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Troubleshooting IE

Problem: I can connect to the internet via Google Chrome, but when i attempt to do so with Internet Explorer in desktop mode it simply gives me the message "This Page Cant Be Displayed" on any web page i try. That being said i Can browse in it if i set it to be my default browser and then view it in the touchscreen mode. I ran the Trouble-Shooter and it told me nothing was wrong.

That all sounds pretty normal, especially the troubleshooter saying nothing was wrong. Sometimes all it means is that the DNS is slower than the browser seems to tolerate. Then you have to try to find a workaround for that symptom cause.

Another cause though can be a misconfigured firewall blocking outbound requests, thinking that they are coming from a suspected Trojan. Apparently the default action for such things is to block the request with no trace that that was done--making it difficult to prove the hypothesis. The fact that you do have outbound requests from iexplore.exe (same program for the Immersive browser) makes that less likely I think. Actually I'm not sure if the Immersive browser does the actual request or if there is proxy which does that for it. If so, that could explain the symptom in terms of this second cause.

I have gone through all of the steps provided by the Microsoft Knowledge base, and have still not fixed the problem. I have reset IE 2-3 times, turned off compatibility mode and disabled Enhanced Protection mode, both together, and apart from each other.

Ready to try some diagnosis now? <eg>

A simple thing to do for a start would be to see what happens if you do a manual lookup for the site you want to go to and then replace the host name in the URL with that IP address. For example, is answers.microsoft.com a host that you are having the problem symptom with? It is actually a fairly complex case but I think it would be worthwhile trying the procedure with it anyway.

First go to a cmd window and enter nslookup answers.microsoft.com

Capture the Name: value. E.g. right-click, drag select and press Enter.

Build a ping -n 1 command with that. E.g. type that and then at least 1 more space and then Paste the Name: you captured after it (Alt-Space,E P or right-click Paste) Then press Enter. We don't care if the ping worked. We just want to get that host name cached for IE to find when it does its lookup.

Capture the IP address you are shown there (with right-click Mark, drag select and Enter.)

Switch to your IE window's Address bar and try your real request. It's possible that the caching of the lookup by the ping will give IE enough of a boost to get its request done in the time that it gives itself.

Now, let's say that in spite of all that preparation IE is still not getting its request done and you are getting your error message. You must use the troubleshooter to continue. Otherwise it may not bother retrying. Then presumably it will say it couldn't find anything wrong. Then, replace the host name with the IP address that you still have waiting in your Clipboard. Tip: you can use Alt-d, End to get keyboard focus up into the Address bar and repeated applications of Ctrl-Backspace to remove the last bits of the old URL before you want to Paste. Use Ctrl-v and then press Enter. (Alternatively, just make sure that somehow you have an HTTP protocol prefix for your IP address to be attached to.)

Then, what do you see? If you see a 404 message you have had success! A request went out to the Internet to that IP address. Hmm... that's interesting. Something unexpected has happened for this example. In the case of Answers I was able to use the IP address instead of the host name! So you could just continue that way I suppose. See what happens. It normally isn't as simple as that.
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