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Microsoft Windows operating system - Ask questions about all the Microsoft OS: registry, drivers, anti-virus, security, installation, errors, upgrades and more.
thread by: bartonc | last post Sep 9 '19 by: Sankung
I've decide to compile a bunch of your favorite tips and tricks for the Articles section. I found a post yesterday by Chrisjc that is a perfect example. I copied his post over to create Dealing with USB flash drive issues. Post your favorite tips and tricks here, in this thread, and I'll copy the best ones to a Tips and Tricks article (to be...
thread by: bartonc | last post Aug 15 '07 by: Killer42
If you like me and think the ms cmd.exe really bites, check out consol2 here.
thread by: ak1dnar | last post Oct 20 '10 by: Enmzy
Hi there, As you can see in the attached picture there is a blue color background on the name of the desktop shortcuts. How to remove this. (Should I say Plzzzzz ?) Thanks -ajaxrand
thread by: harshadd | last post Oct 12 '08 by: harshadd
Background: I'm running XP Pro SP2. I use AVG free, and mCafee as antivirus, windows deffendar to protect malwares. Problem is : Machine starts up normally, goes to the XP login screen. I enter username and password, and it starts logging into the profile, as soon as the wallpaper comes up, it immediately logs back out to the welcome screen....
thread by: Rocks8138 | last post Oct 28 '10 by: Waltt
I have worked on this for sometime.......and I am so lost now........could someone please tell me how to look for or fix a message I keep getting......this is what I get::: The instruction at "0x62308e19" referenced memory at "0x021b38c8". They memory could not be "read" Please if anyone has any ideas of how to fix this could you please...
thread by: indiauday | last post Jul 29 '08 by: arlonadkinson
Hello friends, I am new user to this community. My problem is when I try to open registry editor by start> run > regedit, it displays this message. "Registry editing has been disabled by your administrator" I logon with administrator administrator account, then why it gives this message. ...
thread by: arunbalait | last post Oct 4 '10 by: greg luck
Hi all In my office systems a file named desktop.ini stored in each and every folders of my system. Am using XP. And also that file has names like DESKTOP.INI, _destop.ini I found that its a type of virus. That file is stored or copied in the Administrative tools too.. I have tried lots of antivirus softwares. But nothing cleared it.....
thread by: manontheedge | last post Jan 5 '14 by: pbyfield01
I've got several flash drives, but I'm having issues with one of them. I'm using Windows XP. I connect it, then get that message that "new hardware is found", but when I go to the drive, I get a message telling me to "connect a device"...yet, I can still "safely remove" it. Basically, it's seeings the stick but not letting me open it. I've...
thread by: hariharanmca | last post Aug 8 '07 by: dafodil
hi I am always getting this error when i log on to my system. Windows cannot find C:\ WINDOWS\eksplorasi.exe. Make sure you typed the name correctly, and then try again. To search for a file, click the start button, and thes search. i searched that file it. it is not there ,how can i get that
daniel aristidou
thread by: daniel aristidou | last post May 22 '08 by: Nepomuk
Hi guys......Well my pc is getting old i...admit.... But am i meant to expect it to randomly shut down? (Well just restart without going through the shutdown proceedure?) Any way its randomly shutingdown.....luckily not often. I would understand if it ran out Of RAM but it does it when it has around 300Mb to spare Any advice?
thread by: Killer42 | last post May 14 '07 by: Erazrhead
Hi all. Does anyone know what it means when Task Manager "Processes" pane shows 50% or more CPU usage down the bottom, but there's hardly anything in use on the list? Recently I've had a number of cases where the total at the bottom shows maybe 51-52%, but there are only a couple of things ticking over slightly on the list, while "System Idle...
thread by: sidsgirl17 | last post Aug 2 '08 by: lawstudentph
When I'm online Images do not appear on most websites such as myspace or match.com. I've tried alot of differnt things to fix this but nothing seems to work. Please help
thread by: karthi84 | last post Jan 12 '07 by: Cyberdyne
hi, i have a p4 system with 2.66Ghz processor and 768Mb Ram my system was working fine. but now a days it has become much slower when it boots. i have removed all the programs that starts up with the system boot but even now the system boot process is of slow. i have around 2.5GB of free space in my primary partition also. i have...
