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Microsoft Windows operating system - Ask questions about all the Microsoft OS: registry, drivers, anti-virus, security, installation, errors, upgrades and more.
thread by: bartonc | last post Sep 9 '19 by: Sankung
I've decide to compile a bunch of your favorite tips and tricks for the Articles section. I found a post yesterday by Chrisjc that is a perfect example. I copied his post over to create Dealing with USB flash drive issues. Post your favorite tips and tricks here, in this thread, and I'll copy the best ones to a Tips and Tricks article (to be...
thread by: nethajireddy | last post Dec 11 '13 by: Ankit Mehta
Hi, I want to find users using SID, how it is possible, can anyone help me out, please waiting for ur reply...
thread by: Chittaranjan | last post Jul 13 '07 by: bartonc
Hi All, I am using WindowsXP operating system. I was able to hide the files and to see them : I was going to the "Tool" menu then "Folder Option" and then "View" tab and "show the hidden files and folders" check box ... But from some days I am not able to get that "Folder Option" in the menu from the "Tool" menu. So I am not able to...
thread by: adj76 | last post Feb 6 '17 by: wabarron
Please help! I get a screen popping up all the time that says Windows Installer preparing to install... and it has a cancel button. It comes up when I go into my email program, when I want to write an email, when I get online, and when I go to many different sites online. When it comes up is stays on the screen for 30-60 sec, whether I click...
thread by: Lile | last post Nov 11 '09 by: Schmed
Hello, I have a computer with Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition installed on German language. How can change it on English without reinstalling Windows XP? Thanks in advance Lile
thread by: manontheedge | last post Jan 5 '14 by: pbyfield01
I've got several flash drives, but I'm having issues with one of them. I'm using Windows XP. I connect it, then get that message that "new hardware is found", but when I go to the drive, I get a message telling me to "connect a device"...yet, I can still "safely remove" it. Basically, it's seeings the stick but not letting me open it. I've...
thread by: James L Bryant | last post Mar 5 '20 by: lewish95
At bootup this morning before displaying the Windows logo the following error string is displayed: Database corrupt.PsMain: 568c PsMain: 98bd PsMain: 9b45 PsMain: 49d6b PsMain: 3ca6f PsMain: af6 PsMain: 78 PsMain: ba I am able to get into the BIOS but that's all. I can't get it to bootup in safe mode or enter the PointSec encryption menu....
thread by: ashitpro | last post Sep 6 '07 by: Cyberdyne
My organization has proxy server as and port as 8080 I have tried to configure different mail ids on my outlook But it is not working. How to configure the proxy setting for outlook 2003
thread by: Water Man | last post Jan 3 '08 by: prabash82
Hello, All Lask week my hard drive (partition C: and D:) and removeable disk(thumb drive) cannot open by double click, but its open by right click . So I want to open by double click. Please help
thread by: Fernando Louro | last post Mar 1 '12 by: Thpony
Hi there, i have one problem in my computer every time i start my computer i have one short message saying - Impossible to locate the specified module.Impossible LoadLibrary(Pythondll) Failed. Please can you help me? what (and how) should i do to fix it?
thread by: harshadd | last post Oct 12 '08 by: harshadd
Background: I'm running XP Pro SP2. I use AVG free, and mCafee as antivirus, windows deffendar to protect malwares. Problem is : Machine starts up normally, goes to the XP login screen. I enter username and password, and it starts logging into the profile, as soon as the wallpaper comes up, it immediately logs back out to the welcome screen....
thread by: indiauday | last post Jul 29 '08 by: arlonadkinson
Hello friends, I am new user to this community. My problem is when I try to open registry editor by start> run > regedit, it displays this message. "Registry editing has been disabled by your administrator" I logon with administrator administrator account, then why it gives this message. ...
thread by: Rocks8138 | last post Oct 28 '10 by: Waltt
I have worked on this for sometime.......and I am so lost now........could someone please tell me how to look for or fix a message I keep getting......this is what I get::: The instruction at "0x62308e19" referenced memory at "0x021b38c8". They memory could not be "read" Please if anyone has any ideas of how to fix this could you please...
