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How to write SQL statement with LIMIT in it in Visual basic

58 New Member
Hi...every one...

I have a problem with below statement
selectstatement = "SELECT Messwert,UPLimW ert,LOLimWert,F ullname FROM abssubtest Where Fullname LIKE """ & Fullname & """ LIMIT 0, 5 "
here the underlined fullname is the item from combo box

If I have the same statement without LIMIT then the program is working...if it is with LIMIT I have some problem...is the statement I have given correct?...

if not can you plzz kindly give me suggestions of how to write an SQL statement with LIMIT in Visual Basic...

Thanks in Advance

Apr 21 '09 #1
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1,295 Recognized Expert Top Contributor
perhaps you should use chr(34) instead of """

selectstatement = "SELECT Messwert,UPLimW ert,LOLimWert,F ullname FROM abssubtest Where Fullname LIKE " & chr(34) & Fullname & chr(34) & " LIMIT 0, 5 "
Apr 21 '09 #2
58 New Member
Hi...Thank you for the reply...

Problem is not with that...it is with LIMIT...if you look at the whole code...I have too many values in Fullname...but I want only the values of certain interval...and for that reason I have used LIMIT statement...but when I use this I am getting only one column and the other columns are nill...The column I am getting is Fullname with all names in it....without any limit....my question is...is there any particular format for addressing the LIMIT statement in vb 6.0...
Private Sub Okbutton_Click( )
On Error Resume Next

Dim Fullname As String
Dim CSV_line As String
'Dim Doublestring As String
Dim UppLimitstring As String
Dim Messwertstring As String
Dim LowLimitstring As String
Dim selectstatement As String
Dim Fullnamestring As String
Dim xs As Integer
Dim ys As Integer
Dim rs3 As Recordset

Fullname = FullnameList.Te xt
xs = x.Text
ys = y.Text

selectstatement = "SELECT Messwert,UPLimW ert,LOLimWert,F ullname FROM abssubtest Where Fullname LIKE " & Chr(34) & Fullname & Chr(34) & " LIMIT 0, 5 "

Set rs3 = db.OpenRecordse t(selectstateme nt)

Open "K:\user\Dhanek ula\Visual Baisc\file.csv" For Output As #1
Print #1, "Messwert;Upper Limit;Lowerlimi t;Fullname"

Do While Not rs3.EOF
Messwertstring = rs3.Fields("Mes swert")
LowLimitstring = rs3.Fields("LOL imWert")
UppLimitstring = rs3.Fields("UPL imwert")
Fullnamestring = rs3.Fields("Ful lname")
Messwertstring = Replace(Messwer tstring, ".", ",")
LowLimitstring = Replace(LowLimi tstring, ".", ",")
UppLimitstring = Replace(UppLimi tstring, ".", ",")
Fullnamestring = Replace(Fullnam estring, ".", ",")
CSV_line = Messwertstring & ";" & LowLimitstring & ";" & UppLimitstring & ";" & Fullnamestring '& ";"
Print #1, CSV_line
Close #1

End Sub
Apr 22 '09 #3
1,295 Recognized Expert Top Contributor
I see, the problem has nothing to do with VB but with the statement you're sending to your DB Server.

Perhaps it's because some SQL Server versions dont support the LIMIT statement (just guessing). Why dont you try with something like SET ROWCOUNT 5.

Apr 22 '09 #4

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