', Array) #2 /www/htdocs/LOOPSubmitCU_Cl ient.php(34): SoapClient->InsertDATA('<? xml version="...') #3 {main}

Client/Server Code and XML Document

Client Code

try {

//*** next one line for soap
$client = new SoapClient("htt p://bfs400j1.bfs.ml .com:89/LOOPSubmitCU.ws dl", array('trace' => 1));

/* DEBUG for soap
$my_array = array(
"start_debu g"=> "1",
"debug_port "=> "10013",
"debug_host "=> "131.208.71 .6/16",
"debug_stop "=> "1"
foreach($my_arr ay as $key=>$val){
$client->__setCookie($k ey,$val);
DEBUG for soap */

//* get xml string
$xml = simplexml_load_ file('http://bfs400j1.bfs.ml .com:89/LOOPWindowsSubm it_OK2_5.xml');
if (!$xml) {
return ("ERROR-Unable to load XML");
$XMLString = $xml->asXML();

//**** next lines for non soap
//require('LOOPSu bmitCU_Service. php');
//$LOOPSubmitObj = new LOOPSubmitCU_Se rvice();
//$wrtRcds = $LOOPSubmitObj->InsertDATA($XM LString);
//*** next one line for soap
$wrtRcds = $client->InsertDATA($XM LString);
if (substr($wrtRcd s,0,10) != 'SUCCESSFUL') {
echo "ERROR-LOOPSubmit Service Ended Abnormally-".$wrtRcds;
return "ERROR-LOOPSubmit Service Ended Abnormally-".$wrtRcds;

echo $wrtRcds." <br /br>";
return $wrtRcds;

catch (SoapFault $e) {
print "<p>";
print "<b>Request :</b>\n".htmlspeci alchars($client->__getLastReque st()) ."\n";
print "</p><p>";
print "<b>Respons e :</b>\n".htmlspeci alchars($client->__getLastRespo nse())."\n";
print "</p>";
print "<h2>SoapFa ult</h2><br />";
print "<b>ERROR-LOOP Submit CU Exception-</b>".$e->getMessage().$ e->getCode().$e->getFile().$e->getLine().$e->getTraceAsStri ng();
return ("ERROR-LOOP Submit CU Exception-".$e->getMessage().$ e->getCode().$e->getFile().$e->getLine().$e->getTraceAsStri ng());

Server Code

* LOOP Windows to ISeries DLS Interface Staging Tables
* @author plane
* @package defaultPackage

class LOOPSubmitCU_Se rvice {

* This function validates XML string, connects to the database, archives XML file, and writes to any appropriate staging tables
* @param string $XMLString
* @return string
public function InsertDATA($XML String) {

// Load string to XML object
$xml = simplexml_load_ string($XMLStri ng);
if (!$xml) {
echo "ERROR-Unable to load XML string";
return "ERROR-Unable to load XML string";

return 'SUCCESSFUL-Processed SOAP S:\LOOPSubmitCU _Service'.strle n($XMLString);

//*** next lines for soap
ini_set("soap.w sdl_cache_enabl ed", "0"); // disabling WSDL cache
$server = new SoapServer("htt p://bfs400j1.bfs.ml .com:89/LOOPSubmitCU.ws dl");
$server->setClass("LOOP SubmitCU_Servic e");

