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Max() function

does .NET have a Max() function ?

something like

MyMaxValue = Max(Value1,Value2,Value3,Value4)
Nov 20 '05 #1
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"John A Grandy" <johnagrandy-at-yahoo.com> schrieb
does .NET have a Max() function ?

something like

MyMaxValue = Max(Value1,Value2,Value3,Value4)

You can have the IDE search for you. Press Ctrl+Shift+Alt+F12 to open the
"symbol search" window. It might be a different combination depending on
your keyboard settings. It's also available from the menu Edit ->
Search&Replace -> Search for symbol. Enter "max" (without quotation marks)
and press <enter>.

Nov 20 '05 #2
..NET has System.Math.Max that will find the max of two numbers, you can
write a Max that accepts any number of numbers using a ParamArray parameter.

Something like:

' VS.NET 2003 syntax
Function Max(ByVal ParamArray values() as Integer) As Integer
Dim result As Integer = Integer.MinValue
For Each value As Integer In values
result = Math.Max(result, value)
Return result
End Function

Of course you can overload the above function for other types, such as Long,
Short, Byte, Single, Double, Decimal.

When we get VS.NET 2004 (Whidbey) we can write the above using Generics
which means the compiler will automatically overload for us!

Hope this helps

"John A Grandy" <johnagrandy-at-yahoo.com> wrote in message
does .NET have a Max() function ?

something like

MyMaxValue = Max(Value1,Value2,Value3,Value4)

Nov 20 '05 #3
* "John A Grandy" <johnagrandy-at-yahoo.com> scripsit:
does .NET have a Max() function ?

something like

MyMaxValue = Max(Value1,Value2,Value3,Value4)

You can build a function like this by using 'Math.Max' (compares two

Herfried K. Wagner
MVP VB Classic, VB.NET
Nov 20 '05 #4

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