thread by: jj19902003 | last post Feb 28 '08 by: scarface
i like to play a game called runescape, http://www.runescape.com and i used to be able to play it on the same computer i am on now. but now all of a sudden my internet slows way down to the point of where it wont load the game. and i have fast internet. dsl/cable. please help!!!
thread by: sukatoa | last post Mar 26 '08 by: sukatoa
Can a batch file executes the .COM file? Can i invoke it with java? I really have no experience on batch file.... can you give me some patterns or hint code? or if you can't, just the best URL you have known?!!! Any reply will be greatly appreciated, Sukatoa
thread by: AmberJain | last post Nov 5 '08 by: AmberJain
** Split from Deleting all data on drive ** Hello, Well, I agree with NeoPa on this one. If you proceed as questionit suggested then you may end up even with Windows crash. The consequence of such an action is totally unpredicted. You may get a full working system in the end OR there is an equal probability that you may later need to...
thread by: mohamed27 | last post Jul 16 '07 by: Chrisjc
hi : i have a server with OS (2003 server) and i have a high usage of memory ,when i opened my task manger i found that w3wp.exe is the high application usage of memory this make ths server very slow and i can not open . aspx pages i need help plz
thread by: davidson1 | last post Jan 13 '09 by: Studlyami
Hai friends..... I am using Compaq Laptop..I used to hear songs most of the time...but suddenly when i open the Windows Media Player to hear the songs..it is not singing..but gives me the following error.... Windows Media Player cannot play the file because there is a problem with your sound device. There might not be a sound device...
thread by: Troyerrm | last post Jan 1 '07 by: NeoPa
I tried posting this but got an error the first time. I have set up SQL server on an XP Pro laptop and transferred 2 databases from another laptop which was sucessfull. I also transferred an access database on this laptop which was successful. Now I need to set up the linked tables in the access database but when I try to link the tables...
subashini Thiyagarajan
thread by: subashini Thiyagarajan | last post Mar 15 '10 by: ranjay91
I got a very good pendrive. Without knowing me my pen drive was spreading virus ravon.exe file is running as soon as i plug my pendrive in any system. Then it started giving nose from floppy drive. How i can clear my pen drive virus? One more thing now that virus has subsided in my system, it has made my system slow. What i should do to...
thread by: James L Bryant | last post Mar 5 '20 by: lewish95
At bootup this morning before displaying the Windows logo the following error string is displayed: Database corrupt.PsMain: 568c PsMain: 98bd PsMain: 9b45 PsMain: 49d6b PsMain: 3ca6f PsMain: af6 PsMain: 78 PsMain: ba I am able to get into the BIOS but that's all. I can't get it to bootup in safe mode or enter the PointSec encryption menu....
thread by: pacpalm | last post May 18 '08 by: AmberJain
I am running Windows XP Home SP2. On the lower right side of the pop-up start menu there is normally a magnifying glass (icon) next to the word "search" in between links for "help and support" and "run". My "search" icon (and thus my link) in my start menu has disappeared and I have no idea how to restore it. This search icon/link appears,...
thread by: harshadd | last post Oct 15 '08 by: JamieHowarth0
Can any one help please ? I have a lot of pre-installed software on my laptop, and want to install it on my PC, as i do not have setup CDs for any of them, can I get an utility that will repack the software, and make an installable file, Which can be used to install those s/w in my new pc Is there any such re-packing available? Copying the...
thread by: abouddan | last post Sep 15 '08 by: PussyCat
Hi all, I trying to the Automatic updates. After searching for the right updates a list of 32 high priority updates, when selecting "Download Updates and install", the process of downloading starts, when the download is done an error messege apears: "Updates unable to be successfully installed". I don't know what is the problem, I read something...
thread by: Chrisjc | last post Jan 2 '08 by: ted880
I my self find my self stumped at the moment. About a month ago I fixed my sisters computer was simple just some virus I was able to clear them off and clean it up. Ran grate after... Few weeks later she calls me saying something new is up I go over and take a looksee and to my surprise I found it doing some odd stuff I have never seen...
thread by: Cyberdyne | last post Dec 22 '09 by: jetcaptain
Hi guys, I am beta testing Windows 7 and I got all my programs to run fine except for WordPerfect X3. Here is what happens: When I launch the program it will say there is an error and WordPerfect needs to be closed, this happens every time. I installed the latest Service Pack 2 but the problem persists. The other programs in the Office X3...

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