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Whitelist Internet Filter

P: 24
I want to put a dedicated Internet-filtering laptop computer
between my modem and router.
I need software to implement a Whitelist instead of a Blacklist, since
a Blacklist with keyword-blocking is much too easy to get through.
I wish to block out ALL websites, except those on a preapproved Whitelist.

Can anyone help me develop such a system?
Suitable software? Programming websites?
My research tells me that I should use Linux and not Windows for this project.
But I am totally new to Linux and need your help and advice.
Which Linux flavor should I learn for such coding?
Thank you.
Jan 17 '08 #1
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3 Replies

Colloid Snake
P: 144
What you are creating is a web proxy, and you should use the flavor of Linux that you are most comfortable with. I would recommend a version that is easy to install, but also a minimal install so that you have to not only know what dependencies are necessary (so you can choose to include them or post documentation that they are needed), but where they are and how to find them (as where they are may change from flavor (version) of Linux.
Jan 17 '08 #2

Expert 100+
P: 254
Hi jrsjrs,

This sounds quite practical, but one thing I might suggest is that the preferred way to make a (dedicated, hardware) firewall is to have a box with two NICs so that one NIC faces the outside world and one faces the LAN where your equipment is. For this, a laptop might not be the best choice as it is often more difficult and more expensive to put in a second NIC. I know that sometimes a single-NIC firewall can be used, but it's a lot harder to guarantee that no traffic can slip past if it is just another box hanging on your ethernet segment. You really want two separate segments. You may have an old laptop already and that may be why you are thinking of the laptop, but if you have an obsolete desktop-type system with room for some expansion cards, life will be a lot easier. You don't need much hardware for this. Even an old (very old) 486 system would probably work fine. Remember that 90% of the resources used by most desktop or laptop systems these days are probably used by the graphical user interface. If you skip that, there's more than plenty to run a firewall.

You can probably use just about any flavor of Linux for this project, but I don't see any good reason to go for one of the more full-featured distros. A lighter-weight distro is probably better here. Something like Damn Small Linux or even Knoppix would probably be fine.

I've mainly just used iptables, but a quick google shows a lot of other possibilities too You might want to take a look at's Linux firewall primer.. Something like firestarter looks promising. Here's another article. And here's yet another that compares several free firewalls.

Jan 17 '08 #3

P: 24
Thanks Snake and prn.
I have downloaded Ubuntu and firestarter.
I think I can do it, but it will take a little time.
Jan 20 '08 #4

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