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Youtube won't play video, says javascript not running.. help

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Both youtube and Limewire won't work for me anymore and I don't know why. I downloaded both recent Java and Flash downloads. What can the problem be?
Oct 19 '06
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Sorry I was browsing this subject because my computer is having the same problem with youtube but theres something I feel I really need to correct here. There is absolutely no association between Java and javascript. Javascript is an internet browser programing language, where as java is a complex programing language made by sun microsystems and is closely related to c and c++. youtube uses javascript for some dynamic stuff where as limewire is made with java. deleting all the java off your computer won't effect things that use javascript to run at all but will prevent java apps and executables made in java from working.
************************************************** ***************
Javascript is an abridged version of java. The problem in this forum is supposed to relate to flash file playing in youtube site. It was surprising to see the same youtube video playing from a site which embeds flash contents (such as The content debugger from installation from adobe solves this issue. Thanks to fingers who posted this brilliant fix. This fix will do world of good for millions of users. Hope people on yahoo answers get some feathers out of this brilliant fix and let them know how to select the correct fix like this one.
Sep 20 '08 #101

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Javascript is an abridged version of java.
That is simply not true. JavaScript was developed with Java's syntax in mind and has some similarities, but it's a different language with different functions. What you said is similar to saying "Java is an abridged version of English" - of course the Java codewords are all English (or abbreviated from English words), but Java and English serve totally different functions (telling a computer what to do or communicating with other humans).

Sep 21 '08 #102

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I've been having the same trouble with youtube not working. It was freaking scary!! Anyway, thankfully the advise below worked great and within 1 minute I was back in business. Install from this site:


I would like to know how my computer got that way in the first place. DOES ANYONE HAVE ANY CLUE HOW THIS HAPPENS? I'd like to know.
Oct 14 '08 #103

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After several tries, I discovered a very simple solution for the youtube videos problem:

Just go to this website: Search for flash player

and download and install this file. I guess the problem of everybody is because the link on youtube´s website downloads a "non functional file ". this is my personal opinion........

This new .msi file will solve you the problem and you can decide to use IE, or FIREFOX or whatever browser you like most ! All the programs will work again.

Good luck
Phew. I had to join this site to Thank you.

I have been looking for a fix for weeks.
This patch worked for Opera and Flock (XPsp3).

Note: make sure you dl the correct patch.

Oct 15 '08 #104

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Oh, man this issue was driving miss daisy...uh, sorry...driving me crazy.

DO EVERYTHING that everyone above suggested BUT then make sure you go to your internet options (MS Explorer any version) and then go to the SECURITY tab and flip your security level from "Medium-high" to Medium.

Reboot ANY browser after this and for some reason you'll see all the video thumbnails and basic script will no longer be sprawled all over the left-hand side of a really funky-wrong looking webpage that looks like a throwback to the mid-nineties.

Definitely update all the FLASH stuff and the Active X fixes recommended, as aforementioned.

Good luck next guy...
Oct 30 '08 #105

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One more thing.

The solutions only partly worked in my case. Randomly, I'll have no thumbnails on parts of the page, then sometimes never then sometimes all.

...But I found the cure once again...

After doing all the recommended steps above, HOLD DOWN THE SHIFT KEY before you open any browser. It's a bypass feature that will allow the video thumbnails to draw from whatever site is being blocked by whatever is blocking them.

Now if Youtube fixes their code, all will be better.
Oct 31 '08 #106

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Just been on another site as I have the same problem, and apparently there is a problem with the latest version of Flash (version 10). I am unable to view anything flash at the mo, youtube, bbc iplayer
Oct 31 '08 #107

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Well i've got the same problem but its a little different, I have just uploaded a new video, and thought about seeing if i pressed F5 10 times, would i get 10 views? all that happened after i rapidly tapped it was a sign come up saying

Hello, you either have JavaScript turned off or an old version of Adobe's Flash Player. Get the latest Flash player.
but you see, i have the latest flash and and java, and youtube videos work on any other site,and its getting really annoying now with not being able to play youtube videos, by repeatedly pressing F5 have i changed something? please somebody help!
Nov 16 '08 #108

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Re: YouTube is not working on IE7
Was this post helpful ?

daveytindle wrote:
In most situation, the problem is about flash player.

one way is to go to the website, download one and install. However, it might not work for some users because of the security policy. The alternative way is to:

1, Locate the following path:


2, if you find a exe file named: FlashUtil9b. Double click it and the flash player will be updated,reinstalled or fixed.

if you find a exe file named: GetFlash. Double click it and the flash player will be downloaded and installed.

Hope this helps.

Thanks!!! This was the perfect fix for my situation. I was also having trouble with videos not playing in IE, though they worked fine in Firefox. I had not been able to update the Flash Player from the Adobe site, even though it showed as being loaded properly. However, when I looked at the exe file (see path in daveytindle post) it still showed as several months old. I did as daveytindle suggested and when I double clicked on the FlashUtil9b file, it prompted me to update it. I did that, restarted the computer, and now videos show on IE!!! Thanks again, daveytindle.

