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Display flag if record exists in table

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I have three tables (hsusers,hscovgroupmember,hscovgroup). I want to display all users, and a flag 'IsCoverageGroupMember' if the user is a member of at least 1 coverage group.

Here is a definition of the tables:

hsusers = list of users
hscovgroupmember = contains users and the coverage groups they are assigned to
hscovgroup = contains the names of the coverage groups

I can run the below query, and I get a listing of users and coverage groups they have assigned. The problem is the user is being listed numerous times. If they are assigned to 5 coverage groups, there are 5 rows.

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  1. select u.userdescription as 'username',
  2. u.loginid 'login id',cg.groupname
  3. from hsuser u with (nolock)
  4. left outer join hscovgroupmember cgm with (nolock)
  5.     on u.objectid = cgm.user_oid
  6. left outer join hscovgroup cg with (nolock)
  7.     on cgm.covgroup_oid = cg.objectid
  8. order by u.userdescription
I want to only have the user listed once, and a flag 'IsCoverageGroupMember' set to 'Y' or 'N' if they are a member of a group.

I've tried the below query, but am wondering if there's a better way I should do this. The 'IsCoverageGroupMember' field is only 1 of multiple other fields I need to have in the query. This is just a portion of the query, as I'm doing a data extract to load into an external system. I have a few other 'IsMember' type columns that I'll need as well.

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  1. select u.userdescription as 'username',
  2. u.loginid 'login id',(case 
  3.     when cgm.objectid is not null Then 'Y'
  4.     else 'N'
  5.     end) as IsCoverageGroupMember
  6. from hsuser u with (nolock)
  7. left outer join hscovgroupmember cgm with (nolock)
  8. on u.objectid = cgm.user_oid
  9. group by u.loginid,u.userdescription,
  10. (case 
  11.     when cgm.objectid is not null Then 'Y'
  12.     else 'N'
  13.     end)
  14. order by u.userdescription
May 11 '09 #1
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2 Replies

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Try this:

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  1. select u.userdescription as 'username', 
  2.        u.loginid 'login id',
  3.        (case  
  4.           when max(cgm.objectid) is not null Then 'Y' 
  5.           else 'N' 
  6.         end) as IsCoverageGroupMember 
  7. from hsuser u 
  8. left outer join hscovgroupmember cgm 
  9.     on u.objectid = cgm.user_oid 
  10. left outer join hscovgroup cg 
  11.     on cgm.covgroup_oid = cg.objectid 
  12. group by u.loginid,u.userdescription
  13. order by u.userdescription 
Good Luck.
May 11 '09 #2

P: 219
Thanks, that worked like a charm!!
May 12 '09 #3

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