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HOWTO: Sorting a list view in detail mode in .NET 2.0 while in virtual mode

Here is another virtual mode example for the .NET 2.0 framework while
working with the list view. Since you can not access the items collection of
the list view you need to do sorting another way... here is my code on how I
did it to help anyone starting out get an idea of how to use virtual mode in
..NET 2.0

Imports CrystalDecision s.CrystalReport s.Engine

Imports CrystalDecision s.Shared

Public Class Form1

''' <summary>

''' Retrieve thousands of rows of data from database server to fill dataset
to populate list view

''' </summary>

''' <remarks></remarks>

Dim aItems(0) As ListViewItem

Private Sub Form1_Load(ByVa l sender As System.Object, ByVal e As
System.EventArg s) Handles MyBase.Load

' fill data then process it into an array

da.Fill(ds, "entries")


End Sub

''' <summary>

''' Moves data from data set into an array of list view items (speeds things
up when you preprocess the

''' data set into list view items so you dont have to make them on the fly
when retrieveing virtual items

''' </summary>

''' <remarks></remarks>

Private Sub LoadData()

Me.ListView1.Vi rtualListSize = 0

If Not aItems Is Nothing Then

Array.Clear(aIt ems, 0, aItems.Length)

End If

Array.Resize(aI tems, ds.Tables("entr ies").Rows.Coun t)

Dim i As Integer = 0

for each dr as datarow in ds.tables("entr ies").rows

dim lvitem as listviewitem

' pre process list view items now the add them to the array here

aItems(i) = lvItem

i += 1

Application.DoE vents()


Me.ListView1.Vi rtualMode = True

Me.ListView1.Vi rtualListSize = aItems.Length

End Sub

''' <summary>

''' This is the column clicked event of the list view

''' you need to sort the array that contains the list view items

''' when ever this happens based on the column that was clicked on

''' after this, the array will be sorted, but the list view will not

''' reflect this change. Because of this, you must invalidate the

''' list view to force it to reflect the change of the array that was

''' sorted on screen

''' </summary>

''' <param name="sender"></param>

''' <param name="e"></param>

''' <remarks>Must invalidate list view after sorting to force on screen

Private Sub ListView1_Colum nClick(ByVal sender As Object, ByVal e As
System.Windows. Forms.ColumnCli ckEventArgs) Handles ListView1.Colum nClick

Debug.WriteLine ("Column header clicked")

If Me.ListView1.So rting = SortOrder.Ascen ding Then

Me.ListView1.So rting = SortOrder.Desce nding


Me.ListView1.So rting = SortOrder.Ascen ding

End If

Dim sorter As New ListViewSortOrd er(e.Column, Me.ListView1.So rting)

Array.Sort(aIte ms, sorter)

Me.ListView1.In validate()

End Sub

Private Sub ListView1_DrawC olumnHeader(ByV al sender As Object, ByVal e As
System.Windows. Forms.DrawListV iewColumnHeader EventArgs) Handles
ListView1.DrawC olumnHeader

e.DrawDefault = True

End Sub

''' <summary>

''' Sort comparision class which implements IComparable

''' This will be used to sort the array of list view items

''' that the virtual mode list view uses to display

''' </summary>

''' <remarks></remarks>

Private Class ListViewSortOrd er

Implements IComparer

Dim column As Integer

Dim order As SortOrder = SortOrder.Ascen ding

Public Sub New(ByVal aColumn As Integer, ByVal aorder As SortOrder)

column = aColumn

order = aorder

End Sub

Public Function Compare(ByVal x As Object, ByVal y As Object) As Integer
Implements System.Collecti ons.IComparer.C ompare

Dim xItem, yItem As System.Windows. Forms.ListViewI tem

xItem = CType(x, ListViewItem)

yItem = CType(y, ListViewItem)

If order = SortOrder.Ascen ding Then

Return (xItem.SubItems (column).Text). CompareTo(yItem .SubItems(colum n).Text)


Return (yItem.SubItems (column).Text). CompareTo(xItem .SubItems(colum n).Text)

End If

End Function

End Class

''' <summary>

''' Pulls the virtual item out of the list as it is needed to display on the
screen from the

''' array of preprocessed list view items from the initially loaded data set

''' </summary>

''' <param name="sender"></param>

''' <param name="e"></param>

''' <remarks></remarks>

Private Sub ListView1_Retri eveVirtualItem( ByVal sender As Object, ByVal e As
System.Windows. Forms.RetrieveV irtualItemEvent Args) Handles
ListView1.Retri eveVirtualItem

e.Item = aItems(e.ItemIn dex)

End Sub

''' <summary>

''' This happens when a selection is reset to no items selected, like when a
user clicks off a selection

