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VB6 - Looping thru XML elements into rs using MSXML2.DOMDocument40

Hi everyone,

I'm a newbie to the forum.

I have an issue and was hoping to get some assistance/ideas:

Im trying to read a XML file into two record sets.
I can acheive looping through the first level element but i can not loop the the second level (child elements), any ideas??
I need to be able to loop thru each patient record and read into rsPatMeals and secondly loop thru each <meal_selected> and read into rsMeals.
---- xml file---
Expand|Select|Wrap|Line Numbers
  1. <Hospital>    
  2.     <PATIENT>        
  3.         <ur>ppp</ur>        
  4.         <area>Wards</area>        
  5.         <meal_selected>            
  6.             <menuno>67</menuno>                    <mod1>4</mod1>            
  7.             <mod2>12</mod2>        
  8.         </meal_selected>        
  9.         <meal_selected>            
  10.             <menuno>13</menuno>                    <mod1>1</mod1>            
  11.             <mod2>0</mod2>        
  12.         </meal_selected>        
  13.         <meal_selected>            
  14.             <menuno>120</menuno>                    <mod1>0</mod1>            
  15.             <mod2>0</mod2>        
  16.         </meal_selected>        
  17.         <meal_selected>            
  18.             <menuno>124</menuno>                    <mod1>9</mod1>            
  19.             <mod2>0</mod2>        
  20.         </meal_selected>    
  21.     </PATIENT>    
  22.     <PATIENT>        
  23.         <ur>mmm</ur>        
  24.         <area>Wards</area>        
  25.         <meal_selected>            
  26.             <menuno>7</menuno>                    <mod1>0</mod1>            
  27.             <mod2>0</mod2>        
  28.         </meal_selected>        
  29.         <meal_selected>            
  30.             <menuno>22</menuno>                    <mod1>19</mod1>            
  31.             <mod2>0</mod2>        
  32.         </meal_selected>        
  33.         <meal_selected>            
  34.             <menuno>86</menuno>                    <mod1>0</mod1>            
  35.             <mod2>0</mod2>        
  36.         </meal_selected>        
  37.         <meal_selected>            
  38.             <menuno>153</menuno>                    <mod1>0</mod1>            
  39.             <mod2>16</mod2>        
  40.         </meal_selected>    
  41.     </PATIENT>
  42. </Hospital>
---VB 6 Code----
Expand|Select|Wrap|Line Numbers
  1.   Dim objXMLDOM_patmls As New MSXML2.DOMDocument40
  2.   Dim objPatNodesList As IXMLDOMNodeList
  3.   Dim objPatientNode As IXMLDOMNode
  4.   Dim objMealNodes As IXMLDOMNodeList
  5.   Dim rsPatMeals As New ADODB.Recordset
  6.   Dim rsMeals As New ADODB.Recordset
  7.   Dim pstrSQL As String
  9.   objXMLDOM_patmls.async = False
  11. objXMLDOM_patmls.Load(App.path & "\xml\patMeals.xml")
  12.   Set rsPatMeals = CreateObject("ADODB.Recordset")
  13.   Set rsMeals = CreateObject("ADODB.Recordset")
  15.   Set objPatNodesList =_
  16.  objXMLDOM_patmls.selectNodes("Hospital/PATIENT")
  17.   Set objMealNodes =_  objXMLDOM_patmls.selectNodes"Hospital/PATIENT/meal_selected")
  18.   For Each objPatientNode In objPatNodesList
  19.           rsPatMeals.AddNew
  20.           rsPatMeals.Fields("UR") = objPatientNode.selectSingleNode("ur").nodeTypedValue
  21.           rsPatMeals.Fields("AREA") = objPatientNode.selectSingleNode("area").nodeTypedValue
  22.           rsPatMeals.Fields("WARD") = objPatientNode.selectSingleNode("ward").nodeTypedValue
  23.           rsPatMeals.Fields("BED") = objPatientNode.selectSingleNode("bed").nodeTypedValue
  24.           rsPatMeals.Fields("CYCLE") = objPatientNode.selectSingleNode("cycle").nodeTypedValue
  25.           rsPatMeals.Fields("DOW") = objPatientNode.selectSingleNode("dow").nodeTypedValue
  26.           rsPatMeals.Fields("MLDATE") = objPatientNode.selectSingleNode("mldate").nodeTypedValue
  27.           rsPatMeals.Fields("MEALMODS") = objPatientNode.selectSingleNode("mealmods").nodeTypedValue
  28.           rsPatMeals.Fields("DISCHARGED") = 0  'current ur to be checked against pmi to determin
  29.           rsPatMeals.Fields("SOURCE") = objPatientNode.selectSingleNode("source").nodeTypedValue
  30.           rsPatMeals.Fields("FMSUSER") = "PDS"
  31.           rsPatMeals.Fields("FMSUSERUPDATE") = Now()
  32.           rsPatMeals.Update
  33.   Next objPatientNode
Does anyone have any ideas on how i can loop thru all <meal_selected> for each <patient> and assign to the rsMeals ??

Any help would be greatly appreciated
May 11 '07 #1
1 16585
The FOR loop should look like:
Expand|Select|Wrap|Line Numbers
  1. For Each objPatientNode In objPatNodesList
  2.   rsPatMeals.AddNew
  3.   rsPatMeals.Fields("UR") = objPatientNode.selectSingleNode("ur").nodeTypedValue
  4.   rsPatMeals.Fields("AREA") = objPatientNode.selectSingleNode("area").nodeTypedValue
  5.   rsPatMeals.Update
  6. Next objPatientNode
May 11 '07 #2

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