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How can i copy and paste the data


I have one VB.NET application,in that application i have
one datagrid control.The datagrid control contains
somedata.I want to copy the data in a particular cell and
paste it into my C#.NET application or notepad where i
want to paste it to be.How can i do it?If anyone knows
source code or any website URL's please let me know.

Nov 20 '05 #1
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Hi Uma,

There are so many possibilities with drag and drop and the clipboard, here 2

Hi x



I hope this helps a little bit?

Nov 20 '05 #2
You can use the dragDrop functionality of your controls , check this free
source example
using System;
using System.Drawing;
using System.Windows. Forms;

namespace Snip_DragNDrop
public class Form1 : System.Windows. Forms.Form
private System.Windows. Forms.ListBox ListDragSource;
private System.Windows. Forms.ListBox ListDragTarget;
private System.Windows. Forms.CheckBox UseCustomCursor sCheck;
private System.Windows. Forms.Label DropLocationLab el;

private int indexOfItemUnde rMouseToDrag;
private int indexOfItemUnde rMouseToDrop;

private Rectangle dragBoxFromMous eDown;
private Point screenOffset;

private Cursor MyNoDropCursor;
private Cursor MyNormalCursor;

/// The main entry point for the application.
static void Main()
Application.Run (new Form1());

public Form1()
this.ListDragSo urce = new System.Windows. Forms.ListBox() ;
this.ListDragTa rget = new System.Windows. Forms.ListBox() ;
this.UseCustomC ursorsCheck = new System.Windows. Forms.CheckBox( );
this.DropLocati onLabel = new System.Windows. Forms.Label();

this.SuspendLay out();

// ListDragSource
this.ListDragSo urce.AllowDrop = true;
this.ListDragSo urce.Items.AddR ange(new object[] {"one", "two", "three",
"five", "six", "seven", "eight",
"nine", "ten"});
this.ListDragSo urce.Location = new System.Drawing. Point(10, 17);
this.ListDragSo urce.Size = new System.Drawing. Size(120, 225);
this.ListDragSo urce.MouseDown += new
System.Windows. Forms.MouseEven tHandler(this.L istDragSource_M ouseDown);
this.ListDragSo urce.QueryConti nueDrag += new
System.Windows. Forms.QueryCont inueDragEventHa ndler(this.List DragSource_Quer y
this.ListDragSo urce.MouseUp += new
System.Windows. Forms.MouseEven tHandler(this.L istDragSource_M ouseUp);
this.ListDragSo urce.MouseMove += new
System.Windows. Forms.MouseEven tHandler(this.L istDragSource_M ouseMove);
this.ListDragSo urce.GiveFeedba ck += new
System.Windows. Forms.GiveFeedb ackEventHandler (this.ListDragS ource_GiveFeedb a
this.ListDragSo urce.DragDrop += new
System.Windows. Forms.DragEvent Handler(this.Li stDragTarget_Dr agDrop);
// ListDragTarget
this.ListDragTa rget.AllowDrop = true;
this.ListDragTa rget.Location = new System.Drawing. Point(154, 17);
this.ListDragTa rget.Size = new System.Drawing. Size(120, 225);
//this.ListDragTa rget.DragOver += new
System.Windows. Forms.DragEvent Handler(this.Li stDragTarget_Dr agOver);
this.ListDragTa rget.DragDrop += new
System.Windows. Forms.DragEvent Handler(this.Li stDragTarget_Dr agDrop);
this.ListDragTa rget.DragEnter += new
System.Windows. Forms.DragEvent Handler(this.Li stDragTarget_Dr agEnter);
//this.ListDragTa rget.DragLeave += new
System.EventHan dler(this.ListD ragTarget_DragL eave);

// UseCustomCursor sCheck
this.UseCustomC ursorsCheck.Loc ation = new System.Drawing. Point(10, 243);
this.UseCustomC ursorsCheck.Siz e = new System.Drawing. Size(137, 24);
this.UseCustomC ursorsCheck.Tex t = "Use Custom Cursors";

// DropLocationLab el
this.DropLocati onLabel.Locatio n = new System.Drawing. Point(154, 245);
this.DropLocati onLabel.Size = new System.Drawing. Size(137, 24);
this.DropLocati onLabel.Text = "None";

