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Get network status on mobile device

I try to ping from my mobile device with a wireless connection to my
pc. I found the class clsping on the internet and it works perfect
with application from pc to pc but when i use it from mobile device
(win ce.net 4.2) to pc then it doesn't work anymore. I get on error
on the following statement:

Dim sckSocket As New System.Net.Sock ets.Socket( _

Net.Sockets.Add ressFamily.Inte rNetwork, _

Net.Sockets.Soc ketType.Raw, _

Net.Sockets.Pro tocolType.Icmp)

ERROR: The support for the specified socket type does not exist
if I change icmp to tcp and raw to stream then I get an error on:

sckSocket.SetSo cketOption(Sock etOptionLevel.S ocket,
SocketOptionNam e.ReceiveTimeou t, 1000)

ERROR: An unknown, invalid, or unsupported option or level was
specified in a getsockopt or setsockopt call
Can someone tell me how i can solve the problem or how I can retrieve
the network status on my mobile device


=====SOURCE CODE=========== =============== =============== =============== =======


Option Explicit On

Imports System
Imports System.Net
Imports System.Net.Sock ets

'* Class clsPing
'* Author : Paulo S. Silva Jr.
'* Date : September 2002
'* Objective : Ping a host and return basic informations
'* Class Properties
'* +------------+-------------+-------------------------------------------------+
'* | Name | Type | Description
'* +------------+-------------+-------------------------------------------------+
'* | DataSize | Integer | Size of the data to be send to the
host |
'* | Identifier | Integer | Identifier of ping packet
'* | Sequence | Integer | Sequence of the packet
'* | LocalHost | IPHostEntry | Info for Local Computer
'* | Host | Object | Host Entry for the remote computer
'* +------------+-------------+-------------------------------------------------+
'* Class Methods
'* +-------------------+----------------------------------------------------+
'* | Name | Description
'* +-------------------+----------------------------------------------------+
'* | PingHost | Pings the specified host
'* +-------------------+----------------------------------------------------+
'* Parts of the code based on information from Visual Studio Magazine
'* more info : http://www.fawcette.com/vsm/2002_03/...qa/default.asp
Public Class clsPing

Public Structure stcError
Dim Number As Integer
Dim Description As String
End Structure

Public Const PING_SUCCESS As Long = 0
Public Const PING_ERROR As Long = (-1)
Public Const PING_ERROR_BASE As Long = &H8000

Private Const ICMP_ECHO As Integer = 8
Private Const SOCKET_ERROR As Integer = -1

Private udtError As stcError

Private Const intPortICMP As Integer = 7
Private Const intBufferHeader Size As Integer = 8
Private Const intPackageHeade rSize As Integer = 28

Private intDataSize As Byte
Private ipheLocalHost As System.Net.IPHo stEntry
Private ipheHost As System.Net.IPHo stEntry

Public Property DataSize() As Byte
Return intDataSize
End Get
Set(ByVal Value As Byte)
intDataSize = Value
End Set
End Property

Public ReadOnly Property Identifier() As Byte
Return 0
End Get
End Property

Public ReadOnly Property Sequence() As Byte
Return 0
End Get
End Property

Public ReadOnly Property LocalHost() As System.Net.IPHo stEntry
Return ipheLocalHost
End Get
End Property

Public Property Host() As Object
Return ipheHost
End Get
Set(ByVal Value As Object)
If (Value.GetType. ToString.ToLowe r = "system.string" ) Then
'* Find the Host's IP address
ipheHost = System.Net.Dns. GetHostByName(V alue)
ipheHost = Nothing

'MsgBox(ipheHos t.HostName)
udtError.Descri ption = "Host not found."
End Try
ElseIf (Value.GetType. ToString.ToLowe r =
"system.net.iph ostentry") Then
ipheHost = (Value)
ipheHost = Nothing
End If
End Set
End Property

'* Class Constructor
Public Sub New()
'* Initializes the parameters
intDataSize = 32
udtError = New stcError

'* Get local IP and transform in EndPoint
ipheLocalHost =
System.Net.Dns. GetHostByName(S ystem.Net.Dns.G etHostName())

'* Defines Host
ipheHost = Nothing
End Sub
Public Enum ICMPType As Byte
EchoReply = 0
DestinationUnre achable = 3
SourceQuench = 4
Redirect = 5
AlternateHostAd dress = 6
EchoRequest = 8
RouterAdvertise ment = 9
RouterSolicitat ion = 10
TimeExceeded = 11
ParameterProble m = 12
TimeStampReques t = 13
TimeStampReply = 14
InformationRequ est = 15
InformationRepl y = 16
AddressMaskRequ est = 17
AddressMaskRepl y = 18
IpixTraceRouter = 30
ConversionError = 31
MobileHostRedir ect = 32
IPv6WhereAreYou = 33
IPv6HereIAm = 34
MobileRegistrat ionRequest = 35
MobileRegistrat ionReply = 36
DomainNameReque st = 37
DomainNameReply = 38
SkipAlgorithmDi scoveryProtocol = 39
IpSecSecurityFa ilures = 40
End Enum

'* Function : PingHost
'* Author : Paulo dos Santos Silva Jr
'* Date : 05/09/2002
'* Objective : Pings a specified host
'* Parameters : Host as String
'* Returns : Response time in milliseconds
'* (-1) if error
Public Function Ping() As Long

Dim intCount As Integer
Dim aReplyBuffer(25 5) As Byte

Dim intNBytes As Integer = 0

Dim intEnd As Integer
Dim intStart As Integer

Dim epFrom As System.Net.EndP oint
Dim epServer As System.Net.EndP oint
Dim ipepServer As System.Net.IPEn dPoint