''' </summary>

''' <param name="sender"></param>

''' <param name="e"></param>

''' <remarks></remarks>

Private Sub ListView1_Virtu alItemsSelectio nRangeChanged(B yVal sender As
Object, ByVal e As
System.Windows. Forms.ListViewV irtualItemsSele ctionRangeChang edEventArgs)
Handles ListView1.Virtu alItemsSelectio nRangeChanged

Me.ListBox1.Beg inUpdate()

Debug.WriteLine (String.Format( "{3}: Start {0}, End {1}, IsSelected {2}",
e.StartIndex, e.EndIndex, e.IsSelected, Now.ToLongTimeS tring))

Me.ListBox1.Ite ms.Clear()

Me.ListBox1.End Update()

End Sub

''' <summary>

''' This happens when a user selects items or multiple selects items or
deselects one of the multi selected items

''' This does not fire though if you have an item selected then click off it
or have multiple items selected then

''' click off them... the virutal selection range change happens at that
point and need to reset your selected

''' items list at that point

''' </summary>

''' <param name="sender"></param>

''' <param name="e"></param>

''' <remarks></remarks>

Private Sub ListView1_ItemS electionChanged (ByVal sender As Object, ByVal e
As System.Windows. Forms.ListViewI temSelectionCha ngedEventArgs) Handles
ListView1.ItemS electionChanged

Me.ListBox1.Beg inUpdate()

Debug.WriteLine (String.Format( "Item Changed: {0}, Is selected: {1}",
e.ItemIndex, e.IsSelected))

If e.IsSelected = True Then

Me.ListBox1.Ite ms.Add(CStr(e.I temIndex))


Me.ListBox1.Ite ms.Remove(CStr( e.ItemIndex))

End If

Me.ListBox1.End Update()

End Sub

End Class

'============== =============== =========

Form designer partial class for control setup on form

' =============== =============== ===========

<Global.Microso ft.VisualBasic. CompilerService s.DesignerGener ated()> _

Partial Class Form1

Inherits System.Windows. Forms.Form

'Form overrides dispose to clean up the component list.

<System.Diagnos tics.DebuggerNo nUserCode()> _

Protected Overrides Sub Dispose(ByVal disposing As Boolean)

If disposing AndAlso components IsNot Nothing Then

components.Disp ose()

End If

MyBase.Dispose( disposing)

End Sub

'Required by the Windows Form Designer

Private components As System.Componen tModel.IContain er

'NOTE: The following procedure is required by the Windows Form Designer

'It can be modified using the Windows Form Designer.

'Do not modify it using the code editor.

<System.Diagnos tics.DebuggerSt epThrough()> _

Private Sub InitializeCompo nent()

Me.components = New System.Componen tModel.Containe r

Dim resources As System.Componen tModel.Componen tResourceManage r = New
System.Componen tModel.Componen tResourceManage r(GetType(Form1 ))

Me.ImageList1 = New System.Windows. Forms.ImageList (Me.components)

Me.ListBox1 = New System.Windows. Forms.ListBox

Me.ListView1 = New WindowsApplicat ion9.DoubleBuff eredListView

Me.clmTypeIcon = New System.Windows. Forms.ColumnHea der

Me.clmStatusIco n = New System.Windows. Forms.ColumnHea der

Me.clmAttachmen tIcon = New System.Windows. Forms.ColumnHea der

Me.clmJournalTy pe = New System.Windows. Forms.ColumnHea der

Me.clmEntryType = New System.Windows. Forms.ColumnHea der

Me.clmCreatedBy = New System.Windows. Forms.ColumnHea der

Me.clmDateCreat ed = New System.Windows. Forms.ColumnHea der

Me.clmAccount = New System.Windows. Forms.ColumnHea der

Me.clmEntryMess age = New System.Windows. Forms.ColumnHea der

Me.clmStatus = New System.Windows. Forms.ColumnHea der

Me.clmDueDate = New System.Windows. Forms.ColumnHea der

Me.clmEnrollee = New System.Windows. Forms.ColumnHea der

Me.SuspendLayou t()




Me.ImageList1.I mageStream =
CType(resources .GetObject("Ima geList1.ImageSt ream"),
System.Windows. Forms.ImageList Streamer)

Me.ImageList1.T ransparentColor = System.Drawing. Color.Transpare nt

Me.ImageList1.I mages.SetKeyNam e(0, "EMAILhighimpor tance.png")

Me.ImageList1.I mages.SetKeyNam e(1, "EMAILlowimport ance.png")

Me.ImageList1.I mages.SetKeyNam e(2, "bookclosedpurp le.png")

Me.ImageList1.I mages.SetKeyNam e(3, "bookopengreen. png")

Me.ImageList1.I mages.SetKeyNam e(4, "bookopenred.pn g")

Me.ImageList1.I mages.SetKeyNam e(5, "bookopenyellow .png")




