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Add and Remove Folder Permissions in VB.Net


I'm using WMI to set and remove folderpermissio ns and it sems to work
fine, sometimes. I start by having the folderpermisson s manuly set to
Everyone and Everone has full rights. When I'm setting and removing
permissons on a mapped folder in the network it works fine but when
doing the same thing on a folder om my harddrive Everyone does not get
Does anyone have any idea how to fix this or how to set and remove
folderpermisson s in another way.
Here is the code I'm using:
'Path to folder to change permissions for

Dim mp As New ManagementPath( )

'mp.Server = "servername "

'mp.NamespacePa th = "root\cimv2 "

mp.RelativePath =
"\\MASCHINENAME \root\CIMV2:Win 32_LogicalFileS ecuritySetting. Path=""PATHTOFO LDER"""
'"Win32_Logical FileSecuritySet ting.Path='" +
path.Replace("\ ", "\\") + "'"
Dim objFile As New ManagementObjec t(mp)

Dim options As New InvokeMethodOpt ions(Nothing, New
TimeSpan(0, 0, 0, 5))

Dim outparams As ManagementBaseO bject =
objFile.InvokeM ethod("GetSecur ityDescriptor", Nothing, options)

Dim securityDescrip tor As ManagementBaseO bject =
outparams("Desc riptor")

lblMessage.Text += "Got SD...<br>"

Dim dacl As ManagementBaseO bject() =
securityDescrip tor("DACL")

Dim oldACE As ManagementBaseO bject

Dim trustee As ManagementBaseO bject

lblMessage.Text += "Print old DACL<br>"

For Each oldACE In dacl

trustee = CType(oldACE("T rustee"),
ManagementBaseO bject)

lblMessage.Text += trustee("Name") .ToString() & " " &
oldACE("AccessM ask").ToString( ) & " " & oldACE("AceType ").ToString () &


Dim win32Trustee As New ManagementClass ("Win32_Trustee ")

'Create Trustee for User

Dim newTrusteeUser As ManagementObjec t =
win32Trustee.Cr eateInstance

Dim UserAcct As String = "LDAP string to user in
AD (without LDAP://)"

Dim UserNamePath As String = "LDAP://" & UserAcct

Dim dirEnt As New DirectoryEntry( UserNamePath)

Dim UserName As String =
dirEnt.Properti es("sAMAccountN ame")(0)

Dim UserSid As Byte() = dirEnt.Properti es("objectsid") (0)

dirEnt.Dispose( )

newTrusteeUser( "Name") = UserName

newTrusteeUser( "SID") = UserSid

newTrusteeUser( "SIDLength" ) = UserSid.Length

'Create ACE for User

Dim win32Ace As New ManagementClass ("Win32_ACE" )

Dim newACEUser As ManagementObjec t =
win32Ace.Create Instance

newACEUser("Tru stee") = newTrusteeUser

newACEUser("Ace Flags") = 3

newACEUser("Ace Type") = 0

newACEUser("Acc essMask") = 1179817

'Create Trustee for Domain Admin

Dim newTrusteeAdmin As ManagementObjec t =
win32Trustee.Cr eateInstance

Dim AdminAcct As String ="LDAP string to Domain Admins in
AD (without LDAP://)"

Dim AdminNamePath As String = "LDAP://" & AdminAcct

dirEnt = New DirectoryEntry( AdminNamePath)

Dim AdminName As String =
dirEnt.Properti es("sAMAccountN ame")(0)

Dim adminSid As Byte() = dirEnt.Properti es("objectsid") (0)

dirEnt.Dispose( )

newTrusteeAdmin ("Name") = AdminName

newTrusteeAdmin ("SID") = adminSid

newTrusteeAdmin ("SIDLength" ) = adminSid.Length

'Create ACE for Domain Admins

Dim newACEAdmin As ManagementObjec t =
win32Ace.Create Instance

newACEAdmin("Tr ustee") = newTrusteeAdmin

newACEAdmin("Ac eFlags") = 3

newACEAdmin("Ac eType") = 0

newACEAdmin("Ac cessMask") = 2032127

'set new dacl

Dim newAces() As ManagementBaseO bject = New
ManagementBaseO bject() {newACEUser, newACEAdmin}

securityDescrip tor("DACL") = newAces

'call method, set sd

Dim args1() As Object = {securityDescri ptor}

Dim retval As UInt32 =
objFile.InvokeM ethod("SetSecur ityDescriptor", args1)

lblMessage.Text += "<br>SetSecurit yDescriptor ReturnStatus
= " & System.Convert. ToInt32(retval)
Catch ex As Exception

lblMessage.Text = "Setting permission failed: " &

End Try

End Sub
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