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Tell the truth.
Tell the truth and do not even slightly suggest anything that is misdirecting.
Google is rich. Google might well afford to pay armies of people to read what is put into their system via ad-words, keywords, optimization attempts, etc.

Think about this. With Google being so rich, there might be someone from Google that goes to your web site and looks it over, page by page, reading, reporting, filling out analysis reports that are directly input into computer programs that analyze what *you* are doing with your words and offerings and etc.
Then after you make sure that your ad-words and keywords, etc. truthfully represent your web page and web site, and after you make certain that *all* of your web pages on that site support truthfully your site's offering and NONE of them even slightly look like a scam, then do the following:

If you can afford it, start targeting as small of a geographic area or market segment or social group or other target that you can easily afford. Get a solid presence there as far as the internet and Google are concerned if you can, then spread a out to more as you can. Fast or slow.

Do not use Search Engine Optimization (SEO) professionals or suggestions that cost money even from Google.

Do not even attempt to scam Google. Tell the truth.

"Well, it is kind of the truth." is not good enough.

"Some people might think this..." is not good enough.

Intensely stick to the truth.

Religiously stick to the truth.

Never lie. Never!

All lies must be paid for in full. No lie is worth the price. If you have a choice between lying or having problems, then take the problem and deal with it honestly, but never lie. Same with advertising to Google: Tell the truth and never lie.

If you do not succeed in business, then so be it. It is nothing to cry about. You might go wash dishes for someone else by the hour for a wage and be honest. You might be poor and be honest. But, be honest. You might succeed in business later.

If you succeed, then thank the Lord.

Google is rich. Google might have an army of workers reading and studying and reporting on web pages from most major languages in the world. It might be in Google's economic interest to get honestly offered products and services at the front of their search engine listings.

Get as small of a solid presence on Google as you can without spending any money on SEO people and without paying Google anything.

Example: (It is just an example.)
"Blinking Billy's Pizza Pizzazz Palace" on Route 99 just 10 miles northeast of the corner of New York City, New York.

Get your own .com . Not from somewhere with intrusive advertising. Not that someone else owns. Your own .com . Check out using https://www.networksolutions.com . They have been around since the 1990s and are now owned by web.com, I think, maybe. I remember someone using them and they liked their security. Get you own dot com. You might have something like blinkingbilliespizzapizzaz.com . Do not let a long name bother you. If you get Google to like it then it might be simply a click link from Google to get customers there. (No guarantee about this.)

Have a web page with 3 outside pictures and 4 inside pictures of "Blinking Billy's Pizza Pizzazz Palace on Route 99 just 10 miles northeast of the corner of New York City, New York." Take the pictures from a so-called "smart phone" that records the date, and time, and location of each the pictures.

Add some Google page hit stuff to the page. Add some Google tracking to the page. Do NOT go overboard with this, just those two things. Do NOT pay an SEO for this. Do NOT pay Google for ad-words yet. Not yet. Maybe later after Google proves that they trust your site and you want to expand your customer base elsewhere (maybe).

Do NOT add any advertising of any other products other than what is being offered on the menu at Blinking Billy's Pizza Pizzazz Palace on Route 99 to your web site. Do not add family pictures, or local event pictures, or your favorite fishing lure lists to your web site. Keep that site strictly for Blinking Billy's Pizza Pizzazz Palace on Route 99. Nothing else.

Tell Google that "Blinking Billy's Pizza Pizzazz Palace on Route 99 just 10 miles northeast of the corner of New York City, New York." exists. Tell Google the whole sentence.

Keep your advertising honest.

Do NOT load up your page with keywords. Google might in a few minutes or hours or days or weeks (if they are really busy) assign someone to look and analyze your web site and all those keywords, and ad-words, etc. might actually be *negative* to the review.
Above all keep to the truth.
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