// Form1
this.AutoScaleB aseSize = new System.Drawing. Size(5, 13);
this.ClientSize = new System.Drawing. Size(292, 270);
this.Controls.A ddRange(new System.Windows. Forms.Control[]
{this.ListDragS ource,
this.ListDragTa rget, this.UseCustomC ursorsCheck,
this.DropLocati onLabel});
this.Text = "Drag and Drop Example";

this.ResumeLayo ut(false);


private void ListDragSource_ MouseDown(objec t sender,
System.Windows. Forms.MouseEven tArgs e)
// Get the index of the item the mouse is below.
indexOfItemUnde rMouseToDrag = ListDragSource. IndexFromPoint( e.X, e.Y);

if (indexOfItemUnd erMouseToDrag != ListBox.NoMatch es)

// Remember the point where the mouse down occurred. The DragSize
// the size that the mouse can move before a drag event should be
Size dragSize = SystemInformati on.DragSize;

// Create a rectangle using the DragSize, with the mouse position being
// at the center of the rectangle.
dragBoxFromMous eDown = new Rectangle(new Point(e.X - (dragSize.Width
e.Y - (dragSize.Heigh t /2)), dragSize);
// Reset the rectangle if the mouse is not over an item in the ListBox.
dragBoxFromMous eDown = Rectangle.Empty ;


private void ListDragSource_ MouseUp(object sender,
System.Windows. Forms.MouseEven tArgs e)
// Reset the drag rectangle when the mouse button is raised.
dragBoxFromMous eDown = Rectangle.Empty ;

private void ListDragSource_ MouseMove(objec t sender,
System.Windows. Forms.MouseEven tArgs e)

if ((e.Button & MouseButtons.Le ft) == MouseButtons.Le ft)

// If the mouse moves outside the rectangle, start the drag.
if (dragBoxFromMou seDown != Rectangle.Empty &&
!dragBoxFromMou seDown.Contains (e.X, e.Y))

// Create custom cursors for the drag-and-drop operation.
MyNormalCursor = new Cursor("3dwarro .cur");
MyNoDropCursor = new Cursor("3dwno.c ur");

// An error occurred while attempting to load the cursors, so use
// standard cursors.
UseCustomCursor sCheck.Checked = false;

// The screenOffset is used to account for any desktop bands
// that may be at the top or left side of the screen when
// determining when to cancel the drag drop operation.
screenOffset = SystemInformati on.WorkingArea. Location;

// Proceed with the drag and drop, passing in the list item.

DragDropEffects dropEffect =
ListDragSource. DoDragDrop(List DragSource.Item s[indexOfItemUnde rMouseToDrag],
DragDropEffects .All | DragDropEffects .Link);

// If the drag operation was a move then remove the item.
if (dropEffect == DragDropEffects .Move)
ListDragSource. Items.RemoveAt( indexOfItemUnde rMouseToDrag);

// Selects the previous item in the list as long as the list has an
if (indexOfItemUnd erMouseToDrag > 0)
ListDragSource. SelectedIndex = indexOfItemUnde rMouseToDrag -1;

else if (ListDragSource .Items.Count > 0)
// Selects the first item.
ListDragSource. SelectedIndex =0;

// Dispose of the cursors since they are no longer needed.
if (MyNormalCursor != null)
MyNormalCursor. Dispose();

if (MyNoDropCursor != null)
MyNoDropCursor. Dispose();
private void ListDragSource_ GiveFeedback(ob ject sender,
System.Windows. Forms.GiveFeedb ackEventArgs e)
// Use custom cursors if the check box is checked.
if (UseCustomCurso rsCheck.Checked )

// Sets the custom cursor based upon the effect.
e.UseDefaultCur sors = false;
if ((e.Effect & DragDropEffects .Move) == DragDropEffects .Move)
Cursor.Current = MyNormalCursor;
Cursor.Current = MyNoDropCursor;

private void ListDragTarget_ DragOver(object sender,
System.Windows. Forms.DragEvent Args e)

