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propertygrid listbox and setting the selectedvalue, help

I am strugling with the propertygrid and a listbox. I am using the
universaldropdo wneditor from the codeproject (code below). However I am
populating the listbox via a datasource. The problem I am having is that when
I have a value in the propertygird and edit that, I want the listbox to have
the selectvalue equal to the value that is being edited. Just to make it

PropgridVal = Germany

Currently when I edit a value it defaults directly to Belgium, instead of

I do not understand, when I use listbox.selecte dvalue="Germany " the
selectedvalue remains Nothing

please help


David J

#Region " UniversalDropdo wnEditor class "

Public Class UniversalDropdo wnEditor
Inherits UITypeEditor
Private edSvc As IWindowsFormsEd itorService
Private valMemb As ValueMemberAttr ibute

Public Overloads Overrides Function GetEditStyle(By Val context As _
ITypeDescriptor Context) As UITypeEditorEdi tStyle
If Not context Is Nothing AndAlso Not context.Instanc e Is Nothing Then
Return UITypeEditorEdi tStyle.DropDown
End If
Return UITypeEditorEdi tStyle.None
End Function

<RefreshPropert ies(RefreshProp erties.All)> _
Public Overloads Overrides Function EditValue( _
ByVal context As ITypeDescriptor Context, _
ByVal provider As System.IService Provider, _
ByVal value As [Object]) As [Object]
If context Is Nothing OrElse provider Is Nothing _
OrElse context.Instanc e Is Nothing Then
Return MyBase.EditValu e(provider, value)
End If
' Dim att As SourceCollectio nAttribute = _
' context.Propert yDescriptor.Att ributes( _
' GetType(SourceC ollectionAttrib ute))
'If att Is Nothing Then
' nothing we can do here
'Return MyBase.EditValu e(provider, value)
'End If
Me.edSvc = provider.GetSer vice(GetType(IW indowsFormsEdit orService))
'If Me.edSvc Is Nothing Then
' nothing we can do here either
'Return MyBase.EditValu e(provider, value)
'End If

'prepare the listbox
Dim lst As New ListBox()
Me.PrepareListB ox(lst, context)
If Me.valMemb Is Nothing Then
lst.SelectedIte m = value

Me.valMemb.Sele ctByValue(lst, value)
End If
Me.switchloaded = False

Me.edSvc.DropDo wnControl(lst)
Me.switchloaded = True
' we're back
If lst.SelectedIte m Is Nothing Then
value = Nothing
value = lst.Text
' value = Me.valMemb.GetV alue(lst)
End If
Return value
End Function

Private Sub PrepareListBox( ByVal lst As ListBox, _
ByVal context As ITypeDescriptor Context)
Dim SysSetTypeAttr As PropertySysSetT ypeAttribute =
context.Propert yDescriptor.Att ributes(GetType (PropertySysSet TypeAttribute))
Dim syssetType As Short = SysSetTypeAttr. PropertySysSetT ypeAttribute
lst.IntegralHei ght = True ' resize to avoid partial items
Dim coll As DataTable =
funGetPropVal(c ontext.Property Descriptor.Name , SysSetType)
If lst.ItemHeight > 0 Then
Dim adjHei As Integer = (coll.Rows.Coun t + 1) * lst.ItemHeight
If Not coll Is Nothing AndAlso _
lst.Height / lst.ItemHeight < coll.Rows.Count Then
' try to keep the listbox small but sufficient
If adjHei > 200 Then adjHei = 200
End If
lst.Height = adjHei

Else ' safeguard, although it shouldn't happen
lst.Height = lst.ItemHeight
End If
lst.Sorted = True ' present in alphabetical order
FillListBoxFrom Collection(lst, coll)
Me.AssignValueM ember(lst, context.Propert yDescriptor)
Me.AssignDispla yMember(lst, context.Propert yDescriptor)
' attach event handler
AddHandler lst.SelectedInd exChanged, AddressOf Me.handleSelect ion
AddHandler lst.DoubleClick , AddressOf Me.handledouble click
End Sub

