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DataGrid Columns

I am using the DataGrid in a Windows Application, how can
I adjust the widths of each column individually.
Nov 19 '05 #1
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You have to add a tablestyle to your grid. When filling for your
dataset specify a tablename that will be your mappingname. ie
DataAdapter.Fil l(dataset, "MappingNam e")
Private Sub SetupGrid()

Dim ts As New DataGridTableSt yle

ts.MappingName = "InvoiceDat a"

Dim colDescription As New DataGridTextBox Column

With colDescription

..MappingName = "Descriptio n"

..HeaderText = "Descriptio n"

..Width = 280

..NullText = ""

End With

Dim colQty As New DataGridTextBox Column

With colQty

..MappingName = "Quantity"

..HeaderText = "Qty"

..Width = 50

End With

Dim cm As CurrencyManager = CType(Me.Bindin gContext(dvClie nt),
CurrencyManager )

Dim pd As System.Componen tModel.Property Descriptor =
cm.GetItemPrope rties()("Each")

Dim colEach As New DataGridTextBox Column(pd, "C")

With colEach

..MappingName = "Each"

..HeaderText = "Each"

..Width = 50

End With

Dim colPrice As New DataGridTextBox Column(pd, "C")

With colPrice

..MappingName = "Price"

..HeaderText = "Price"

..Width = 50

End With

ts.GridColumnSt yles.Add(colDes cription)

ts.GridColumnSt yles.Add(colQty )

ts.GridColumnSt yles.Add(colEac h)

ts.GridColumnSt yles.Add(colPri ce)

dgInvoiceData.T ableStyles.Add( ts)

ts = Nothing

colPrice = Nothing

colEach = Nothing

colQty = Nothing

colDescription = Nothing

End Sub



"CSL" <co*****@kga.co .za> wrote in message
news:0c******** *************** *****@phx.gbl.. .
I am using the DataGrid in a Windows Application, how can
I adjust the widths of each column individually.

Nov 19 '05 #2

Lot here to try and work on thank you I will let you know how it goes......
"Joe Fallon" <jf******@nospa mtwcny.rr.com> wrote in message
news:Or******** ******@TK2MSFTN GP11.phx.gbl...
Here is a class you can use to inherit a standard DataGrid and then use some new properties and methods.

Option Explicit On
Option Strict On

Imports System.Drawing
Imports System.Windows. Forms

Namespace abc.xyz
Public Class MyDataGrid
Inherits DataGrid

#Region "Public Properties"
Public ReadOnly Property VerticalScrollB arVisible() As Boolean
'The VertScrollBar property of a DataGrid is Protected. The only way to access it is thru a derived class!
Return Me.VertScrollBa r.Visible
End Get
End Property
#End Region

#Region "Public Methods"
Public Sub WidenRightColum n(ByRef DataGrid As MyDataGrid, ByVal dt As
DataTable, ByVal TableStyle As String)
'computes the width of the running grid and only widens the right
column if it is less than the width.
Dim numCols As Integer
numCols = dt.Columns.Coun t

Dim scrollBarWidth As Integer
If DataGrid.Vertic alScrollBarVisi ble = True Then
scrollBarWidth = SystemInformati on.VerticalScro llBarWidth
scrollBarWidth = 0
End If

'the fudge -4 is for the grid borders
Dim targetWidth As Integer
targetWidth = DataGrid.Client Size.Width - scrollBarWidth - 4

Dim runningWidthUse d As Integer
runningWidthUse d = DataGrid.TableS tyles(TableStyl e).RowHeaderWid th
Dim i As Integer
i = 0

Do While (i < (numCols - 1)) And (runningWidthUs ed < targetWidth)
runningWidthUse d +=
DataGrid.TableS tyles(TableStyl e).GridColumnSt yles(i).Width
i += 1

If (runningWidthUs ed < targetWidth) Then
DataGrid.TableS tyles(TableStyl e).GridColumnSt yles((numCols -
1)).Width = (targetWidth - runningWidthUse d)
End If

End Sub

'Comments on Method: AutoFitColumns
' DataGrid=DataGr id that is to be formatted.
' DataTable = DataGrid.DataSo urce.DataSet.Ta bles(0)
' NumberOfRowsToS can=Number of data records to be scanned in order to
compute the columns widths (Recommend 20).
' MaxPixelWidth=M aximum allowable pixel width of a COLUMN. (JF - Use a large number like 300.)

'The MaxPixelWidth parameter specifies the MAXIMUM value of the width
component of the returned SizeF structure
'(SizeF.Width). If the width parameter is less than the actual width of the string, the returned SizeF.Width
'component is truncated to a value representing the maximum number of
characters that will fit within the specified width.

'Takes a DataGrid that should be already assigned a populated dataset,
'and formats the DataGrid so that the column widths reflect the widths
of the data.
'This is accomplished by dynamically creating a single
DataGridTableSt yle and multiple DataGridTextBox Column(s).
'For each data column, the width of the column is set to the highest
data width within the column.
'In order to reduce computation time where large datasets exist,
'a parameter exists to define how many rows are scanned.
'I would suggest that only the first 20 rows are scanned.