// Determine whether string data exists in the drop data. If not, then
// the drop effect reflects that the drop cannot occur.
if (!e.Data.GetDat aPresent(typeof (System.String) ))

e.Effect = DragDropEffects .None;
DropLocationLab el.Text = "None - no string data.";

// Set the effect based upon the KeyState.
if ((e.KeyState & (8+32)) == (8+32) &&
(e.AllowedEffec t & DragDropEffects .Link) == DragDropEffects .Link)
// KeyState 8 + 32 = CTL + ALT

// Link drag and drop effect.
e.Effect = DragDropEffects .Link;

else if ((e.KeyState & 32) == 32 &&
(e.AllowedEffec t & DragDropEffects .Link) == DragDropEffects .Link)

// ALT KeyState for link.
e.Effect = DragDropEffects .Link;

else if ((e.KeyState & 4) == 4 &&
(e.AllowedEffec t & DragDropEffects .Move) == DragDropEffects .Move)

// SHIFT KeyState for move.
e.Effect = DragDropEffects .Move;

else if ((e.KeyState & 8) == 8 &&
(e.AllowedEffec t & DragDropEffects .Copy) == DragDropEffects .Copy)

// CTL KeyState for copy.
e.Effect = DragDropEffects .Copy;

else if ((e.AllowedEffe ct & DragDropEffects .Move) ==
DragDropEffects .Move)

// By default, the drop action should be move, if allowed.
e.Effect = DragDropEffects .Move;

e.Effect = DragDropEffects .None;

// Get the index of the item the mouse is below.

// The mouse locations are relative to the screen, so they must be
// converted to client coordinates.

indexOfItemUnde rMouseToDrop =
ListDragTarget. IndexFromPoint( ListDragTarget. PointToClient(n ew
Point(e.X, e.Y)));

// Updates the label text.
if (indexOfItemUnd erMouseToDrop != ListBox.NoMatch es)

DropLocationLab el.Text = "Drops before item #" +
(indexOfItemUnd erMouseToDrop + 1);
DropLocationLab el.Text = "Drops at the end.";

private void ListDragTarget_ DragDrop(object sender,
System.Windows. Forms.DragEvent Args e)
// Ensure that the list item index is contained in the data.
if (e.Data.GetData Present(typeof( System.String)) )

Object item = (object)e.Data. GetData(typeof( System.String)) ;

// Perform drag and drop, depending upon the effect.
if (e.Effect == DragDropEffects .Copy ||
e.Effect == DragDropEffects .Move)

// Insert the item.
if (indexOfItemUnd erMouseToDrop != ListBox.NoMatch es)
ListDragTarget. Items.Insert(in dexOfItemUnderM ouseToDrop, item);
ListDragTarget. Items.Add(item) ;

// Reset the label text.
DropLocationLab el.Text = "None";
private void ListDragSource_ QueryContinueDr ag(object sender,
System.Windows. Forms.QueryCont inueDragEventAr gs e)
// Cancel the drag if the mouse moves off the form.
ListBox lb = sender as ListBox;

if (lb != null)

Form f = lb.FindForm();

// Cancel the drag if the mouse moves off the form. The screenOffset
// takes into account any desktop bands that may be at the top or left
// side of the screen.
if (((Control.Mous ePosition.X - screenOffset.X) < f.DesktopBounds .Left)
((Control.Mouse Position.X - screenOffset.X) > f.DesktopBounds .Right) ||
((Control.Mouse Position.Y - screenOffset.Y) < f.DesktopBounds .Top) ||
((Control.Mouse Position.Y - screenOffset.Y) > f.DesktopBounds .Bottom))

e.Action = DragAction.Canc el;
private void ListDragTarget_ DragEnter(objec t sender,
System.Windows. Forms.DragEvent Args e)
// Reset the label text.
DropLocationLab el.Text = "None";
private void ListDragTarget_ DragLeave(objec t sender, System.EventArg s e)
// Reset the label text.
DropLocationLab el.Text = "None";

Mohamed Mahfouz
MEA Developer Support Center
ITworx on behalf of Microsoft EMEA GTSC

Nov 20 '05 #3
Hi Mohamoss,

That code will not compile in VB.Net


Nov 20 '05 #4

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