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Problem Installing SQL 7 or SQL SERVER 2000 on Laptop

Hello Friends !!

I have a strange problem, and I need to know what would be the source of
this. I have a laptop computer with the following configuration:

Pentium III
Brand : Toshiba
Speed : 500 Mhz
RAM : 192 MB
Hard Disk : 6 GB
Space Available : 4 GB
O.S. : Windows 98

The computer works pretty good and run different applications. I was
trying to install MS-SQLSERVER 2000 and I checked out the software and
hardware requierements for that and everything seems to be fine. The
reason that I need it its because of my trips, and its incredible I have a
desktop computer with almost the same configuration and runs pretty good.

When you have a problem installing SQL-SERVER 2000 you have a file called
cnfgsvr with all the explanation. I got this at hand so you can see better
the problem:

Iniciando servicio ...

Conectando con el servidor ...

driver={sql server};server=3110CT;UID=sa;PWD=;database=master

[Microsoft][ODBC SQL Server Driver][Shared Memory]No existe el servidor
SQL Server o se ha denegado el acceso al mismo.

[Microsoft][ODBC SQL Server Driver][Shared Memory]ConnectionOpen

driver={sql server};server=3110CT;UID=sa;PWD=;database=master

[Microsoft][ODBC SQL Server Driver][Shared Memory]No existe el servidor
SQL Server o se ha denegado el acceso al mismo.

[Microsoft][ODBC SQL Server Driver][Shared Memory]ConnectionOpen

driver={sql server};server=.;UID=sa;PWD=;database=master

[Microsoft][ODBC SQL Server Driver][Named Pipes]No existe el servidor SQL
Server o se ha denegado el acceso al mismo.

[Microsoft][ODBC SQL Server Driver][Named Pipes]ConnectionOpen

Error de configuración del servidor SQL Server.

This is what I got after the installation fails: Here is the log sequence,
and I got this from a file called sqlstp2000:

14:37:28 CoreCOM
14:37:28 CoreCOM\Res1033
14:37:28 CoreCOM\ResIntl
14:37:28 CoreTool
14:37:28 CoreTool\Res1033
14:37:28 CoreTool\ResOther
14:37:28 DBLibCli
14:37:28 SFExt
14:37:28 SFExt\ActiveX
14:37:28 SFExt\ActiveX\Res1033
14:37:28 SFExt\ActiveX\ResIntl
14:37:28 SFExt\Res1033
14:37:28 SFExt\ResIntl
14:37:28 Trace
14:37:28 Trace\Res1033
14:37:28 Trace\ResOther
14:37:28 MiscCore
14:37:28 MC
14:37:28 MC\MC1033
14:37:28 MC\MCIntl
14:37:28 MC\Help
14:37:28 SQLMgr
14:37:28 SQLMgr\Res1033
14:37:28 SQLMgr\ResIntl
14:37:28 SvrTool
14:37:28 SvrTool\Res1033
14:37:28 SvrTool\ResIntl
14:37:28 DTSUI
14:37:28 DTSUI\Res1033
14:37:28 DTSUI\ResIntl
14:37:28 MSOlap
14:37:28 MSOlap\Res1033
14:37:28 MSOlap\ResIntl
14:37:28 ATL
14:37:28 ATL\winnt
14:37:28 ATL\win9x
14:37:28 MFC42U
14:37:28 VC
14:37:28 VB
14:37:28 SQLAdHlp
14:37:28 SQLAdHlp\Res1033
14:37:28 SQLAdHlp\ResOther
14:37:28 {E07FDDC8-5A21-11d2-9DAD-00C04F79D434}
14:37:28 {E07FDDBE-5A21-11d2-9DAD-00C04F79D434}
14:37:28 {E07FDDC7-5A21-11d2-9DAD-00C04F79D434}
14:37:28 {E07FDDC0-5A21-11d2-9DAD-00C04F79D434}
14:37:28 {E07FDDBF-5A21-11d2-9DAD-00C04F79D434}
14:37:28 End Action LogSelectedComponents
14:37:28 Begin Action InstallPkgs:
14:37:28 Begin Action: Locked Connectivity Files Check
14:37:29 ConnectivityLocked returned: 0
14:37:29 The operation completed successfully.

14:37:29 End Action: Locked Connectivity Files Check
14:37:29 El programa de instalación está instalando Microsoft Data Access
Components (MDAC)...
14:37:29 E:\X86\Other\sqlredis.exe /q:a /C:"setupre.exe WARN=1 -s -SMS"
14:38:10 ExitCode: 0
14:38:10 El programa de instalación está instalando Microsoft Management
Console (MMC) ...
14:38:10 E:\X86\Other\instmmc.exe /Q
14:38:36 Process Exit Code: (0)
14:38:36 Se está instalando el Coordinador de transacciones distribuidas
de Microsoft (MSDTC)...
14:38:36 E:\X86\Other\dtcsetup.exe /q:a /r:n
14:38:53 Process Exit Code: (0)
14:38:53 /Q:A /T:C:\WINDOWS\TEMP\ixp001.tmp
14:38:53 El programa de instalación está instalando la Ayuda HTML...
14:38:55 HTML Help installer exit code: 0
14:39:18 End Action InstallPkgs
14:39:18 Begin Action MoveFileData:
14:42:27 ComponentMoveData exit code: -117
14:42:27 ComponentMoveData: -117
14:42:51 No se puede leer el archivo especificado. Puede ser a causa de
una conexión de red de bajo rendimiento. Corrija el problema y reinicie el
programa de instalación. ( This message says that the computer can not
read the specified file or its a problem related to a network connection
of low performance. According to the message here shown, I have to fix the
problem and reinstall. ) I did it, even I deleted the entries related to
this on the windows registry and after restarting the problem stills...

