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stop scanning and display msg box after scanning reach EOF

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For i = 49 To mfilesize Step 6

rich1.SelStart = Len(rich1.Text)

rich1.SelText = "Before : " & HexByte2Char(arrByte(i)) & _
" " & HexByte2Char(arrByte(i + 1)) & " " _
& HexByte2Char(arrByte(i + 2)) & " " _
& HexByte2Char(arrByte(i + 3)) & " " _
& HexByte2Char(arrByte(i + 4)) & " " _
& HexByte2Char(arrByte(i + 5)) _
& vbNewLine

If arrByte(i) <> a Then
arrByte(i) = a
changeMade = True

End If
If arrByte(i + 1) <> b Then
arrByte(i + 1) = b
changeMade = True
End If
If changeMade Then
AnyChanged = True
rich1.SelText = "After : " & HexByte2Char(arrByte(i)) & _
" " & HexByte2Char(arrByte(i + 1)) & " " _
& HexByte2Char(arrByte(i + 2)) & " " _
& HexByte2Char(arrByte(i + 3)) & " " _
& HexByte2Char(arrByte(i + 4)) & " " _
& HexByte2Char(arrByte(i + 5)) _
& " <--- Corrected" _
& vbNewLine

End If


i want to popup msg box that will be display a msg that saying the scanning reach the last byte. It mean the scanning is finished.

this is the coding.is it correct?

if i=mfilesize then

end if

and another question how to stop scanning when we wish to stop when the scanning is going on.what is the code
Jul 19 '07 #1
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I don't think there's any need to check the value of your loop counter. Just put the MsgBox after the end of the loop. That is, after the Next statement.

Ok, here's a brief description of the sort of technique I use to interrupt a long-running process. I don't think there is really any "right" or "wrong" way (unless it doesn't work, of course, in which case it is wrong). But here's my way.
  • Create a global (or form-level) variable called UserWantsOut.
    The name is up to you, of course - that's just what I use. To make it global, place it in a code module (not a form) and use...
    Public UserWantsOut As Boolean
  • Place a button on your form labelled "Stop" or "Abort" or similar.
  • At the start of your process, show and/or enable the button, and set UserWantsOut to False.
  • At the end of your process, hide and/or disable the button.
  • In the click event procedure for the button, just do this...
    Expand|Select|Wrap|Line Numbers
    1. UserWantsOut = True
  • In your potentially long-running procedure, each time around the loop (or every 100 times, or 1,000 times or whatever), execute something like this...
    Expand|Select|Wrap|Line Numbers
    1. DoEvents ' <-- This is important.
    2. If UserWantsOut Then
    3.   Exit For
    4. End If

And in this case, after the Next statement I would do something like...
Expand|Select|Wrap|Line Numbers
  1. If UserWantsOut Then
  2.   MsgBox "Aborted by user!"
  3. Else
  4.   MsgBox "Finished!"
  5. End If
Jul 19 '07 #2

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