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A few basic questions on DataView and DataBinding (Mainly syntax)

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1. If I create a sorted DataView object from a DataSet table, how do I
reference the sorted elements? (Say I want to output the CustomerName
for the first row in the sorted DataView to a label or textbox)

Dim view As DataView = New DataView(dsDataset.Customer)
view.Sort = "CustomerID ASC"
DataGrid1.DataSource = view

2. If after displaying the CustomerName above for the first row in the
sorted DataView, how do I then change it's value. Normally with a
DataSet I'd use:

dsDataset.Customer.Rows(intRowPos)("CustomerName") = "John Smith"

But how would it be done using the DataView. I know a DataView is read
only so obviously I'll have to pass a paramater to the Dataset code
above so it knows, that "this DataView row matches this DataSet table

lblCustomerID.DataBindings.Add("Text", dsDataset,
lblCustomerAddress.DataBindings.Add("Text", dsDataset,

cmbCustomerName.DataSource = dsDataset
cmbCustomerName.DisplayMember = "Customer.CustomerSurname"
cmbCustomerName.ValueMember = "Customer.CustomerID"

The above code populates and binds a ComboBox so that when a Surname is
selected it simply outputs the related CustomerID and CustomerAddress
to labels. How do I make it so that both CustomerSurname and the
related CustomerForename both appear in the ComboBox?
4. What's the alternative to Q3 if I don't wanna use Binding. This is
what i have so far:

Private Sub FillComboBox()
Dim intCustomerRow As Integer = 0

Do Until intCustomerRow = dsTurbobraze.Customer.Rows.Count

cmbCustomerName.Items.Add(dsTurbobraze.Customer.Ro ws(intRowPos)_
("CustomerSurname").ToString() & ", " &
intCustomerRow = intCustomerRow + 1
intRowPos = intRowPos + 1
End Sub

But all this does is fill the ComboBox with the Forenames and Surnames.
I've tried loads of code in cmbCustomerName_SelectedIndexChanged but
none works.
I know these are basic Q's, but they also tend to be difficult to find
since everyone assumes everyone else knows it.



Mar 30 '06 #1
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