XML data (will fail as is, remove one line an it works)
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<!-- edited with XMLSpy v2006 sp2 U (http://www.altova.com) by Kashmira Brahmbhatt (MERRILL LYNCH) -->
<LOOPWindowsSub mit>
<BatchID>9015 8</BatchID>
<BusinessUnit>B FS</BusinessUnit>
<ProcessEnviron ment>UAT</ProcessEnvironm ent>
<SubmittingUser >tolee</SubmittingUser>
<SubmissionDate >4/19/2007</SubmissionDate>
<SubmissionTime >02:11:10 PM</SubmissionTime>
<SourceSystem>B I</SourceSystem>
<ValidationOnly >N</ValidationOnly>
<Partition>BT 5</Partition>
<CustomerMast er Action="UPD" AS400File="B$CU MS">
<CustomerID Key="1" WindowsID="Z002 9304">00010763</CustomerID>
<Name1>AD COLD STORAGE, INC.</Name1>
<ShortName>AD COLD STORAGE</ShortName>
<SortName>AD COLD STORAGE</SortName>
<extraline>99 9</extraline>
<EntityType>ETC </EntityType>
<CitizenClass>C C</CitizenClass>
<PrimaryIndustr y>PIC1</PrimaryIndustry >
<ConfidentialTy pe>C</ConfidentialTyp e>
<InternalBankRe lationship>123</InternalBankRel ationship>
<MLOffice>MLOFF ICE</MLOffice>
<RiskRatingLine Officer>RR</RiskRatingLineO fficer>
<PortfolioManag er>manager</PortfolioManage r>
<ReviewFrequenc y>a</ReviewFrequency >
<GLUnit>gluni t</GLUnit>
<Language>ENG </Language>
<Name2>AD COLD STORAGE, INC.2</Name2>
<Name3>AD COLD STORAGE, INC.3</Name3>
<Currency>USD </Currency>
<MinorityClass> 12</MinorityClass>
<DefaultAddress Segment>PRM</DefaultAddressS egment>
<PortfolioOffic er>2ndoff</PortfolioOffice r>
<RiskScenario>q wqw</RiskScenario>
<TaxStatus>ts </TaxStatus>
<ServicingUnit> srvunit</ServicingUnit>
<PortfolioRestr ictCode>rc</PortfolioRestri ctCode>
<DateRiskRateLi neOfficer>20071 111</DateRiskRateLin eOfficer>
<DateNextReview >20071112</DateNextReview>
<DateLastReview >20071113</DateLastReview>
<ApprovedDirect LiabLimit>12.50 </ApprovedDirectL iabLimit>
<ApprovedTotalL iabLimit>1500.9 9</ApprovedTotalLi abLimit>
<DateLimitAppro ved>20071114</DateLimitApprov ed>
<AlternateCusto merNumber>rerty eye</AlternateCustom erNumber>
<RequiredSecuri tyDesignation>r qs</RequiredSecurit yDesignation>
<DateChartered> 20071115</DateChartered>
<UserDefinedCod e1>ud1</UserDefinedCode 1>
<UserDefinedCod e2>ud2</UserDefinedCode 2>
<UserDefinedCod e3>ud3</UserDefinedCode 3>
<UserDefinedDat e1>20071201</UserDefinedDate 1>
<UserDefinedDat e2>20071202</UserDefinedDate 2>
<UserDefinedAmo unt1>111.11</UserDefinedAmou nt1>
<UserDefinedAmo unt2>112.22</UserDefinedAmou nt2>
<DateWatchList> 20071116</DateWatchList>
<CustomerStatus >CS</CustomerStatus>
<DispositionCod e>DC</DispositionCode >
<DateLendingRel ationshipInitia ted>20071117</DateLendingRela tionshipInitiat ed>
<WebSite>www.we bsite.com</WebSite>
<CustomerMaster AddendumML Action="UPD" AS400File="BBCU MS">
<CustomerID Key="1" WindowsID="Z002 9304">00010763</CustomerID>
<OriginatingSys tem>123</OriginatingSyst em>
<WatchReason>WR </WatchReason>
<SpecialHandlin g>S</SpecialHandling >
<SpecialHandlin gAccountType>SH A</SpecialHandling AccountType>
<SpecialHandlin gReason>SHR</SpecialHandling Reason>
<DateSpecialHan dling>20070909</DateSpecialHand ling>
<LitigationAcco unt>a</LitigationAccou nt>
