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Using variable in button to give value to label

P: 1
I have tried this on a MacBook with Parallels running Windows 7, and on a Vaio desktop running Windows 7, but both with Visual Studio 2012:

I am trying to use different buttons to assign different values to a variable.
There are 2 variables using different buttons to assign them.
These variables are being added together to assign value to a label.

I believe my error is in my syntax but I have not found out how to use a button to set the value for a variable.

I get no error codes, I just do not get a result in my final label. It stays blank.

Here is a chunk of my code:

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  1. Public Class frmLunchCombos
  3. ‘I went ahead and defined my variables
  4.     Dim dblSandwichCost As Double
  5.     Dim dblSoupCost As Double
  8. 'Click TomatoBasil
  9.     Private Sub btnTomatoBasil_Click(sender As Object, e As EventArgs) Handles btnTomatoBasil.Click
  11. ‘I mean for this to set SoupCost to the value 2.49        
  12. dblSoupCost = 2.49
  14.      End Sub
  17. 'Click ClassicTurkeyBreast
  18.     Private Sub btnClassicTurkeyBreast_Click(sender As Object, e As EventArgs) Handles btnClassicTurkeyBreast.Click
  20. ‘I mean for this to set SandwichCost to the value 3.49
  22.         dblSandwichCost = 3.49
  24.     End Sub
  28. Private Sub lblCalcSubtotal_Click(sender As Object, e As EventArgs) Handles lblCalcSubtotal.Click
  30.       ‘I made dblValue for easy formatting of the final label
  32.         Dim dblValue As Double
  34.  ‘Value= SoupCost (which would be assigned to 2.49 after clicking Tomato Basil) + SandwichCost (which would be assigned to 3.49 after clicking ClassicTurkeyBreast)
  36.         dblValue = dblSoupCost + dblSandwichCost
  38.  ‘And then convert Value to a currency-formatted string
  40.         lblCalcSubtotal.Text = dblValue.ToString("C")
  42.     End Sub
Many thanks in advance! I really want to understand this and I feel like it's something simple.
Mar 19 '15 #1
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2 Replies

P: 4
Dear Friend,
Your problem invoked a hornets nest in my programming world.I was doing C-Pad programming(cmd & notepad)
and suddenly i found your problem has creeped in to my C-Pad also.No textbox,listbox or label is responding
to button click.It was working easily for me all these days.Microsoft uploaded many updates recently(just 3 days since)
They must have screwed up something.Anyway,i did your project in visual studio express 2013 and uploaded to
the URL:-(given below)
I used a listbox instead of label.No problem.Even Label and Textbox will work fine.Now i will have to analyse what went
wrong in my C-Pad style.I have uploaded many projects to the following URL:-(It includes VB.Net and WPF-with-VB.Net).
try out those and tell me whether they work in your Computer.I have windows 8.1.
Mar 21 '15 #2

P: 4
Dear Friend,
I worked further and made your project as per your expectations.I also found out that It is not Microsoft who screwed up,But it is me.
I actually had a simple error which i overlooked.Anyway it helps me to blame Microsoft first and then on retrying locate the blame on myself.
(Not surprising considering my age-68+)This project is named Project469 and uploaded to URL:-(It is in C-Pad style)[/url]

You have to call the compiler from your cmd window as given below.First place the two .vb files(Violet2.vb and Violet22.vb) in a folder
-New folder(you can name it appropriately).
The compiler calling is:-

path=%path%;c:\windows\\framework\v4. 0.30319
VBC /OUT:Violet2 /T:winexe C:\Users\.......\Desktop\Folder\Violet2.vb
VBC /OUT:Violet2 /T:winexe C:\Users\.......\Desktop\Folder\Violet22.vb C:\Users\VEKATRAMAN\Desktop\New folder\Violet2.vb

NOTE:The dotted portion is particular to your computer.Mostly it will be your name.Change the New folder to whatever you want.
This project is exactly what you wanted-with ListBox as a bonus addition.
Mar 21 '15 #3

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