Me.ListBox1.For mattingEnabled = True

Me.ListBox1.Loc ation = New System.Drawing. Point(0, 307)

Me.ListBox1.Nam e = "ListBox1"

Me.ListBox1.Siz e = New System.Drawing. Size(265, 225)

Me.ListBox1.Tab Index = 1




Me.ListView1.Co lumns.AddRange( New System.Windows. Forms.ColumnHea der()
{Me.clmTypeIcon , Me.clmStatusIco n, Me.clmAttachmen tIcon, Me.clmJournalTy pe,
Me.clmEntryType , Me.clmCreatedBy , Me.clmDateCreat ed, Me.clmAccount,
Me.clmEntryMess age, Me.clmStatus, Me.clmDueDate, Me.clmEnrollee} )

Me.ListView1.Do ck = System.Windows. Forms.DockStyle .Top

Me.ListView1.Fu llRowSelect = True

Me.ListView1.Hi deSelection = False

Me.ListView1.Lo cation = New System.Drawing. Point(0, 0)

Me.ListView1.Na me = "ListView1"

Me.ListView1.Si ze = New System.Drawing. Size(929, 301)

Me.ListView1.Sm allImageList = Me.ImageList1

Me.ListView1.So rting = System.Windows. Forms.SortOrder .Ascending

Me.ListView1.Ta bIndex = 0

Me.ListView1.Us eCompatibleStat eImageBehavior = False

Me.ListView1.Vi ew = System.Windows. Forms.View.Deta ils




Me.clmTypeIcon. Name = "clmTypeIco n"

Me.clmTypeIcon. Width = 21




Me.clmStatusIco n.Name = "clmStatusI con"

Me.clmStatusIco n.Width = 21


'clmAttachmentI con


Me.clmAttachmen tIcon.Name = "clmAttachmentI con"

Me.clmAttachmen tIcon.Width = 21




Me.clmJournalTy pe.Name = "clmJournalType "




Me.clmEntryType .Name = "clmEntryTy pe"




Me.clmCreatedBy .Name = "clmCreated By"




Me.clmDateCreat ed.Name = "clmDateCreated "




Me.clmAccount.N ame = "clmAccount "


'clmEntryMessag e


Me.clmEntryMess age.Name = "clmEntryMessag e"

Me.clmEntryMess age.Width = 300




Me.clmStatus.Na me = "clmStatus"




Me.clmDueDate.N ame = "clmDueDate "




Me.clmEnrollee. Name = "clmEnrolle e"




Me.AutoScaleDim ensions = New System.Drawing. SizeF(6.0!, 13.0!)

Me.AutoScaleMod e = System.Windows. Forms.AutoScale Mode.Font

Me.ClientSize = New System.Drawing. Size(929, 533)

Me.Controls.Add (Me.ListBox1)

Me.Controls.Add (Me.ListView1)

Me.Name = "Form1"

Me.Text = "Form1"

Me.ResumeLayout (False)

End Sub

Friend WithEvents ListView1 As DoubleBufferedL istView

Friend WithEvents clmIconA As System.Windows. Forms.ColumnHea der

Friend WithEvents clmIconB As System.Windows. Forms.ColumnHea der

Friend WithEvents clmAttachments As System.Windows. Forms.ColumnHea der

Friend WithEvents clmJournalType As System.Windows. Forms.ColumnHea der

Friend WithEvents clmType As System.Windows. Forms.ColumnHea der

Friend WithEvents clmUser As System.Windows. Forms.ColumnHea der

Friend WithEvents clmDate As System.Windows. Forms.ColumnHea der

Friend WithEvents clmAccount As System.Windows. Forms.ColumnHea der

Friend WithEvents clmMessage As System.Windows. Forms.ColumnHea der

Friend WithEvents clmStatus As System.Windows. Forms.ColumnHea der

Friend WithEvents clmDueDate As System.Windows. Forms.ColumnHea der

Friend WithEvents clmEnrollee As System.Windows. Forms.ColumnHea der

Friend WithEvents clmTypeIcon As System.Windows. Forms.ColumnHea der

Friend WithEvents clmStatusIcon As System.Windows. Forms.ColumnHea der

Friend WithEvents clmAttachmentIc on As System.Windows. Forms.ColumnHea der

Friend WithEvents clmEntryType As System.Windows. Forms.ColumnHea der

Friend WithEvents clmCreatedBy As System.Windows. Forms.ColumnHea der

Friend WithEvents clmDateCreated As System.Windows. Forms.ColumnHea der

Friend WithEvents clmEntryMessage As System.Windows. Forms.ColumnHea der

Friend WithEvents ImageList1 As System.Windows. Forms.ImageList

Friend WithEvents ListBox1 As System.Windows. Forms.ListBox

End Class
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