'* Try send the packet
ipepServer = New
System.Net.IPEn dPoint(ipheHost .AddressList(0) , 0)
epServer = CType(ipepServe r, System.Net.EndP oint)

epFrom = New
System.Net.IPEn dPoint(ipheLoca lHost.AddressLi st(0), 0)

'* Builds the packet to send
DataSize = Convert.ToByte( DataSize + intBufferHeader Size)

'* The packet must by an even number, so if the DataSize
is and odd number adds one
If (DataSize Mod 2 = 1) Then
DataSize += Convert.ToByte( 1)
End If
Dim aRequestBuffer( DataSize - 1) As Byte

'* --- ICMP Echo Header Format ---
'* (first 8 bytes of the data buffer)
'* Buffer (0) ICMP Type Field
'* Buffer (1) ICMP Code Field
'* (must be 0 for Echo and Echo Reply)
'* Buffer (2) checksum hi
'* (must be 0 before checksum calc)
'* Buffer (3) checksum lo
'* (must be 0 before checksum calc)
'* Buffer (4) ID hi
'* Buffer (5) ID lo
'* Buffer (6) sequence hi
'* Buffer (7) sequence lo
'* Buffer (8)..(n) Ping Data

'* Set Type Field
aRequestBuffer( 0) = Convert.ToByte( ICMPType.EchoRe quest)

'* Set ID field
BitConverter.Ge tBytes(Identifi er).CopyTo(aReq uestBuffer,

'* Set Sequence
BitConverter.Ge tBytes(Sequence ).CopyTo(aReque stBuffer, 6)

'* Load some data into buffer
Dim i As Integer
For i = 8 To DataSize - 1
aRequestBuffer( i) = Convert.ToByte( i Mod 8)
Next i

'* Calculate Checksum
Call CreateChecksum( aRequestBuffer, DataSize,
aRequestBuffer( 2), aRequestBuffer( 3))
'* Create the socket
Dim sckSocket As New System.Net.Sock ets.Socket( _

Net.Sockets.Add ressFamily.Inte rNetwork, _

Net.Sockets.Soc ketType.Raw, _

Net.Sockets.Pro tocolType.Icmp)

sckSocket.Block ing = True
'Dim linger As New LingerOption(Tr ue, 2)
sckSocket.SetSo cketOption(Sock etOptionLevel.S ocket,
SocketOptionNam e.ReceiveTimeou t, 1000)
'sckSocket.SetS ocketOption(Soc ketOptionLevel. Socket,
SocketOptionNam e.Linger, linger)

'* Records the Start Time
intStart = System.Environm ent.TickCount
sckSocket.SendT o(aRequestBuffe r, 0, DataSize,
SocketFlags.Non e, ipepServer)
intNBytes = sckSocket.Recei veFrom(aReplyBu ffer,
SocketFlags.Non e, epServer)
intEnd = System.Environm ent.TickCount

If (intNBytes > 0) Then
'* Informs on GetLastError the state of the server
udtError.Number = (aReplyBuffer(1 9) * &H100) +
aReplyBuffer(20 )
Select Case aReplyBuffer(20 )
Case 0 : udtError.Descri ption = "Success"
Case 1 : udtError.Descri ption = "Buffer too Small"
Case 2 : udtError.Descri ption = "Destinatio n
Case 3 : udtError.Descri ption = "Dest Host Not
Case 4 : udtError.Descri ption = "Dest Protocol Not
Case 5 : udtError.Descri ption = "Dest Port Not
Case 6 : udtError.Descri ption = "No Resources
Case 7 : udtError.Descri ption = "Bad Option"
Case 8 : udtError.Descri ption = "Hardware Error"
Case 9 : udtError.Descri ption = "Packet too Big"
Case 10 : udtError.Descri ption = "Reqested Timed
Case 11 : udtError.Descri ption = "Bad Request"
Case 12 : udtError.Descri ption = "Bad Route"
Case 13 : udtError.Descri ption = "TTL Exprd In
Case 14 : udtError.Descri ption = "TTL Exprd
Case 15 : udtError.Descri ption = "Parameter
Case 16 : udtError.Descri ption = "Source Quench"
Case 17 : udtError.Descri ption = "Option too Big"
Case 18 : udtError.Descri ption = "Bad Destination"
Case 19 : udtError.Descri ption = "Address Deleted"
Case 20 : udtError.Descri ption = "Spec MTU Change"
Case 21 : udtError.Descri ption = "MTU Change"
Case 22 : udtError.Descri ption = "Unload"
Case Else : udtError.Descri ption = "General
End Select
End If
Return (intEnd - intStart)
sckSocket.Close ()
Catch oExcept As Exception
MsgBox(Err.Numb er & Err.Description )
Return -1
End Try
'Exit Function
'Return -1
End Function

Public Function GetLastError() As stcError
Return udtError
End Function

' ICMP requires a checksum that is the one's
' complement of the one's complement sum of
' all the 16-bit values in the data in the
' buffer.
' Use this procedure to load the Checksum
' field of the buffer.
' The Checksum Field (hi and lo bytes) must be
' zero before calling this procedure.
Private Sub CreateChecksum( ByRef data() As Byte, ByVal Size As
Integer, ByRef HiByte As Byte, ByRef LoByte As Byte)
Dim i As Integer
Dim chk As Integer = 0

For i = 0 To Size - 1 Step 2
chk += Convert.ToInt32 (data(i) * &H100 + data(i + 1))

chk = Convert.ToInt32 ((chk And &HFFFF&) + Fix(chk / &H10000&))
chk += Convert.ToInt32 (Fix(chk / &H10000&))
chk = Not (chk)

HiByte = Convert.ToByte( (chk And &HFF00) / &H100)
LoByte = Convert.ToByte( chk And &HFF)
End Sub

End Class
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