Archivo: E:\X86\SETUP\..\..\Install\replmerg.sql

14:42:51 Begin Action: MoveFileDataSpecial
14:42:52 End Action: MoveFileDataSpecial
14:42:52 Action CleanUpInstall:
14:42:52 StatsGenerate returned: 2
14:42:52 StatsGenerate (0x0,0x1,0xf0000,0x0,1034,303,0x0,0x1,0,0,0
14:42:52 StatsGenerate -1,Alessandro)
14:42:52 Installation Failed.
On the other hand, I tried to install MS-SQLSERVER 7.0 ( you know if I can
get do it with MS-SQLSERVER 2000 ) and this is what I got :

2005-02-17 13:08:26.77 kernel Microsoft SQL Server 7.00 - 7.00.623 (Intel
Nov 27 1998 22:20:07
Copyright (c) 1988-1998 Microsoft Corporation
Desktop Edition on Windows 4.10 (Build 2222: A )

2005-02-17 13:08:26.84 kernel Copyright 1987-1998 Microsoft Corporation.
2005-02-17 13:08:26.84 kernel Reservados todos los derechos.
2005-02-17 13:08:26.84 kernel Registrando los mensajes de SQL Server en el
archivo 'C:\MSSQL7\log\ERRORLOG'.
2005-02-17 13:08:27.00 kernel initconfig: número de conexiones de usuario
limitado a 32767.
2005-02-17 13:08:27.01 kernel SQL Server se iniciará con clase de
prioridad 'normal'( se detectó 1 CPU).
2005-02-17 13:08:27.21 kernel User Mode Scheduler configured for thread
2005-02-17 13:08:28.61 server Directory Size: 8087
2005-02-17 13:08:28.68 spid1 Using dynamic lock allocation. [500] Lock
Blocks, [1000] Lock Owner Blocks
2005-02-17 13:08:28.74 spid1 failed to get sqlservr image range
2005-02-17 13:08:28.78 spid1 Advertencia ******************
2005-02-17 13:08:28.79 spid1 SQL Server iniciado en modo de usuario único.
Se permiten las actualizaciones en los catálogos del sistema.
2005-02-17 13:08:28.79 spid1 Advertencia ******************
2005-02-17 13:08:28.79 spid1 Recovering only master database
2005-02-17 13:08:28.85 spid1 Iniciando la base de datos 'master'.
2005-02-17 13:08:28.85 spid1 Opening file C:\MSSQL7\data\master.mdf.
2005-02-17 13:08:28.97 spid1 Opening file C:\MSSQL7\data\mastlog.ldf.
2005-02-17 13:08:29.06 spid1 Cargando el método de intercalación Unicode
de SQL Server.
2005-02-17 13:08:29.16 spid1 Cargando el orden y conjunto de caracteres no
Unicode de SQL Server.
2005-02-17 13:08:29.41 spid1 4 transacciones confirmadas en la base de
datos 'master' (1).
2005-02-17 13:08:29.41 spid1 0 transacciones deshechas en la base de datos
'master' (1).
2005-02-17 13:08:29.65 spid1 El servidor no tiene nombre.
2005-02-17 13:08:29.65 kernel Se utiliza 'SQLEVN70.DLL' versión
2005-02-17 13:08:29.72 kernel Se utiliza 'OPENDS60.DLL' versión
2005-02-17 13:08:29.83 ods Utilizando 'SSMSSH70.DLL' versión '7.0.623'
para escuchar en ''.
2005-02-17 13:08:29.89 ods Utilizando 'SSMSSO70.DLL' versión '7.0.623'
para escuchar en '1433'.
2005-02-17 13:08:30.09 ods Utilizando 'SSMSRP70.DLL' versión '7.0.623'
para escuchar en '3110CT'.
2005-02-17 13:08:31.11 spid1 El método de intercalación Unicode de SQL
Server es:
2005-02-17 13:08:31.11 spid1 'English' (Id. = 1033).
2005-02-17 13:08:31.11 spid1 estilo de comparación = 196609.
2005-02-17 13:08:31.11 spid1 El orden no Unicode de SQL Server es:
2005-02-17 13:08:31.11 spid1 'nocase_iso' (Id. = 52).
2005-02-17 13:08:31.11 spid1 El juego de caracteres no Unicode de SQL
Server es:
2005-02-17 13:08:31.11 spid1 'iso_1' (Id. = 1).
2005-02-17 13:08:31.19 kernel Warning: override, autoexec procedures
2005-02-17 13:10:23.67 kernel SQL Server terminará debido a una petición
de 'detención' del Administrador de control de servicios.

Accordiing to the message shown in the bottom line, we may see its like
the installation were stopped because of a request of the Control Service
Manager. I never stop the installation or something like that but I dont
have a clue why or where is the problem here.

My desktop computer is standalone and works without problems. Of course I
read that if you have PWS ( Personal Web Server ) running you may need to
stop that first, and then proceed. I did it and it never worked.

If you have any suggestion about it, this would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you so much,


Alessandro Barbieri - Peru
Jul 23 '05 #1
0 3985

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