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Database Design question, Header with two detail.. pls help

Hi All,

I have a database design question, pls give me some help..

I want to define tables for salesman's sales target commission . The
commission could be given per EITHER sales amount of : Group of
Products OR Group of Brand.
e.g : the data example :
For one salesman_A :
product_1, product_2, product_3 etc.. => sales = $100 - $200 =>
commission = 5%
product_1, product_2, product_3 etc.. => sales = $201 - $400 =>
commission = 10%
Brand_A, Brand_B, Brand_C .. etc => sales = $100 - $200 =>
commission = 2.5%
Brand_A, Brand_B, Brand_C .. etc => sales = $201 - $400 =>
commission = 5%

Below is my table design, is this a good design or something is wrong
here ? Thank you for your help.

CREATE TABLE Sales_Commissio n_Header (
Sales_ID Char(4) ,
Sales_Commissio n_Group Char(4),
Note Varchar(30),
Constraint Sales_Commissio n_Header_PK Primary Key(Sales_ID,
Sales_Commissio n_Group)
Alter Table Sales_Commissio n_Header Add Constraint
FK_Sales_Commis sion_Header Foreign Key (Sales_Commissi on_Group)
References Commission_Grou p_Header(Sales_ Commission_Grou p)

CREATE TABLE Sales_Commissio n_Detail (
Sales_ID Char(4) ,
Sales_Commissio n_Group Char(4),
Sales_From Decimal(12,2) ,
Sales_To Decimal(12,2) ,
Commission Decimal(5,2),
Constraint Sales_Commissio n_Detail_PK Primary Key(Sales_ID,
Sales_Commissio n_Group, Sales_From, Sales_To)
Alter Table Sales_Commissio n_Detail Add Constraint
FK_Sales_Commis sion Foreign Key (Sales_ID, Sales_Commissio n_Group)
References Sales_Commissio n_Header(Sales_ ID,
Sales_Commissio n_Group)

CREATE TABLE Commission_Grou p_Header (
Sales_Commissio n_Group Char(4) Primary Key,
Note Varchar(30)

CREATE TABLE Commission_Grou p_Detail_Produc t (
Sales_Commissio n_Group Char(4),
Product_ID VarChar(10), -- This product_ID will be FK
reference to master product
Constraint Commission_Grou p_Detail_Produc t_PK Primary
Key(Sales_Commi ssion_Group, Product_ID)
Alter Table Commission_Grou p_Detail_Produc t Add Constraint
FK_Commission_G roup_Detail_Pro duct Foreign Key
(Sales_Commissi on_Group)
References Commission_Grou p_Header(Sales_ Commission_Grou p)
CREATE TABLE Commission_Grou p_Detail_Brand (
Sales_Commissio n_Group Char(4),
Brand_ID VarChar(10), -- This brand_ID will be FK
reference to master brand
Constraint Commission_Grou p_Detail_Brand_ PK Primary
Key(Sales_Commi ssion_Group, Brand_ID)
Alter Table Commission_Grou p_Detail_Brand Add Constraint
FK_Commission_G roup_Detail_Bra ns Foreign Key (Sales_Commissi on_Group)
References Commission_Grou p_Header(Sales_ Commission_Grou p)

thank you,
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