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Active Directory "pwdLastSet " Value issue

295 Recognized Expert Contributor
Hello to start off i have a VBScript not VB. I am not sure where it goes but I figured this would be a good place to start.

So I am querying AD to pull the Last Data an individual set their password. I have that working just fine but I have ran into a snag where not all individuals have a Last Password Set value. My code that I have to convert big integer into date handles the value which is null or to be more specific does not exist. However it returns the wrong date, I know its the wrong date because I have had individuals reset their password to confirm that its not an actual reset issue.

I am using a standard aDODB connection into AD and this is how i am pulling the Password Set Value

Expand|Select|Wrap|Line Numbers
  1. Return Value for Password Last Set
  2. set objDate = adoRecordset.Fields("pwdLastSet").Value
  3. strPwdLastSet = Integer8Date(objDate,lngBias)
  4. strPwdExpDate = DateAdd("d", numDays, strPwdLastSet)
Below is the large integer code
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  2. Function LargeIntegerToDate (value)
  3. '====================================================================================
  4. '
  6. 'http://www.selfadsi.org/ads-attributes/user-pwdLastSet.htm -doesn't handle error
  7. '
  8. '
  9. '
  10. '======================================================================================
  11. ' Function to convert Integer8 (64-bit) value to a date, adjusted for
  13. 'takes Microsoft LargeInteger value (Integer8) and returns according the date and time
  15.     'first determine the local time from the timezone bias in the registry
  16.     Set sho = CreateObject("Wscript.Shell")
  17.     timeShiftValue = sho.RegRead("HKLM\System\CurrentControlSet\Control\TimeZoneInformation\ActiveTimeBias")
  19.     If IsArray(timeShiftValue) Then
  20.         timeShift = 0
  21.         For i = 0 To UBound(timeShiftValue)
  22.             timeShift = timeShift + (timeShiftValue(i) * 256^i)
  23.         Next
  24.     Else
  25.         timeShift = timeShiftValue
  26.     End If
  28.     'get the large integer into two long values (high part and low part)
  29.     i8High = value.HighPart
  30.     i8Low = value.LowPart
  31.     If (i8Low < 0) Then
  32.            i8High = i8High + 1 
  33.     End If
  35.     'calculate the date and time: 100-nanosecond-steps since 12:00 AM, 1/1/1601
  36.     If (i8High = 0) And (i8Low = 0) Then 
  37.         LargeIntegerToDate = #1/1/1601#
  38.     Else +
  39.         LargeIntegerToDate = #1/1/1601# + (((i8High * 2^32) + i8Low)/600000000 - timeShift)/1440 
  40.     End If
  42. End Function
Now here is the kicker 3 days ago i had found a module that did this and actually accounted for the null value and worked. I lost it and have not been able to recover the actual value. Anyone have any suggestions.
Nov 7 '14
11 4698
295 Recognized Expert Contributor
So closing the loop here on this problem. Script is perfect, (as it is in the eye of the beholder) and it seems the only issue i was having was not running the script as an administrator. Image that, i was running the script as my self (who is an admin) but not elevating it at the system. Miss the good old days of windows.

Feb 10 '15 #11
12,516 Recognized Expert Moderator MVP
Glad you got the issue sorted out. We must have different group policies, I don't need to elevate the script to run it.
Feb 10 '15 #12

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