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Sub Main()

Ok, I have a VB2005 Beta 2 project with several forms. I have Form1 set as
my startup form. I want to change this to have Sub Main of modMain (listed
below) to be the startup file. How do I do this? If I go to the
application properties and choose an Application Type of Windows
Application, I can only chose a startup Form, not the modMain.

Been reading about exception handling and I am trying to get started on it.



Public Module modMain

Public Shared Sub Main()

AddHandler Application.Thr eadException, AddressOf
Application_Thr eadException

Application.Run (New Form1)
Catch ex As Exception
LogException(ex )
End Try

End Sub

Private Sub Application_Thr eadException(By Val sender As Object, ByVal e
As System.Threadin g.ThreadExcepti onEventArgs)

LogException(e. Exception)

End Sub

Private Sub LogException(By Val ex As Exception)

' code that writes error to an sql database

End Sub
End Module

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Nov 21 '05
12 5896
<th*****@msala. net> schrieb:
OK, I misread your posting. I had Enable application framework checked.
With it unchecked I can choose Sub Main. Unchecking gave me several
with some My.Application. Doevents() code. How should it be coded now? I
was using it a few places in my code.

Use 'System.Windows .Forms.Applicat ion.DoEvents' instead. What error message
are you receiving?

M S Herfried K. Wagner
M V P <URL:http://dotnet.mvps.org/>
V B <URL:http://classicvb.org/petition/>

Nov 21 '05 #11

A beta version can never have Bugs, only not yet well done things.

Nov 21 '05 #12

If I add Imports System.Windows. Forms to each of the modules that have code
that modifies controls in forms such as

gfrmExReports.p rgReport.Value += intProgress (updates a progress bar)


Form1.rtbAllAcq .Text = aryStatistics(0 ) (updates a richTextBox)

Would these line of code start working again?

I am also reading about exception handling to try and correct the mistakes
you pointed out on my first post. The code
was copied from a newsgroup post on VB2003 or VB2002. I am trying to read
up on how to handle exceptions in VB2005.
This is my first VB.net project and I am really happy with how well it
functions. Just trying to keep improving it.
Thanks for all the help,


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Nov 21 '05 #13

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