thread by: seeyuh | last post Aug 15 '08 by: king2756
Huh? My son was playing Neopets on the internet. When I came back to the computer, a folder named '%SystemDrive%' had appeared on my Desktop. Where should it go, what's the default location for this file? D'ya think he dragged it from somewhere by accident, or what? I've looked around the internet, got the impression it's a "page file"? But not...
thread by: OgaW | last post Feb 6 '07 by: bartonc
Hey, IS there anyone know the secret command to issue a shutdown within DOS mode without a Windows program covering above it? Won't simply just click the power off button causes total damage the motherboard within DOS mode? Urgently need your help? Thanks in advance.
thread by: keas | last post May 14 '12 by: hydersharif
Windows XP. On opening any application, the delay is getting worse (now 15-20secs) I have defragged, Deleted Various old/unused programs and even threated the size 10. I followed the steps from a previous thread on this topic, with no success. I have found an application AppSvc32.exe that seems to be using some 30-40 cpu units during and for...
thread by: sankarvanaja | last post Sep 28 '13 by: Balouchbawa
i tried to register a msvgif.ocx file using the command regsvr32 c:\module\msvgif.ocx it returned an error code dllregisterserver in c:\module\msvgif.ocx failed return code was :0x80040200 what should i do to overcome this ?
thread by: W2K3R2admin | last post Nov 11 '08 by: rvbvanassoc
I cannot open help and support...how do I install it on an existing system? When I click on Help & Support, the error says "Windows cannot open Help and Support because a system service is not running. To fix this problem start the service named "help and support." I have tried cmd prompt and 'msconfig' I have double checked by going...
thread by: zuraberadze | last post Jul 13 '10 by: thelonelyghost
I downloaded win 7 32 bit but cant understand what is x 84?when I wanted to boot it, computer wrote: it's not suitable on this platform ... sorry if I didn't write intelligibly :(
thread by: markmcgookin | last post Nov 1 '10 by: PerfectStorm
Hi folks, Another strange request from me, does anyone have/have used a program to shutdown Windows XP on a timer? I have tried about four now (sorry I don't have names, I deleted them in a rage, most likely the 1st few off google search for shutdown timer) and none of them have worked. I like to watch films etc on my PC from my bed, but...
thread by: gigi24 | last post Oct 26 '10 by: Jhunne
I have set up a custom paper size on a Windows XP SP2 machine. I have followed all of the directions that I can find. It does appear in the print server properties, but when I go to the advanced printing preferences, and click on the dropdown for the paper size, it does not appear. I have tried virtually everything I can think of, and have...
thread by: OgaW | last post Aug 30 '07 by: Dorian Gray
Hi, What is the difference bet. Physical memory usage and Kernal memory usage? Physical memory: available vs system cache? kernal memory: paged vs nonpaged? Anyone can explain in details how to see what the graphs means from the windows task manager ?
thread by: ElinaSen | last post Jun 6 '24 by: demetrio
Hi guys! Please Tell me, How to Convert Outlook MSG to PST?. Where could I find it Thanks in Advance
thread by: Navin Tenani | last post Jun 5 '09 by: NeoPa
Hi. Looking for any help I can find! I have a brand new server running Windows Server 2003, Enterprise Edition with SP1 . I just installed the first program on the server of SQL Server 2000 Standard Edition. In the system event viewer log I have the following errors: Dependent Assembly Microsoft.VC80.MFCLOC could not be found and Last...
thread by: nethajireddy | last post Mar 14 '07 by: Chrisjc
hello techies... i have dell latitude c800 laptop, right now we are facing display problem, that, it displays and we can view it very hard,(very dim or lcd dosent illuminated), i connected to external monitor it works fine, if i press Fn + F8 to view in notebook screen is will come for few seconds (color also different) and it...
thread by: ibayley | last post Jul 8 '08 by: bataki
Hi, could someone guide me step by step how to fix this problem. runtime error -pure virtual function call I have posted the entire image and message here http://www.bayleyscorp.com/Error.html Thanks.

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