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how do I randomise images from an imagelist without repeats?

15 New Member
I am trying to design a quiz where the user will be presented randomised images to grade. I am at the stage of writing code to randomise image without repeating. Images are stored in imagelist and are being randomised in picturebox. At the moment my code loops around continuously with repeats. However I would like it to present images randomly without repeating. Here's the randomise snippet of my code. Hellllppp!

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  1. ...Button Click
  2. Dim intPic As Integer
  3. Dim rand as New Random
  4. IntPic=rand.Next(0, Imagelist1.Images.Count
  5. PictureBox1.Image= Imagelist1.Images(intPic)
Dec 27 '11
17 5578
15 New Member
@ Guido ...:( I can open the application but not any files....
Jan 1 '12 #11
15 New Member
This is what i have so far...
'Random Class included in .NET
Private RND As New Random

'Create an array that can be used to hold the Index of Images to select from
Dim ImageIndexes As New List(Of Integer)

Private Sub Form6_Load(ByVa l sender As System.Object, ByVal e As System.EventArg s) Handles MyBase.Load
'Populate the array with the Index of each Image in the ImageList
For i As Integer = 0 To ImageList1.Imag es.Count - 1
ImageIndexes.Ad d(i)
Next i
End Sub

Private Sub Button1_Click(B yVal sender As System.Object, ByVal e As System.EventArg s) Handles Button1.Click
'// To get a Random Image:
'Get a random Index within the array
Dim ArrayIndex As Integer = RND.Next(0, ImageIndexes.Co unt)

'Get the associated Image from the ImageList
PictureBox1.Ima ge = ImageList1.Imag es(ImageIndexes (ArrayIndex))

'Remove the reference to the current Image's Index from the ImageIndexes array (so it cannot be picked again)
'nb: We are not removing the Image, just a reference to it from within another array
ImageIndexes.Re move(ArrayIndex )
End Sub
Jan 1 '12 #12
15 New Member
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  2. 'Random Class included in .NET
  3.     Private RND As New Random
  5.     'Create an array that can be used to hold the Index of Images to select from
  6.     Dim ImageIndexes As New List(Of Integer)
  8.     Private Sub Form6_Load(ByVal sender As System.Object, ByVal e As System.EventArgs) Handles MyBase.Load
  9.         'Populate the array with the Index of each Image in the ImageList
  10.         For i As Integer = 0 To ImageList1.Images.Count - 1
  11.             ImageIndexes.Add(i)
  12.         Next i
  13.     End Sub
  17.     Private Sub Button1_Click(ByVal sender As System.Object, ByVal e As System.EventArgs) Handles Button1.Click
  18.         '// To get a Random Image:
  19.         'Get a random Index within the array
  20.         Dim ArrayIndex As Integer = RND.Next(0, ImageIndexes.Count)
  22.         'Get the associated Image from the ImageList
  23.         PictureBox1.Image = ImageList1.Images(ImageIndexes(ArrayIndex))
  25.         'Remove the reference to the current Image's Index from the ImageIndexes array (so it cannot be picked again)
  26.         'nb: We are not removing the Image, just a reference to it from within another array
  27.         ImageIndexes.Remove(ArrayIndex)
  28.     End Sub
Jan 1 '12 #13
Guido Geurs
767 Recognized Expert Contributor
This is the code for VB6 !!!:
form with:

ListBox List2
ListBox List1
CommandButton ComEvaluation (1)
CommandButton ComEvaluation (2)
CommandButton ComEvaluation (3)
CommandButton ComEvaluation (4)
CommandButton ComEvaluation (5)
Timer Timer1
TextBox TextNmbrPicture s
TextBox TextInterval
CommandButton ComStart
PictureBox PictureBox