Public Sub AutoFitColumns( ByRef DataGrid As MyDataGrid, ByVal dt As
DataTable, ByVal TableStyle As DataGridTableSt yle, _
ByVal NumberOfRowsToS can As Integer, ByVal
MaxColumnWidth As Integer)
Dim HideColumns() As String = {""}
AutoFitColumns( DataGrid, dt, TableStyle, NumberOfRowsToS can,
MaxColumnWidth, HideColumns)
End Sub

Public Sub AutoFitColumns( ByRef DataGrid As MyDataGrid, ByVal dt As
DataTable, ByVal TableStyle As DataGridTableSt yle, _
ByVal NumberOfRowsToS can As Integer, ByVal
MaxColumnWidth As Integer, ByVal HideColumns() As String)
'Create graphics object for measuring widths.
Dim Graphics As Graphics = DataGrid.Create Graphics()
'Can only scan rows if they exist.
NumberOfRowsToS can = System.Math.Min (NumberOfRowsTo Scan,

'Now loop through the columns and set the widths.
Dim Column As DataColumn
Dim ColumnStyle As DataGridColumnS tyle
Dim Width As Integer
For Each Column In dt.Columns
ColumnStyle = TableStyle.Grid ColumnStyles(Co lumn.ColumnName )

If Not ColumnStyle Is Nothing Then
If HideColumns.Ind exOf(HideColumn s, Column.ColumnNa me) >= 0 Then 'hide all columns in the HideColumns array
ColumnStyle.Wid th = 0
'Set width to header text width.
Width = CInt(Graphics.M easureString(Co lumnStyle.Heade rText,
DataGrid.Font, MaxColumnWidth) .Width)
'Change width, if data width is wider than header text width. 'Check the width of the data in the first X rows.
Dim iRow As Integer
Dim dr As DataRow
For iRow = 0 To NumberOfRowsToS can - 1
dr = dt.Rows(iRow)
If Not IsDBNull(dr(Col umn.ColumnName) ) Then
Width = CInt(System.Mat h.Max(Width,
Graphics.Measur eString(CStr(dr (Column.ColumnN ame)), DataGrid.Font,
MaxColumnWidth) .Width))
End If
'ColumnStyle.Wi dth = Width + 4
'increase width from 4 to 20 to allow for the Sort arrow when a column header is clicked on.
ColumnStyle.Wid th = Width + 20
End If
End If
Graphics.Dispos e()
End Try
End Sub

Public Sub MakeColumnsRead Only(ByRef DataGrid As MyDataGrid, ByVal
TableName As String, ByVal ReadOnlyColumns () As String)
Dim ColName As String
For Each ColName In ReadOnlyColumns
DataGrid.TableS tyles(TableName ).GridColumnSty les(ColName).Re adOnly = True
Next ColName
End Sub

#End Region

End Class
End Namespace
=============== =============== =============== =
Sample code to use the class in a Windows Form with a MyDataGrid on it:

'define a list of columns to make ReadOnly
Dim ReadOnlyColumns () As String = {"field1", "field2"}

'define a list of columns to Hide
Dim HideColumns() As String = {"field3", "field4"}

tableStyle.Mapp ingName = strTableName
tableStyle.Alte rnatingBackColo r = Bisque

'see below for another class to change the color of READ ONLY fields.
Dim MyColoredColumn As DataGridColored TextBoxColumn
Dim i As Integer
Do While i < dsMain.Tables(s trTableName).Co lumns.Count
MyColoredColumn = New DataGridColored TextBoxColumn
MyColoredColumn .HeaderText =
ds.Tables(strTa bleName).Column s(i).ColumnName
MyColoredColumn .MappingName =
ds.Tables(strTa bleName).Column s(i).ColumnName
tableStyle.Grid ColumnStyles.Ad d(MyColoredColu mn)
End If
i += 1

With DataGrid1
.TableStyles.Cl ear()
.TableStyles.Ad d(tableStyle)
.DataSource = ds
.DataMember = "dtName"
.AllowNavigatio n = False
.MakeColumnsRea dOnly(DataGrid1 , strTableName, ReadOnlyColumns )
.AutoFitColumns (DataGrid1, ds.Tables(strTa bleName), tableStyle, 20, 300, HideColumns)
.WidenRightColu mn(DataGrid1, ds.Tables(strTa bleName), strTableName) End With
=============== =============== ============
To make the read only columns a different color you need another class:

Option Explicit On
Option Strict On

Imports System.Drawing
Imports System.Drawing. Drawing2D
Imports System.Windows. Forms

Namespace xyz.abc
Public Class DataGridColored TextBoxColumn
Inherits DataGridTextBox Column

#Region "Constructo r"
Public Sub New()
'do nothing
End Sub
#End Region

#Region "Public Methods"
Protected Overloads Overrides Sub Paint(ByVal g As Graphics, ByVal
bounds As Rectangle, ByVal source As CurrencyManager , ByVal rowNum As
Integer, ByVal backBrush As Brush, ByVal foreBrush As Brush, ByVal
alignToRight As Boolean)
' the idea is to conditionally set the foreBrush and/or backbrush
depending upon some criteria on the cell value
' Here, we color any cell that is Read Only.
If Me.ReadOnly = True Then
'could be as simple as
'backBrush = New SolidBrush(Colo r.Aqua)
'or something fancier
backBrush = New LinearGradientB rush(bounds, Color.FromArgb( 255,
200, 200), Color.FromArgb( 128, 20, 20), LinearGradientM ode.BackwardDia gonal) foreBrush = New SolidBrush(Colo r.White)
End If
'make sure the base class gets called to do the drawing with the
possibly changed brushes
MyBase.Paint(g, bounds, source, rowNum, backBrush, foreBrush,
End Try
End Sub
#End Region

End Class

End Namespace
Joe Fallon

"CSL" <co*****@kga.co .za> wrote in message
news:0c******** *************** *****@phx.gbl.. .
I am using the DataGrid in a Windows Application, how can
I adjust the widths of each column individually.

Nov 20 '05 #3

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