<StateOrganized >StOrg</StateOrganized>
<YearInBusiness >999</YearInBusiness>
<NoEmployees>99 999</NoEmployees>
<PubliclyTraded >N</PubliclyTraded>
<DriverLicense> DriverLicenseNb r</DriverLicense>
<DBAName>TradeN ame</DBAName>
<WebSite>www.we bsite.com</WebSite>
<ThirdPartyNoti fication>N</ThirdPartyNotif ication>
<ThirdPartyName >3rd party name</ThirdPartyName>
<TrustAgreement Title>Trust Agreement</TrustAgreementT itle>
<DateTrust>2007 0910</DateTrust>
<CPAName>CPA Firm</CPAName>
<DateLastPeerRe view>20070911</DateLastPeerRev iew>
<DateNextPeerRe view>20070912</DateNextPeerRev iew>
<AICPAMember> N</AICPAMember>
<AICPASection>S ection</AICPASection>
<AIPCAPeerRevie w>Rv</AIPCAPeerReview >
<AICPASince>200 70913</AICPASince>
<CoprID>Corp ID</CoprID>
<TaxJurisdictio n>012</TaxJurisdiction >
<TickerSymbol>i bm</TickerSymbol>
<ConcentrationC ustomerName1>Co ncentration Customer Name 1</ConcentrationCu stomerName1>
<ConcentrationC ustomerName2>Co ncentration Customer Name 2</ConcentrationCu stomerName2>
<ConcentrationC ustomerName3>Co ncentration Customer Name 3</ConcentrationCu stomerName3>
<ConcentrationC ustomerName4>Co ncentration Customer Name 4</ConcentrationCu stomerName4>
<ConcentrationC ustomerName5>Co ncentration Customer Name 5</ConcentrationCu stomerName5>
<ConcentrationC ustomerPercent1 >123.123456</ConcentrationCu stomerPercent1>
<ConcentrationC ustomerPercent2 >223.123456</ConcentrationCu stomerPercent2>
<ConcentrationC ustomerPercent3 >323.123456</ConcentrationCu stomerPercent3>
<ConcentrationC ustomerPercent4 >423.123456</ConcentrationCu stomerPercent4>
<ConcentrationC ustomerPercent5 >523.123456</ConcentrationCu stomerPercent5>
<DateUpdatedCon centrationCusto mer>20070915</DateUpdatedConc entrationCustom er>
<ConcentrationS upplierName1>Co ncentration Supplier Name 1</ConcentrationSu pplierName1>
<ConcentrationS upplierName2>Co ncentration Supplier Name 2</ConcentrationSu pplierName2>
<ConcentrationS upplierName3>Co ncentration Supplier Name 3</ConcentrationSu pplierName3>
<ConcentrationS upplierName4>Co ncentration Supplier Name 4</ConcentrationSu pplierName4>
<ConcentrationS upplierName5>Co ncentration Supplier Name 5</ConcentrationSu pplierName5>
<ConcentrationS upplierPercent1 >123.223456</ConcentrationSu pplierPercent1>
<ConcentrationS upplierPercent2 >223.223456</ConcentrationSu pplierPercent2>
<ConcentrationS upplierPercent3 >323.223456</ConcentrationSu pplierPercent3>
<ConcentrationS upplierPercent4 >423.223456</ConcentrationSu pplierPercent4>
<ConcentrationS upplierPercent5 >523.223456</ConcentrationSu pplierPercent5>
<DateUpdatedCon centrationSuppl ier>20070916</DateUpdatedConc entrationSuppli er>
</CustomerMasterA ddendumML>
<CustomerAddres ses>
<CustomerAddres s BatchID="90158" Action="UPD" AS400File="B$CU AD">
<CustomerID Key="1" WindowsID="Z002 9304">00010763</CustomerID>
<AddressID Key="2" WindowsID="A987 8343">PRM</AddressID>
<Name1>Office in Chicago</Name1>
<Name2>Busy Name</Name2>
<Name3>Busier Name</Name3>
<Street1>1323 Pilgim Ave</Street1>
<Street2>Buildi ng 3 </Street2>
<Street3>Suit e A</Street3>
<Street4>Cubicl e 13C</Street4>
<City>North Hamton</City>
