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What entity get ListViewItems sorted by?

1 New Member
Hello :-)

I have built a ListView and filled it like this (simplified pseudo code):

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  1. Dim clm(3) As String
  3. For i = 0 To rows
  5.                 clm(0) = something(i)
  6.                 clm(1) = anything(i)
  7.                 clm(2) = stuff(i)
  9.                 Dim itm As ListViewItem = New ListViewItem(clm)
  11.                 myListView.Items.Add(itm)
  13. Next

Now, when the myListView.Sort ing property is set to anything else but "None" the listview will be sorted, ascending or descending. But what determines by which entity it will be sorted?

The MS docs only say:

The Sorting property allows you to specify whether or not items are sorted in the ListView control. By default, no sorting is performed. When the Sorting property is set to Ascending or Descending, the items in the ListView are sorted automatically in ascending alphabetical order (when the property is set to Ascending) or descending alphabetical order (when the property is set to Descending).
  1. The "items" are an array each. So by which member of the array will the ListView be sorted?
  2. Can I set a key, and would it make sorting quicker (currently taking a painful 5+ minutes for a 23000 items ListView)?
  3. The ListViewItem.Na me property is often referred to as a 'key', but with the above fill method this property will remain an emtpy string. Does it make any sense to set it to some value?

Grateful for any insight and help
- Ralph
Apr 6 '21 #1
2 5553
272 Contributor
To have ListView items sorted automatically, set the ListView.Sortin g property to SortOrder.Ascen ding or SortOrder.Desce nding.
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  1. myListView.Sorting = System.Windows.Forms.SortOrder.Ascending
However, with this method, sub-items cannot be compared and sorted, and numbers and times cannot be sorted correctly.
(Only the first item is sorted.)
To solve these problems, set the ListView.ListVi ewItemSorter property to an instance of a class that implements the IComparer interface that defines the arrangement.

Expand|Select|Wrap|Line Numbers
  1. Public Class ListViewItemComparer
  2.     Implements IComparer
  3.     Private _column As Integer
  4.     Private _Ascend As Boolean
  5.     Public Sub New(ByVal col As Integer, ByVal Ascend As Boolean)
  6.         _column = col
  7.         _Ascend = Ascend
  8.     End Sub
  10.     Public Function CompareTo(ByVal x As Object, ByVal y As Object) _
  11.         As Integer Implements System.Collections.IComparer.Compare
  12.         'Get the ListViewItem
  13.         Dim itemx As ListViewItem = CType(x, ListViewItem)
  14.         Dim itemy As ListViewItem = CType(y, ListViewItem)
  16.         If IsNumeric(itemx.SubItems(_column).Text) = True Then
  17.             Dim xx As Double
  18.             Dim yy As Double
  19.             Dim resulta As Boolean = Double.TryParse(itemx.SubItems(_column).Text, xx)
  20.             Dim resultb As Boolean = Double.TryParse(itemy.SubItems(_column).Text, yy)
  21.             If _Ascend = True then
  22.                 Return xx.CompareTo(yy)
  23.             Else
  24.                 Return yy.CompareTo(xx)
  25.             End If
  26.         Else
  27.             If _Ascend = True then
  28.                 Return itemx.SubItems(_column).Text.CompareTo(itemy.SubItems(_column).Text)
  29.             Else
  30.                 Return itemy.SubItems(_column).Text.CompareTo(itemx.SubItems(_column).Text)
  31.             End If
  32.         End If
  33.     End Function
  34. End Class
  36. Public Partial Class MainForm
  37.     Dim AD As Boolean = True
  38.     Public Sub New()
  39.         Me.InitializeComponent()
  40.         myListView.View = View.Details
  41.         'Set ColumnClick event handler
  42.         AddHandler myListView.ColumnClick, _
  43.             AddressOf ListView1_ColumnClick
  45.         Dim i As Long
  46.         Dim clm(3) As String
  47.         Dim rn As New System.Random()
  48.         Dim rc As New System.Random()
  49.         For i = 0 To 22999
  50.             Clm(0) = ChrW(rc.Next(AscW("A"), AscW("Z") + 1)) & ChrW(rc.Next(AscW("A"), AscW("Z") + 1)) & ChrW(rc.Next(AscW("A"), AscW("Z") + 1))
  51.             clm(1) = rn.Next().ToString
  52.             clm(2) = i.ToString
  53.             Dim itm As ListViewItem = New ListViewItem(clm)
  54.             myListView.Items.Add(itm)
  55.         Next i
  57.         'Add columns
  58.         myListView.Columns.Add("String", 100, HorizontalAlignment.Left)
  59.         myListView.Columns.Add("Numeric1", 100, HorizontalAlignment.Right)
  60.         myListView.Columns.Add("Numeric2", 100, HorizontalAlignment.Right)
  61.         'Sort Ascending
  62.         myListView.Sorting = System.Windows.Forms.SortOrder.Ascending
  63.     End Sub
  65.     Private Sub ListView1_ColumnClick(ByVal sender As Object, ByVal e As ColumnClickEventArgs)
  66.         myListView.ListViewItemSorter = New ListViewItemComparer(e.Column, AD)
  67.         If AD = True Then
  68.             AD = False
  69.         Else
  70.             AD = True
  71.         End If
  72.     End Sub
  73. End Class
The code above sorts the items in ascending / descending order by clicking on the column header.
Apr 8 '21 #2
308 Contributor
Please restrict the sort order to some value.It also constrained to datatype.

Let me know the datatype please.
Apr 10 '21 #3

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