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Combine multiple rows into 1

97 New Member
I have a table with a deviceid, attribute type, and attribute value. There are many attributes for a single device id. I want my query to retrieve a single device id with multiple attribute values. Here's what I have so far.
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  1. SELECT devId,
  2. (CASE WHEN daName = 'userAttribute.assetname' THEN daValue END) AS assetname,
  3. (CASE WHEN daName = 'userAttribute.adapter.pccardx5cphoton1.ipaddr' THEN daValue END) AS ipaddr
  4. FROM tDeviceAttributes
  5. WHERE daName='userAttribute.assetname' or daName='userAttribute.adapter.pccardx5cphoton1.ipaddr'
  6. GROUP BY devId, daName, daValue
  7. ORDER BY devID
This gives me a row for each attribute value.. not good.

current output:
devid assetname ipaddr
0006a7019547b6f 138000050bf7a60 e2 NULL
0006a7019547b6f 138000050bf7a60 e2 104178 NULL
0046ae019447db0 1a8000050bf7a60 e2 104115 NULL
0146ae01934726f 178000050bf7a60 e2 NULL
0146ae01934726f 178000050bf7a60 e2 104108 NULL
0146ae01934788e 178000050bf7a60 e2 NULL

needs to be:
devId assetname ipaddr
0006a7019547b6f 138000050bf7a60 e2 104178
0046ae019447db0 1a8000050bf7a60 e2 104115
0146ae01934726f 178000050bf7a60 e2 104108

Help would be appreciated.
Jul 1 '10 #1
10 2390
152 New Member
This is very nearly impossible, it would be ugly and slow

Could you normalise your database, it will be a lot easier on you
Jul 1 '10 #2
2,878 Recognized Expert Specialist
Here, read this. As you can see, you're going to need a key that can be used for sorting. But you should have some idea on how it's done.

Happy Coding!!!

~~ CK
Jul 1 '10 #3
97 New Member
No, unable to normalize. This is not my DB, actually designed by motorola (and works for their purposes). I'm making a custom web page to interact with the database and need this query for a stored procedure. I don't see where this would be slow as there are less than 7,000 total records in this table. Surely there must be a clean way to write this. ... is there are Shirley in the building???
Jul 1 '10 #4
97 New Member
Thanks ck9663, but I don't think this is the correct route. The suggested query relies on the previous row, regardless of identifier (in my case devId). Should a device be missing an attribute the next device will receive the wrong value. I'm thinking this would best be solved with a self join, but not sure how to implement it.
Jul 1 '10 #5
2,878 Recognized Expert Specialist
Why did you join this two rows:

0046ae019447db0 1a8000050bf7a60 e2 104115 NULL
0146ae01934726f 178000050bf7a60 e2 NULL

Into one row:
0046ae019447db0 1a8000050bf7a60 e2 104115

What's your logic in consolidating these rows?

~~ CK
Jul 1 '10 #6
97 New Member
Oops, my mistake. Typo, I just copy/pasted the "needs to be" table, only the first row is correct. But this illustrates a good point, the suggested query would've done the same thing, since it's ordered by devId but apparently a couple attributes are MIA.
Jul 1 '10 #7
2,878 Recognized Expert Specialist
Yes. As I mentioned, you're going to need something to sort your table with. If you just want it to run through the table picking the value from the next row, use ROW_NUMBER() to have a sequential record/row number that you can use.

Good Luck!!!

~~ CK
Jul 1 '10 #8
97 New Member
There's still the issue of missing attributes. Say devid 1 has ipaddr and assetname, devid 2 has assetname, devid3 has assetname.. won't devid 2 and devid 3 now have devid 1's ipaddr? sorted by devid that is.
Jul 1 '10 #9
2,878 Recognized Expert Specialist
Use the PARTIOTION BY clause of the ROW_NUMBER() to restart numbering. It means you'll have a sequence of number per DEVID. If the DEVID change, it'll restart the numbering to 1...and so on...

Good Luck!!!

~~ CK
Jul 1 '10 #10

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