Public Shared Sub FillListBoxFrom Collection(ByVa l lb As ListBox, ByVal
coll As DataTable)
Dim DataRowX As DataRow
' prevent flickers and slow downs by entering the mass update mode
lb.BeginUpdate( )
lb.Items.Clear( )
lb.MultiColumn = False
Dim intCount As Integer
lb.DataSource = coll
End Sub

Private Sub AssignValueMemb er(ByVal lc As ListControl, ByVal pd As
PropertyDescrip tor)
Dim Attr As ValueMemberAttr ibute = New ValueMemberAttr ibute("Name")
Me.valMemb = Attr 'pd.Attributes( GetType(ValueMe mberAttribute))
lc.ValueMember = Me.valMemb.Valu ePropertyName
End Sub

Private Sub AssignDisplayMe mber(ByVal lc As ListControl, ByVal pd As
PropertyDescrip tor)
Dim att As DisplayMemberAt tribute = New DisplayMemberAt tribute("Name")
If att Is Nothing Then Return
lc.DisplayMembe r = att.DisplayProp ertyName
End Sub

Private Sub handleSelection (ByVal sender As Object, ByVal e As EventArgs)
If Me.edSvc Is Nothing Then Return
If Me.switchloaded = False Then Return
Me.edSvc.CloseD ropDown()
End Sub
Private Sub handledoublecli ck(ByVal sender As Object, ByVal e As
If Me.edSvc Is Nothing Then Return
Me.edSvc.CloseD ropDown()
End Sub
End Class

#End Region

#Region " Attributes "

#Region " Auxiliary attribute that fetches the specified source collection "

<Description("S ervice attribute to point to the source collection."), _
AttributeUsage( AttributeTarget s.All)> _
Public Class SourceCollectio nAttribute
Inherits Attribute
Private srcCollName As String

Public ReadOnly Property CollectionName( ) As String
Return Me.srcCollName
End Get
End Property

Public ReadOnly Property Collection(ByVa l instance As Object) As
Dim pdc As PropertyDescrip torCollection = _
TypeDescriptor. GetProperties(i nstance)
Dim pd As PropertyDescrip tor
For Each pd In pdc
If pd.Name = Me.srcCollName Then
Return pd.GetValue(ins tance)
End If
Return Nothing
End Get
End Property

Public Sub New(ByVal sourceCollectio nPropertyName As String)
Me.srcCollName = sourceCollectio nPropertyName
End Sub
End Class

#End Region

#Region " 'Value member' attribute "
<AttributeUsage (AttributeTarge ts.All)> _
Public Class ValueMemberAttr ibute
Inherits Attribute
Private valMemb As String

<Description("T he name of the property used as value member by the
dynamic combo type editor.")> _
Public ReadOnly Property ValuePropertyNa me() As String
Return Me.valMemb
End Get
End Property

Public Sub SelectByValue(B yVal lb As ListBox, ByVal val As Object)
lb.SelectedItem = Nothing
Dim item As Object
If Not val Is Nothing Then
For Each item In lb.Items
If Me.GetValue(ite m) = val Then
lb.SelectedItem = item
Exit Sub
End If
End If
End Sub

Public Function GetValue(ByVal obj As Object) As Object
If Me.valMemb = String.Empty Then Return obj
' Dim pi As System.Reflecti on.PropertyInfo =
obj.GetType().G etProperty("Row ")
Dim pi As String = obj.text
If pi Is Nothing Then Return obj
Return pi
End Function

Public Sub New(ByVal valueMemberProp ertyName As String)
Me.valMemb = valueMemberProp ertyName
End Sub
End Class
#End Region

#Region " 'Display member' attribute "

<AttributeUsage (AttributeTarge ts.All)> _
Public Class DisplayMemberAt tribute
Inherits Attribute
Private dispMemb As String

<Description("T he property displayed in the list control used by the
dynamic combo editor.")> _
Public ReadOnly Property DisplayProperty Name() As String
Return Me.dispMemb
End Get
End Property

Public Sub New(ByVal displayMemberPr opertyName As String)
Me.dispMemb = displayMemberPr opertyName
End Sub
End Class

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