Expand|Select|Wrap|Line Numbers
  1. Option Explicit
  2. Dim ARR_SELECT() As Integer
  3. Dim ARR_SELECTidx As Integer
  4. Dim ARR_EVALUATION() As Integer
  5. Dim ARR_EVALUATIONidx As Integer
  6. Dim EVALUATIONvalue As Integer
  7. Dim PICTUREnmbr As Integer
  9. Private Sub ComEvaluation_Click(Index As Integer)
  10.    EVALUATIONvalue = Index
  11. End Sub
  13. Private Sub ComStart_Click()
  14. Dim PICTUREScount As Integer
  15. '§ ===BEGIN Just for development check================================
  16.       List1.Clear
  17.       List2.Clear
  18. '§ ===END Just for development check================================
  19.    EVALUATIONvalue = 0
  20.    PICTUREScount = Val(TextNmbrPictures.Text)
  21. '§ fill Array Evaluation
  22.    ReDim ARR_EVALUATION(1 To PICTUREScount, 1 To 2)
  23.    For ARR_EVALUATIONidx = 1 To PICTUREScount
  25.    Next
  26. '§ fill Array Select
  27.    ReDim ARR_SELECT(0 To PICTUREScount)
  28.    For ARR_SELECTidx = 1 To PICTUREScount
  30.    Next
  31. '§ Start evaluation
  32.    Randomize ' Initialize random-number generator.
  33.    With Timer1
  34.       .Interval = 1 '§ load immediately first picture
  35.       .Enabled = True '§ start timer
  36.    End With
  37. End Sub
  39. Private Sub Form_Load()
  40. Me.ZOrder
  41. End Sub
  43. Private Sub Timer1_Timer()
  44.    Timer1.Interval = Val(TextInterval.Text) * 1000
  45.    '§ save evaluation previous picture
  46.    If PICTUREnmbr <> 0 Then
  47.       ARR_EVALUATION(PICTUREnmbr, 2) = EVALUATIONvalue
  48. '§ ===BEGIN Just for development check================================
  49.       List2.AddItem "Pic " & ARR_EVALUATION(PICTUREnmbr, 1) & " - Eval= " & ARR_EVALUATION(PICTUREnmbr, 2)
  50. '§ ===END Just for development check================================
  51.    End If
  52.    EVALUATIONvalue = 0
  53.    If UBound(ARR_SELECT) > 0 Then
  54.       '§ Generate random value between 1 and UBound(ARR_SELECT).
  55.       ARR_SELECTidx = Int((UBound(ARR_SELECT) * Rnd) + 1)
  56.       '§ load picture
  57.       PICTUREnmbr = ARR_SELECT(ARR_SELECTidx)
  58.       PictureBox.Picture = LoadPicture(App.Path & "\Pictures\" & PICTUREnmbr & ".GIF")
  59.       '§ delete picture-number from ARR_SELECT
  61.       ReDim Preserve ARR_SELECT(0 To (UBound(ARR_SELECT) - 1))
  62. '§ ===BEGIN Just for development check================================
  63.       List1.AddItem PICTUREnmbr
  64. '§ ===END Just for development check================================
  65.    Else
  66.       Timer1.Enabled = False
  67.       PictureBox.Picture = LoadPicture(App.Path & "\Pictures\END.GIF")
  68.    End If
  69. End Sub
How it works:
"ARR_SELECT () As Integer" has the indexes for the filenames.
"ARR_EVALUATION () As Integer" has 2 columns:
1= file indexes
2= has the evaluations.
In the textboxes are the numbers for
TextBox TextNmbrPicture s = the number pictures to show
TextBox TextInterval = the durations between two pictures

the pictures are loaded from the HD with the index as name.

PS: List1 and List2 can be deleted= just for checking the program evolution!
Jan 1 '12 #14
15 New Member
Hi Guido ...well after several days sick in bed I'm finally visiting your reply. Thank you for taking the time to reply to my query.

Hmm I'm using the Visual Studio 2008. So I'm getting lots of errors I've used the MSDN to identify a solution ...but am not getting very far. Hellllp...
Option Explicit default is On in VB 2008.
Not sure about how to set the evaluation index
List1.Clear().. .the Clear command is being underlined aswell as the .addItem
Redim has an error
ARR_EVALUATION is underlined - I'm unsure how to write this for my version of VB.
I'm getting a list of 18 errors :(. Am trying to work through them...
Jan 6 '12 #15
15 New Member
I've whittled it down to 5 error...probabl y more comprensive to paste the errors...forgiv e my being dozey!

Error 1 'ReDim' cannot change the number of dimensions of an array.
Error 2 Number of indices exceeds the number of dimensions of the indexed array.
Error 3 Number of indices exceeds the number of dimensions of the indexed array.
Error 4 Number of indices exceeds the number of dimensions of the indexed array.
Error 5 Number of indices exceeds the number of dimensions of the indexed array.
Jan 6 '12 #16
15 New Member
I tried looking this up Killer...but I feel like I don't know to adapt this for my needs...newbie :(
Jan 6 '12 #17
15 New Member
@ Guido I think I've sorted out all the errors...but how do I save the responses in excel instead of in lISTS? I want the user to email me their responses back to me in an excel file. They will do this experiment twice...so they will send responses back twice. Many thanks
Jan 6 '12 #18

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