<PostalZipCode> 32423</PostalZipCode>
<CountryCode>01 0</CountryCode>
<LocationCode>a </LocationCode>
<PhoneNumber1>6 33-233-4412</PhoneNumber1>
<PhoneNumber2>7 33.801.2333</PhoneNumber2>
<UserDefinedCod e1>UD1</UserDefinedCode 1>
<UserDefinedCod e2>UD2</UserDefinedCode 2>
<UserDefinedCod e3>UD3</UserDefinedCode 3>
<UserDefinedCod e4>ud4</UserDefinedCode 4>
<UserDefinedCod e5>ud5</UserDefinedCode 5>
<CustomerAddres sAddendumML BatchID="90158" Action="UPD" AS400File="BBCU AD">
<CustomerID Key="1" WindowsID="Z002 9304">00010763</CustomerID>
<AddressID Key="2" WindowsID="A987 8343">PRM</AddressID>
<MailAttention> Charles Thomas III</MailAttention>
<YearsAtThisLoc ation>15</YearsAtThisLoca tion>
<CollateralRemo valCode>12</CollateralRemov alCode>
</CustomerAddress AddendumML>
<CustomerAddres sAddendum BatchID="90158" Action="UPD" AS400File="B$AD AD">
<CustomerID Key="1" WindowsID="Z002 9304">00010763</CustomerID>
<AddressID Key="2" WindowsID="A987 8343">PRM</AddressID>
<County>Berrien </County>
<EmailAddress>e mailaddress@yah oo.com</EmailAddress>
<FaxNumber>45 3-223-2355</FaxNumber>
<TelexNumber>ad 35235a3a3</TelexNumber>
<SwiftID>Swif t ID Here</SwiftID>
<ReferToCustome rID>RTCustID</ReferToCustomer ID>
<ReferToAddress ID>RTA</ReferToAddressI D>
</CustomerAddress Addendum>
</CustomerAddress >
<CustomerAddres s BatchID="90158" Action="UPD" AS400File="B$CU AD">
<CustomerID Key="1" WindowsID="Z002 9304">00010763</CustomerID>
<AddressID Key="2" WindowsID="A987 8344">MLC</AddressID>
<Name1>Office in Toronto</Name1>
<Name2>Toront o Name</Name2>
<Name3>Toront o Name2</Name3>
<Street1>100 Coast Highway</Street1>
<Street2>Hawtho rne Hall </Street2>
<Street3>Suit e A</Street3>
<Street4>Box 253</Street4>
<City>Toronto </City>
<PostalZipCode> AE3323</PostalZipCode>
<CountryCode>02 0</CountryCode>
<LocationCode>b </LocationCode>
<PhoneNumber1>8 88-233-4412</PhoneNumber1>
<PhoneNumber2>7 33.801.5000</PhoneNumber2>
<UserDefinedCod e1>UDa</UserDefinedCode 1>
<UserDefinedCod e2>UDb</UserDefinedCode 2>
<UserDefinedCod e3>UDc</UserDefinedCode 3>
<UserDefinedCod e4>udd</UserDefinedCode 4>
<UserDefinedCod e5>ude</UserDefinedCode 5>
<CustomerAddres sAddendumML BatchID="90158" Action="UPD" AS400File="BBCU AD">
<CustomerID Key="1" WindowsID="Z002 9304">00010763</CustomerID>
<AddressID Key="2" WindowsID="A987 8344">MLC</AddressID>
<MailAttention> Tim Parsons</MailAttention>
<YearsAtThisLoc ation>1</YearsAtThisLoca tion>
<CollateralRemo valCode>1a</CollateralRemov alCode>
</CustomerAddress AddendumML>
<CustomerAddres sAddendum BatchID="90158" Action="UPD" AS400File="B$AD AD">
<CustomerID Key="1" WindowsID="Z002 9304">00010763</CustomerID>
<AddressID Key="2" WindowsID="A987 8344">MLC</AddressID>
<EmailAddress>e mail2address@ya hoo.com</EmailAddress>
<FaxNumber>45 3-223-5555</FaxNumber>
<TelexNumber>55 35235a3a3</TelexNumber>
<SwiftID>Swif t 44 Here</SwiftID>
<ReferToCustome rID>RTCustI1</ReferToCustomer ID>
<ReferToAddress ID>RT1</ReferToAddressI D>
</CustomerAddress Addendum>
</CustomerAddress >
</CustomerAddress es>
<CustomerContac ts>
<CustomerContac t Action="ADD" AS400File="B$AD CN">
<CustomerID Key="1" WindowsID="Z002 9304">00010763</CustomerID>
