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vb6 datagrid and access 2003

I am trying to find a way to do the following

I need to make a report (or datagrid, not sure which would be better) that can be printed. The format of the report is as follows:

The first column on the print out is 24 hours in half hour increments (starts with midnight 00:00 and ends the next midnight 23:30). The rest of the columns on the report are fields from access 2003 database as well.

When a schedule for an event is entered into the database, it has a start date and time and a stop date and time. The event could last for hours, days or evenweeks, but each new day would be a seperate output.

With that said I will try and explain as well as possible

Database field names:

Unit A requests a block of time :
Date_In = 8/28/2006
Time_In = 01:00
Date_Out = 8/28/2006
Time_Out = 04:00
Unit_Name = A
Impact_Area_Used = "Charlie Range"

(Please note that the times can overlap
as the units are on differnet ranges, one is on Charlie Range while the other is on Echo Range)

Unit B requests a block of time :
Date_In = 8/28/2006
Time_In = 00:30
Date_Out = 8/28/2006
Time_Out = 02:30
Unit_Name = B
Impact_Area_Used = "Echo Range"

So, using the input of the start date/time and end date/time, Unit A has requested the use of Charlie Range for a 3 hour period.

So, using the input of the start date/time and end date/time, Unit B has requested the use of Echo Range for a 2 hour period.

So, the layout of the datagrid (or whatever control would work best, or if report would be better?) would be something like the following

TIME Charlie Range Echo Range North TAC (Fields continue>>

00:30 Unit B
01:00 Unit A Unit B
01:30 Unit A Unit B
02:00 Unit A Unit B
02:30 Unit A Unit B
03:00 Unit A
03:30 Unit A
04:00 Unit A
(and this continues until you hit 23:30 as the last time entry for this day)

I have a scanned copy in Acrobat of the current schedule that they print out if anyone has any ideas and would like to see it, I can send it to them.

Thanks in advance. So far, I haven't figured out a way to use the existing data and fields I have to make this work. But I also know there are some very sharp individuals on here (2 of whom I have gotten help from before, Killer42 and Will akaWill, thanks again to you both!) I hope everyone has a great thanksgiving and a safe one!
Nov 22 '06 #1
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Expert 8TB
Not getting much of a response to this one, are you?

I suspect it's just too big for most of us to tackle. Don't know about the others, but I'm only popping in here between other tasks, so something this in-depth is kind of daunting - sorry.

You might want to try posting another copy of this to the Access forum, as I suspect you'll find more help there. It seems like more of a general design-type question than a VB-specific one (though of course it will have to boil down to VB in the end). If you agree, then it might also be a good idea to post in one of the more general forums, such as the programmers lounge.
Nov 24 '06 #2
Thanks for the suggestion Killer42. I am looking at another way of achieving the goal that I think will work. Will update this post as soon as testing is complete. And thank you for the advise and all the help you have given!
Nov 27 '06 #3
Expert 8TB
Not getting much of a response to this one, are you? ...
I must have got my threads mixed up. I thought this one had been outstanding for a week or more when I posted that comment.

Anyway, hope it works out OK.
Nov 27 '06 #4

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