I registered an account here tonite just to thank you for solving this problem.
Thank you very much daveytindle !
Nov 20 '08 #109

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Basically I believe that the problem involves 3 issues
Java component, flash player, updates
My problem was the same and it started basically in weird way
I just replaced a modem to connect via cable the other day
And got the same problem of showing YouTube in a funny way
All corrupted and with the bottom of the explorer with an error
Which says "error" trying to find what the error I was getting?
A funny "object missing"
I have tried updating flash component via adobe = no luck
Tried to play with sun/Microsoft java machine to see if it works = no luck
Tried to mess with i.e. settings regarding java, even lowered it to low settings on all security 4 regions = no such luck

Solution came:
After trying even the patch adobe released with no luck

Which was suppose to fix this hell, no such luck

Even tried installing other browsers such as: Avant Browser, Safari = no luck
Tried to install ie8 beta version = same s*it

What do you need to do to solve this problam:

Finally I remembered a funny thing
While I was working long time ago at an i.s.p in Israel, I came a cross a solution
That fixed in a funny way i.e. errors, errors that were different…

And I told my self …well I tried all, what the hell lets try it
Solution: download Netscape 7.2 from:

Uninstall from add/remove programs any Flash Player versions completely (so there will not be any of them on your system)
Install Netscape 7.2 after words
Complete installation
Close all browsers, and open Netscape 7.2, surf to:

And you will see that YouTube works fine
In a wired way…open any browser including i.e.
And surf to YouTube
It all works now
And even without the flash player component (you can check to see that there is no flash player activex on add/remove programs and it still works fine…and even better)

Some thinking afterwards…
I came to a conclusion that either java component was corrupted
Either adobe by releasing updates corrupted the flash player component
Because it works fine now on all browsers even without the flash player component installed
p.s. when you install Netscape 7.2 it installs all registry damaged and java relevant components that solves all browsers and I had 5 of them, in all of them YouTube now works fine!

Hope I helped you all
And you wont deal with this s*it no more

Mor Halevy
Feb 1 '09 #110

P: 1
Wow thanks a lot! This worked. I had tried everything on this thread.
Please anyone who has this problem please try doing this!
Also if you don't know how to delete cache and cookies follow this:
Start-Control Panel-Network and Internet Connections-Internet Options
Then just press the Delete Cookies and Delete Files button!
Have a great day :P
Feb 16 '09 #111

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I have win 2000, on an ancient pc, and ive been having this problem for a while. Im baffled as to how this fix works, but it does!!!

Feb 17 '09 #112

Expert 5K+
P: 6,050
CTRL + F5 typically does a full refresh - it skips looking for a cache of the page, and loads everything anew.
Feb 17 '09 #113

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I tried every single different option offered and none made any difference.
I then spotted that all PCs in the house had the same problem, no matter what bowser. So I reconnected the router (a Belkin in my case). I bypassed the router and it worked fine.
I downloaded the latest firmware for my router and reconnected the wireless network.
It all works like a dream again.

Just though I should mention this to the community.
Feb 19 '09 #114

P: 1
unistalled works great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Mar 1 '09 #115

P: 1

Signed up to bytes just to say thank you. I started to get this message, even with flashplayer 10 installed, on all websites, & had tried deleting all my temporary internet files, & updating flashplayer but nothing changed. When I went into Flash in windows/macromed/system 32 & double-clicked, I was immediately informed that an update for adobe flashplayer was available. I clicked on it & hey presto, it updated & I now have videos working on IE7 again (I haven't restarted the computer yet but whatever changed worked without needing a restart). I'm hoping that tomorrow, after I put the computer on, it will still work............
Thanks a bundle
Mar 10 '09 #116

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I just followed the path--> deleted all files and all offline content and it worked! :)
Thank you so much!! :)
Mar 14 '09 #117

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who ever is trying to fix this!!
do what he says !
it does work !!
i did it and it worked in no time
Apr 13 '09 #118

P: 1
@Just passing thru

Not only did these steps did the trick, they also restored my WMP. Good job man
Apr 15 '09 #119

P: 1
Click Start, and then click Run.
2. In the Open box, type regsvr32 jscript.dll, and then click OK.
3. Click OK.
4. Click Start, and then click Run.
5. In the Open box, type regsvr32 vbscript.dll, and then click OK.
6. Click OK.

its working now using the above within one minute thank you so much,.....
May 13 '09 #120

P: 1
This is how to enable Java Script....

Open Internet Explorer.
On the Tools menu, click Internet Options.
On the Security tab, click Internet.
Click Custom Level. (Fig.1)
Scroll down to Active scripting.
Click Enable (or Prompt). (Fig.2)
Click OK.
Click Yes.
Click OK.

Jun 8 '09 #121

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Tried all these tips and nothing worked.

I mainly wanted the Mathletics website to work for my son, but guessed most hints and tips would come from You Tube not working.

What I decided to do in the end, was update my Internet Explorer from 6 to 8, and hey presto, all videos from all sites work!

