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Making internet connection using VB on a WIN 95 machine


I am tryin to create an internet connection and download a particular
file from a specified URL programmatically using VB on a WIN 95
The code that I use is as follows:

Private Const scUserAgent = "VB Project"
Private Const INTERNET_FLAG_RELOAD = &H80000000

Private Declare Function InternetOpen Lib "wininet.dll" _
Alias "InternetOpenA" (ByVal sAgent As String, _
ByVal lAccessType As Long, ByVal sProxyName As String, _
ByVal sProxyBypass As String, ByVal lFlags As Long) As Long

Private Declare Function InternetOpenUrl Lib "wininet.dll" _
Alias "InternetOpenUrlA" (ByVal hOpen As Long, _
ByVal sUrl As String, ByVal sHeaders As String, _
ByVal lLength As Long, ByVal lFlags As Long, _
ByVal lContext As Long) As Long

Private Declare Function InternetReadFile Lib "wininet.dll" _
(ByVal hFile As Long, ByVal sBuffer As String, _
ByVal lNumBytesToRead As Long, lNumberOfBytesRead As Long) _
As Integer

Private Declare Function InternetCloseHandle _
Lib "wininet.dll" (ByVal hInet As Long) As Integer

Dim hOpen As Long

Dim hOpenUrl As Long
Dim bDoLoop As Boolean
Dim bRet As Boolean
Dim sReadBuffer As String * 2048
Dim lNumberOfBytesRead As Long
Dim sBuffer As String

hOpen = InternetOpen(scUserAgent, INTERNET_OPEN_TYPE_PRECONFIG, _
vbNullString, vbNullString, 0)

MsgBox ("hOpen = " & hOpen)

hOpenUrl = InternetOpenUrl(hOpen, sUrl, vbNullString, 0, _

MsgBox ("hOpenUrl = " & hOpenUrl)

bDoLoop = True
While bDoLoop
sReadBuffer = vbNullString
bRet = InternetReadFile(hOpenUrl, sReadBuffer, _
Len(sReadBuffer), lNumberOfBytesRead)
sBuffer = sBuffer & Left$(sReadBuffer, _
If Not CBool(lNumberOfBytesRead) Then bDoLoop = False

If hOpenUrl <> 0 Then InternetCloseHandle (hOpenUrl)
If hOpen <> 0 Then InternetCloseHandle (hOpen)
OpenURL = sBuffer
Now, I get a POSITIVE value after calling the InternetOpen function
call BUT I get 0 when I call the InternetOpenURL function, which
implies that the call fails.
What might be the problem here? How can I achieve the internet
connection programmatically using VB on a Win 95 machine?


Nov 21 '05 #1
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