<ContactID Key="2" WindowsID="CntI D132">00000000</ContactID>
<ContactFirstNa me>Jerome</ContactFirstNam e>
<ContactMiddleI nitial>W</ContactMiddleIn itial>
<ContactLastNam e>Vincent</ContactLastName >
<ContactPreFixC ode>Mr</ContactPreFixCo de>
<ContactSuffixC ode>VI</ContactSuffixCo de>
<ContactTitle>V ice President</ContactTitle>
<DefaultSalutat ion>Dear Sir</DefaultSalutati on>
<PhoneNumberPri mary>835.134.33 03</PhoneNumberPrim ary>
<PhoneNumberSec ondary>ph2</PhoneNumberSeco ndary>
<PhoneNumber3>p h3</PhoneNumber3>
<PhoneNumber4>p h4</PhoneNumber4>
<FaxNumberPrima ry>835.133.3311 </FaxNumberPrimar y>
<FaxNumberSecon dary>fax2</FaxNumberSecond ary>
<TelexNumber>te lex</TelexNumber>
<EmailAddress>j erome.vincent@b ank1.com</EmailAddress>
<TextDescriptio n>test the description</TextDescription >
<PreferredMetho dOfNotification >01</PreferredMethod OfNotification>
<DefalutIncomin gPaymentInstruc tions>I01</DefalutIncoming PaymentInstruct ions>
<DefaultOutgoin gPaymentInstruc tions>O01</DefaultOutgoing PaymentInstruct ions>
<UserName>USe r Name</UserName>
<DefaultLanguag eCode>ENG</DefaultLanguage Code>
<Text1>Test text 1</Text1>
<Text2>Test text 2</Text2>
<CustomerIDaco> 00000000</CustomerIDaco>
<AddressIDaco>P RM</AddressIDaco>
</CustomerContact >
<CustomerContac t Action="ADD" AS400File="B$AD CN">
<CustomerID Key="1" WindowsID="Z002 9305">00010764</CustomerID>
<ContactID Key="2" WindowsID="CntI D132">00000000</ContactID>
<ContactFirstNa me>Pat</ContactFirstNam e>
<ContactMiddleI nitial>ica</ContactMiddleIn itial>
<ContactLastNam e>Howard</ContactLastName >
<ContactPreFixC ode>Ms</ContactPreFixCo de>
<ContactSuffixC ode>pp</ContactSuffixCo de>
<UserName>Vau gh Warner</UserName>
<DefaultLanguag eCode>ENG</DefaultLanguage Code>
<Text1>Text one here</Text1>
<Text2>Text two here</Text2>
<CustomerIDaco> 00000000</CustomerIDaco>
<AddressIDaco>O TH</AddressIDaco>
</CustomerContact >
</CustomerContact s>
<CustomerPaymen tInstructions>
<CustomerID Key="1" WindowsID="Z002 9304">00010763</CustomerID>
<SegmentID Key="2" WindowsID="Z002 9304_O01">O01</SegmentID>
<SpecialInstruc tions1>Fax 1st, Mail 2nd</SpecialInstruct ions1>
<SpecialInstruc tions2>Email 1st, Fax 2nd, Mail 3rd</SpecialInstruct ions2>
<SwiftNumber>SW ft23435</SwiftNumber>
<AbaTransitNumb er>ABAacctnbr2</AbaTransitNumbe r>
<NumberOfDaysFl oatInvolved>5</NumberOfDaysFlo atInvolved>
<SegmentID Key="2" WindowsID="Z002 9304_O01">O01</SegmentID>
<UserCode1>Oc 1</UserCode1>
<UserCode2>Oc 2</UserCode2>
<UserText1>Ot 1</UserText1>
<UserText2>Ot 2</UserText2>
<Currency>CAN </Currency>
<FaxNumber>80 00-121-1222</FaxNumber>
</CustomerPayment Instructions>
</LOOPWindowsSubm it>

Thanks in advance,
Jun 19 '07 #1
2 5155
2,364 Recognized Expert Top Contributor

I can only see your code when replying, did not know it was there. This was I fetched for you:


Care to have look there!

I will see why I cannot see your code.

In a bit!
Jun 26 '07 #2
14,534 Recognized Expert Moderator MVP
I've removed the code tags. They are a problem it seems on very large posts.

Jun 26 '07 #3

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