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Microsoft Windows operating system - Ask questions about all the Microsoft OS: registry, drivers, anti-virus, security, installation, errors, upgrades and more.
thread by: bartonc | last post Sep 9 '19 by: Sankung
I've decide to compile a bunch of your favorite tips and tricks for the Articles section. I found a post yesterday by Chrisjc that is a perfect example. I copied his post over to create Dealing with USB flash drive issues. Post your favorite tips and tricks here, in this thread, and I'll copy the best ones to a Tips and Tricks article (to be...
thread by: kritimax4 | last post May 23 '24 by: emilycooper
I am looking for ways to Export my M 365 mailbox to PST.
thread by: justzikle | last post Jul 30 '23 by: justzikle
Hi all. I have an application running on windows machine. I am using Windows 10 on my desk. Wanted to configure a remote notification setup. I mean if any service or hardware encountered a problem on my application machine i get a remote notification either on email or either SMS. Can some help step by step as i am not very sharp in setting up...
thread by: Daisy332 | last post Aug 24 '22 by: Daisy332
I was using the get function to print the data from a spreadsheet in Sheety but when I pressed the run button, it just said: 'Process finished with exit code 0' so why am I no getting the data printed out? Here is my code(I also want to put the code in a class): ``` import requests SHEETY_PRICES_ENDPOINT =...
thread by: Petrol | last post Jun 14 '22 by: Petrol
I have created read-only links to share some of my OneDrive files. For the past few years they have worked well, but now I find that I can't open the target files through the link. I can open them directly in OneDrive (e.g. through Word or File Explorer_ but when I click the link it opens OneDrive.live.com and the rest of the browser window...
thread by: jiwlei | last post Jul 14 '22 by: Djohnavid021
Boy do I regret updating to the newest Windows 10 update. I decided to update at around 10:30 PM last night. It was over 2 hours later when it finished and took me to the login page. Then came all of the issues. After entering my password, the welcome loading circle just kept turning and turning and turning for over 10 minutes until it was sent to...
thread by: Csanika | last post Dec 23 '21 by: dev7060
Hello! My :C drive is filling up itself, and the temporary files are now 40gb and i cant delete them beacuse none of the temporary files that windows shows to me is bigger than 20mb. Please help me what should i do.
thread by: zyzz | last post Aug 5 '21 by: zyzz
Hello everyone, I need a self-service printer installation batch script. I found something like this on github. and in addition to these codes, I want to clean spooler, delete old printers and set last added printer as default. https://github.com/bryndonlezchuk/PrinterInstaller/blob/main/PrinterInstaller.bat How can I add them to this...
thread by: dreamtext | last post Jun 25 '21 by: dreamtext
If you haven't heard, Microsoft showcased their update to Windows, called Windows 11 this week. Windows 11 is basically Windows 10 with a fresher look and some new features and integrations. Some of the feature upgrades are for developers. Especially, when it comes to the WIndows app store (Microsoft Store). Support for more types of...
thread by: KarenWister | last post Nov 10 '20 by: SioSio
I would like to run an application that I've built at boot time on Windows 10. I would like it to launch regardless of the user logging into the system. How would i do this?
thread by: sunshine99 | last post Nov 6 '20 by: SioSio
I was cleaning up an external storage media and a folder called: %SystemDrive% appeared on my desktop. When I click on it, it contains a folder called: ProgramData, with these folders as follows: -Microsoft --Windows ---Cashes When I click on Cashes I get a list of data base files. Can I...
thread by: Shutpop | last post Sep 1 '20 by: Naheedmir
Hi, I have a pc and i want to run clash of lights and i don't know how to install it in pc. Regards.
thread by: lewish95 | last post Mar 10 '20 by: lewish95
Problem: I can connect to the internet via Google Chrome, but when i attempt to do so with Internet Explorer in desktop mode it simply gives me the message "This Page Cant Be Displayed" on any web page i try. That being said i Can browse in it if i set it to be my default browser and then view it in the touchscreen mode. I ran the Trouble-Shooter...
thread by: NORRISMILLARD | last post 2 Weeks Ago by: appsierra8
Which is the best and free way to convert MSG to EML
thread by: ElinaSen | last post Jun 6 '24 by: demetrio
Hi guys! Please Tell me, How to Convert Outlook MSG to PST?. Where could I find it Thanks in Advance
thread by: RichardSmith1 | last post Nov 28 '19 by: gits
After updating to Windows 10 1909 I noticed it had messed with my mouse settings. After looking up the issue on the windows forums it was suggested to another person with the same problem that they simply uninstall the update. However after doing this my computer had extremely slow internet (like 50kb/s compared to 10mb/s usually). However I...
thread by: anhphuong | last post Jan 25 '19 by: anhphuong
I am using a Dell windows 8.1 laptop. I created a bootable usb drive for caelinux.iso but the boot manager does not recognise the file format. Because of this im not able to install the caelinux on my system. If anybody had came across such problem and have found out the solution then please help me as soon as possible. thanks and regards.
thread by: Saboteur | last post Mar 12 '20 by: ErikHimmel
I have just purchased Microsoft Office 2013 on a brand new computer using Windows 7 OS. Whenever I try to open Excel, Word or Outlook, I get an error message stating: Microsoft (Outlook, Excel, Word) has stopped working. Then it offers an option to check online for a solution, but nothing ever happens and it shuts down. I don't have any...
thread by: DaBarrett | last post Oct 21 '18 by: DaBarrett
Hi, I tried to word repair 2007 document from the recycle bin on windows 2010 home edition. When I try to open it now i get the message; Word experienced an error trying to open this file. Try these suggestions. *Check the file permissions.......... any help appreciated. Thanks
thread by: Jurnero | last post Oct 24 '18 by: Jurnero
How to create web installer looks like Google Chrome web installer UI?
thread by: Jurnero | last post Oct 15 '18 by: Jurnero
How can I improve Microsoft SmartScreen reputation. I have a calendar app that is updated every day. But when a new version is released, the reputation for it is re-counted. How can I increase the credibility of my program?
thread by: palrecrurusi | last post Aug 12 '18 by: zmbd
Hello every one i have recently restore system image in windows 7 but, i did not backup my files so i lost them they are very important for me. I try to recover them by using different Recovery software but it actually did not work. so please and please help me what should i do. Thanks million time in advance.
thread by: nicktrudeau296 | last post Jul 15 '18 by: dev7060
the file is large, 300 pages, weighs almost 20 MB, the archive weighs about 900 KB. (here I can not download) saved in doc format, because in rtf format is constantly closed. after the next closing does not want to open, writes that the file is damaged. I searched the Internet for similar problems and ways to overcome them. Nothing helps. Two...
thread by: nnta | last post Jun 30 '18 by: nnta
precautionary steps for malware detection .. can anyone help please
thread by: putting | last post Jul 6 '18 by: Kobus8r
Word experienced an error trying to open the file. Try the following: * Check the access permissions for the document or drive. * Check if there is enough memory and disk space. * Open the file using the backup Converter. Help open or advise what to do with it. You really need to open))
thread by: heidigreen | last post May 27 '18 by: Emhurley
I have been working on Microsoft Word 2010 during all the past day. I created huge document with numerous pages, I almost finished editing of it. But Word was closed. At next opening I saw that last 5 pages disappeared. I used word recovery tool from Microsoft, but it couldn't get my pages back. Now I've lack of ideas what could solve this issue.

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