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Uninstalled Office 2007

675 512MB
I'm not sure this belong here, or even on this site, but I need to know.

I installed the Free Trial version of Office 2007 from Microsoft's site. I did not like it as well as Office 2000 or 2002. Because Office 2007 opened when I clicked a file from Exploring, I deleted it yesterday.

Now 2000 Access, Word, and Excel are badly broken. I get many errors, all requiring me to insert my CD-ROM. I cannot do anything in these programs.

I bought the computer, a PC clone, from a store that is no longer in business. Although there is a sticker for XP Home on the computer, there is no sticker for Office. The copy is valid per Microsoft, because, if not, the trial could not have been installed.

http://support.microsoft.com/kb/326246 does not work as it needs the COA number.

Is there any hope for me, or do I have to pay Microsoft several hundred dollars for a product I don't want, because they destroyed my old programs?
Mar 23 '09 #1
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Hey OB

There is a Freeware product "Product Key" That will allow you to view all the product keys for Microsoft products that are installed on your system.

You could use this to find your product key and then get someone elses CD to reinstall using your product key.
Mar 24 '09 #2
675 512MB
If any of my friends even knew what Access is, I might pursue this, but I don't know anyone with Access, any version.

However, my Add/Remove Programs list contains 2 entries: "Microsoft Office 2000 SR-1 Professional" Size 165MB and "Microsoft Office 2000 SR-1 Disk 2" Size 198MB. These might be the source disks, but I don't know how to find them. I've searched for "Office", "2000", "SR-1" and size > 100000KB, but I can't find these files.

So I probably have copies of the disks, but they are coded not to display even when "Show hidden files and folders" checked and "Hide protected operating system files (Recommended)" is unchecked in Exploring (File Manager).

How can I find a file referred to by Add/Remove Programs?
Mar 25 '09 #3
675 512MB
In my Add or Remove Programs list, I have a program "Microsoft Office 2000 SR-1 Professional" size 165.00MB, Used frequently, Last Used On 9/28/2004.

If I click Change, I get the Microsoft 2000 Office Setup, followed by Microsoft Office 2000 Maintenance Mode. 3 choices here, "Repair Office", "Add or Remove Features", and "Remove Office".

I'm afraid to try "Remove Office" for fear this program will be eliminated.
If I choose either of the first 2, I eventually come to "The feature you are trying to use is on a CD-ROM or other removable disk that is not available. Insert the 'Microsoft Office 2000 SR-1 Professional' disk and click OK"

There is a "Use source:" combobox and to its right, a Browse button. This implies that this dialog will accept a location on my C:\ drive. As this shows a size of 165MB, and its companion Disk 2 is 198MB, I am convinced that my disks are here.

I need to know how to find these files. The only info I have is their names in the Add/Remove list. They seem to be hidden/system/??? files that I can't find.

How do I access these files?
Mar 26 '09 #4
464 Expert 256MB
I installed the Free Trial version of Office 2007 from Microsoft's site. I did not like it as well as Office 2000 or 2002 [. . .], I deleted it yesterday.
How did you delete it?

I bought the computer, a PC clone, from a store that is no longer in business.
Do you still have the name and address of the old company? What do you mean by "a PC clone"?
The copy is valid per Microsoft, because, if not, the trial could not have been installed.
Are you sure its valid and not just a valid CD Key?

I think its weird that you see disk one and disk two listed separately in add or remove program, but that doesn't mean you have those images on your hard drive. The file size you see is the size that each of those "programs" is taking up, its not the size of one file. If you have an image of those cd's on your hard drive they would of had to been placed their by some program or copying of the data files onto your hard drive. Trying to find them by searching would be almost impossible if you don't know the name of the file. You can try browsing some of the original folders on the computer perhaps if their was a backup directory or an backup image somewhere, but I'm willing to bet there wasn't ever any disk images on the computer. I would use the method recommended above to grab your office CD Key and gather as much information about the company that your bought the PC. I would also gather proof that you bought that PC and contact Microsoft explaining everything and see what possibilities you may have.
Mar 26 '09 #5
675 512MB
It is a PC, assembled in the store from commody-type parts, and does not have a brand such as Dell, Toshiba, HP, etc.

Yes, I have the name of the old company, and I guess I could find out the address, if the building is still there. I haven't been by in several years, as it is out of business.

I deleted Office2007 by using the Add/Remove entry for that program.

My feeling, without the expertise to know this, is that something like a common dll was removed, and therefore my original version won't start.

As to validity, of course the store could have installed the same copy onto all the machines he sold. I would then have an invalid copy. Several times on Microsoft's site, including when I downloaded or installed this trial, a message appeared that it was checking that my current Office version was valid. I know that Microsoft would like to delete unauthorized versions of its software if found, but I didn't know they could do this yet. Legally!

I cannot afford at this time to purchase something new, to replace something I should have, so I am trying to recover, but...

I find, in Add/Remove, 2 programs. The names certainly imply that they could be (legit) copies of Office.

The sizes of 165MB and 198MB could very well be the disks.

Pressing change gets a Microsoft dialog box, but trying to continue needs a disk, so whatever program is there seems very small, certainly not 165MB. Implying the entire disk is here.

There are many folders on this computer where 'Access is denied', and properties show subfolders, 0 files, and Size: 0 bytes. I don't know how to look in them to know whether they are what I need.

I've tried to search for "unins" for all uninstall programs, as this would qualify the program for entry into the Add/Remove list. No luck, so maybe this info is in the Registry.

But we should be able to ignore all this legit stuff, and program stuff, and where I bought it, and why I tried Office 2007. Maybe my entire post should have been: I have a reference in Add/Remove. Where is the program located that this reference refers to?
Mar 26 '09 #6

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