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How to avoid paper ejection after printer.enddoc

8 New Member
Hi buddies,

I am doing a project in vb6 for a restaurant. They are using continous paper roll of 5" width for billing. They need multi language printing. I tried it with Crystal report and even using printer.print command. As the bill is not having default size, i couldnt set a predefined paper size. When i give printer.enddoc the dotmatrix printer ejects enormous paper. I had searched many sites regarding this. Oops! no use.
Plese my buddies help me to make it succeed.

note: my competetor suceeded on this in various projects
Aug 12 '10 #1
16 9935
Guido Geurs
767 Recognized Expert Contributor
What type of printer is it?
Is it possible to find details of the codes that can be send to it?
I know that on my old-old-old printer (9 pins Star NL-10) it was possible to send control codes for the page length like = [ESC] "C" chr$(0) n .
Sets page length to n inches.
Aug 12 '10 #2
8 New Member
dear ggeu
its dotmatrix printer and you cant use escape sequence hence its printer.print command
thanks for try
Aug 12 '10 #3
Guido Geurs
767 Recognized Expert Contributor
I have found this in: http://www.bigresource.com

I don't think you can use the PRINTER object.

Try opening the PRINTER as a file - with something like OPEN 'LPT1:' AS FILE...

Then do PRINT #1,CHR$(7)

I've never tried this on a PC with VB - but that is the way we talked to old-style printers on mainframes.
Aug 12 '10 #4
8 New Member
Dear ggeu
print # command wont support change of font
because its DOS style Printing
I tried it also.
Thank you again for follow-up

I tried with bigresource also nobody found a best solution for this.

Upto my knowledge, whomsoever going to tell the solution for this, will be the first person on net.
Aug 12 '10 #5
Guido Geurs
767 Recognized Expert Contributor
Do you know the ASCII code for "End of page" for your printer?
Once we know this, the only problem is the way how we must talk to the printer.

some say: (http://www.xtremevbtalk.com)

Well, the "best" way to do this, is to use s.c. Escape characters (defined in the printers manual) and send them to the printer directly. This means, if the printer is attached via LPT port, you send commands to it just like you would print to the plain text file. Something like this:
Open "LPT1" For Output As ...
Print #1, "Hello!"
Print #1, Chr$(10) 'line feed
Close #1
and if your printer is on COM port, You'd use MSCOMM component to output those same commands.

As I said, those commands are usualy listed in the printers manual.
Aug 12 '10 #6
8 New Member
Hi ggeu
I am extremely happy with your intention on my query.
But I like to inform you that I need different fonts of different columns. Your code I think, wont supports Windows fonts. Please keep in touch on this.
Aug 12 '10 #7
Guido Geurs
767 Recognized Expert Contributor
Are you using a form print ?
I have used this for a print in a game.

Expand|Select|Wrap|Line Numbers
  1. '§ Send a PRINTSCREEN-Window to the printer
  2. Private Sub Com_print_Click()
  3. '§1 Save Print Screen Window in Clipboard
  4.    On Error GoTo Print_Error
  5.    Clipboard.Clear
  6. '§ call the Windows keybd_event sub, passing the built-in
  7. '§ VB keyboard constant vbKeySnapshot (44) to the sub and 1& for the window catch.
  8.    keybd_event vbKeySnapshot, 1&, 0&, 0&
  9. '§ pause to let Windows update the clipboard
  10.    DoEvents
  11. '§2 retrieve the clipboard bitmap to the Picture
  12.   With Picture_print
  13.       .Picture = Clipboard.GetData(vbCFBitmap)
  14. '§3 Wake up printer
  15.       Printer.Print
  16. '§ print
  17.       Printer.PaintPicture .Picture, 1000, 1000
  18. '§ close printer
  19.       Printer.EndDoc
  20.    End With
  21. Exit Sub
  22. Print_Error:
  23.    If Err.Number Then MsgBox Err.Description, vbOKOnly, "Printer Error!"
  24. End Sub
it's also using Printer.Enddoc !!! but it sets the picture size.

You can change the form size depending on the lines to print !

Or is it the command "printer.enddoc " that is misunderstand by the printer.
If so, do you have the right printerdriver for Windows xx ?
Aug 12 '10 #8
8 New Member
any how i got a solution
With Win98 printer.print works well.
I donna know why its not with windows xp
Aug 13 '10 #9
Guido Geurs
767 Recognized Expert Contributor
Maybe the version of the printerdriver (not compatible with XP) ???
Aug 13 '10 #10

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