Hope this helps some one.
Jun 21 '09 #122

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video wont work message says you may have java off or need new flash player. i tried tools on browser homepage to internet options to programs to manage add ons to shockwave flash object. select enable
Jun 26 '09 #123

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Thanks to fingers' post of November 20th, 2006, 08:52 AM -- the content debugger fixed the issue for me -- xp firefox and ie.

I posted a reference to this thread on youtube --

Jul 19 '09 #124

P: 1
Running Windows Vista Home Premium 64 bit edition

Well I tried all of the tips:

1) Tried to update Adobe Flash by going to C:\Windows\System32\Macromed\Flash\FlashUtil9d.exe and running it as Administrator
a) It updated but didn't change anything. I still got that flash/java error message

2) I Uninstalled Flash then reinstalled it and that sort of worked. More of the web page appeared (thumbnails) but I still got that flash/java error message and there was no way to update the C:\Windows\System32\Macromed because the file was gone.

3) And yes, I went to the Java home page to download the newest application. Resulting in no changes.

4) I even disabled my Kaspersky and edited Internet Options and added YouTube as a trusted site. Still no change.

5) Since I was running FireFox, I tried all of the tips for it:
a) disabling Adblock did not work
b) downloading extra Java addons for FireFox didn't work

HOWEVER, I was also running FireFox NoScript and even though I was allowing content from the YouTube site, it didn't exactly change anything but when I "Temporarily allowed ALL CONTENT" from the site, I gained full function of the YouTube Content.

On an unrelated note, I had background sound, like music, but I couldn't hear people talking. A driver update took care of that problem and now it seems all of the bugs have been worked out of my YouTube Flash/Java Error situation.

Hope this helps some of you.
Aug 4 '09 #125

P: 1
If you have tried enabling your java script and fiddled with the .dll files it could be something as simple as a hardware issue try to update your video card drivers event though thats unlikely. Adobe has patches for your version of player and updates. I hope i that helps good luck!
Sep 25 '09 #126

P: 1
I finnaly got it to work :) This was too driving me absolutely nuts, All i did was uninstall Java as i noticed i was running possibly an older version even though i had downloaded the latest version of java and tried to install it which didnt work. My advice is to try and unistall java from your computer then go to and download it again. Good Luck
Nov 9 '09 #127

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well i tried a different method. i tihnk i might have overlooked the suggestion and might re-submit the same solution but try reinstalling mozilla firefox.
Dec 23 '09 #128

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Ok, for anyone having this problem here is a solution I've found that seems to always work for me. I've had this problem several times, and whatever I tried before didn't seem to work, I do have the latest flash version installed after even having totally removed the old version and reinstalling from scratch the new one and also I have javascript enabled. The problem seems to be with youtube itself.

After getting fed up of searching google, I seem to have found a fix for the problem whenever I've had it, which is to delete all my Internet explorer temporary files and history pages (Under Internet explorer 8 the way to do this is: Click on Tools menu and select Internet Options, then under browsing history tick the box "delete browsing history on exit" so that it's selected, then click delete and ensure "Temporary Internet Files", "Cookies", "History", "Form Data", "Passwords" and "InPrivate Filtering Data" are all selected and click delete - Beware though that this WILL of course delete all your temp internet files and your browsing history so if you want to keep this for whatever reason don't do this but you don't need to delete your favorites links so make sure it's unticked). Once you've done this close Internet explorer and restart your PC. Youtube videos should then work on either Internet explorer or Firefox.

Hope this helps
Jan 25 '10 #129

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Okay, if anyone is getting "An error occurred, please try again later" Message when trying to play a video (when you clicked on it from Related Videos), just get rid of "&feature=related" on it.
Feb 11 '10 #130

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Hi friends, I solved the problem by doing this...This looks so simple

After battering myself against the glass for a few days I got through the following...I kept getting the "Flash
Installation 10,0,22,87 installed", but couldn't see the "Flash
Movie",(you tube) which is just the "F" flying around in the red field
go to:
the page title is "Troubleshoot Adobe Flash Player Installation for
click on # 3, Troublshoot Adobe Flash Player for Internet Explorer
scroll down to just above question #4 and find bold print that reads
"If the active X control for Flash Player fails to install, download
the executable installer"

Click on download, save to desktop, then install. Close all applications before running installer. Once you saved flash player file on desktop make sure you restart the computer before running the file. (start fresh then run the file saved in your desktop). you can install a new adobe flash player only after uninstalling all your existing flash player versions.

Confirm Flash installation by going to:
This restored my ability to view on YouTube...hope it helps you !!!

All the best friends..
Mar 13 '10 #131

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Poly had some solutions to the problem of "You have either java turned off or need to update flash" notice. They said it had to do with adblocking
and the "". Anyway, I have firefox,3.6, with "adblockplus". I went into adblock, "preferences", and unchecked:"ad.doubleclicknet./adi/N4270.specifc/B4781090;sz=160x600;click=..." clicked ok, closed firefox, reopened firefox, and it worked!. Hope this helps if anyone had this problem with Firefox 3.6.. and has adblock.
Nov 18 '10 #132

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try to re install ie its fine better to identifying problem then recover from that
Jan 25 '12 #133

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