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how to upload photo in visual basic

57 New Member
gud morning!!!!!!!!

i have a problem on how to upload photo and save it in the database....
i am not so familiar in visual basic on how to code.....
can you help me with this problem??
i want the codes that can the uploading and saving photos in visual basics....

Oct 8 '06 #1
4 13732
Hemant Pathak
92 Recognized Expert New Member
To add a new record, the program lets the user select a graphic file. The program opens the file and reads it in blocks of binary data. For each block, the program uses AppendChunk to add the block to the database

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  2. Private Sub mnuRecordAdd_Click()
  3. Dim rs As ADODB.Recordset
  4. Dim person_name As String
  5. Dim file_num As String
  6. Dim file_length As String
  7. Dim bytes() As Byte
  8. Dim num_blocks As Long
  9. Dim left_over As Long
  10. Dim block_num As Long
  12.     person_name = InputBox("Name")
  13.     If Len(person_name) = 0 Then Exit Sub
  15.     dlgPicture.Flags = _
  16.         cdlOFNFileMustExist Or _
  17.         cdlOFNHideReadOnly Or _
  18.         cdlOFNExplorer
  19.     dlgPicture.CancelError = True
  20.     dlgPicture.Filter = "Graphics " & _
  21.         "Files|*.bmp;*.ico;*.jpg;*.gif"
  23.     On Error Resume Next
  24.     dlgPicture.ShowOpen
  25.     If Err.Number = cdlCancel Then
  26.         Exit Sub
  27.     ElseIf Err.Number <> 0 Then
  28.         MsgBox "Error " & Format$(Err.Number) & _
  29.             " selecting file." & vbCrLf & Err.Description
  30.         Exit Sub
  31.     End If
  33.     ' Open the picture file.
  34.     file_num = FreeFile
  35.     Open dlgPicture.FileName For Binary Access Read As _
  36.         #file_num
  38.     file_length = LOF(file_num)
  39.     If file_length > 0 Then
  40.         num_blocks = file_length / BLOCK_SIZE
  41.         left_over = file_length Mod BLOCK_SIZE
  43.         Set rs = New ADODB.Recordset
  44.         rs.CursorType = adOpenKeyset
  45.         rs.LockType = adLockOptimistic
  46.         rs.Open "Select Name, Picture, FileLength FROM " & _
  47.             "People", m_DBConn
  49.         rs.AddNew
  50.         rs!Name = person_name
  51.         rs!FileLength = file_length
  53.         ReDim bytes(BLOCK_SIZE)
  54.         For block_num = 1 To num_blocks
  55.             Get #file_num, , bytes()
  56.             rs!Picture.AppendChunk bytes()
  57.         Next block_num
  59.         If left_over > 0 Then
  60.             ReDim bytes(left_over)
  61.             Get #file_num, , bytes()
  62.             rs!Picture.AppendChunk bytes()
  63.         End If
  65.         rs.Update
  66.         Close #file_num
  68.         lstPeople.AddItem person_name
  69.         lstPeople.Text = person_name
  70.     End If
  71. End Sub

To retreive a picture, the program selects the appropriate database record. It uses the TemporaryFileNa me function to get a temporary file name and opens the file. It then uses GetChunk to read the data from the database in blocks and writes the blocks into the file. The program then uses LoadPicture to load the file, and Kill to remove it.

Expand|Select|Wrap|Line Numbers
  1. ' Display the clicked person.
  2. Private Sub lstPeople_Click()
  3. Dim rs As ADODB.Recordset
  4. Dim bytes() As Byte
  5. Dim file_name As String
  6. Dim file_num As Integer
  7. Dim file_length As Long
  8. Dim num_blocks As Long
  9. Dim left_over As Long
  10. Dim block_num As Long
  11. Dim hgt As Single
  13.     picPerson.Visible = False
  14.     Screen.MousePointer = vbHourglass
  15.     DoEvents
  17.     ' Get the record.
  18.     Set rs = m_DBConn.Execute("SELECT * FROM People WHERE " & _
  19.         "Name='" & _
  20.         lstPeople.Text & "'", , adCmdText)
  21.     If rs.EOF Then Exit Sub
  23.     ' Get a temporary file name.
  24.     file_name = TemporaryFileName()
  26.     ' Open the file.
  27.     file_num = FreeFile
  28.     Open file_name For Binary As #file_num
  30.     ' Copy the data into the file.
  31.     file_length = rs!FileLength
  32.     num_blocks = file_length / BLOCK_SIZE
  33.     left_over = file_length Mod BLOCK_SIZE
  35.     For block_num = 1 To num_blocks
  36.         bytes() = rs!Picture.GetChunk(BLOCK_SIZE)
  37.         Put #file_num, , bytes()
  38.     Next block_num
  40.     If left_over > 0 Then
  41.         bytes() = rs!Picture.GetChunk(left_over)
  42.         Put #file_num, , bytes()
  43.     End If
  45.     Close #file_num
  47.     ' Display the picture file.
  48.     picPerson.Picture = LoadPicture(file_name)
  49.     picPerson.Visible = True
  51.     Width = picPerson.Left + picPerson.Width + Width - _
  52.         ScaleWidth
  53.     hgt = picPerson.Top + picPerson.Height + Height - _
  54.         ScaleHeight
  55.     If hgt < 1440 Then hgt = 1440
  56.     Height = hgt
  58.     Kill file_name
  59.     Screen.MousePointer = vbDefault
  60. End Sub
  62. ' Return a temporary file name.
  63. Private Function TemporaryFileName() As String
  64. Dim temp_path As String
  65. Dim temp_file As String
  66. Dim length As Long
  68.     ' Get the temporary file path.
  69.     temp_path = Space$(MAX_PATH)
  70.     length = GetTempPath(MAX_PATH, temp_path)
  71.     temp_path = Left$(temp_path, length)
  73.     ' Get the file name.
  74.     temp_file = Space$(MAX_PATH)
  75.     GetTempFileName temp_path, "per", 0, temp_file
  76.     TemporaryFileName = Left$(temp_file, InStr(temp_file, _
  77.         Chr$(0)) - 1)
  78. End Function
Oct 8 '06 #2
62 New Member
thanks a lot! it will really help me a lot...
salamat!!! - slapshock
Nov 2 '06 #3
1 New Member
help me guys how to upload photo in vb6..please i nid in my thesis if you have a sample program please send to my email here my email mail id removed thanks to all..godbless
Feb 16 '09 #4
8,127 Recognized Expert Expert
have you tried the code posted in this thread ?
Feb 16 '09 #5

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