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Synchronise problems with merge publication under SQL Server 2000

Hello NG,

we have created a database for our schedules on the SQL server 2000.
As we have many satellite stations, we created a merge publication.
The aim of this merge publication is to provide the satellite stations
with their "own" databases, in which they can alter their data and are
able to synchronise with the main server thereafter. At the same time
it is possible to enter data into the main server (in our main
office). The subscribers (the satellite stations) have been
prioritised. The main database, of course, has 100%, and the
subscribers are put into hierarchical order (i.e. subscriber 1=99%,
subscriber 2=95% etc.). For conflict resolution I use the standard
conflict solver. Now, this is my problem:

If I alter data on one of the satellite stations and synchronise it
with the main server, the synchronisation is successful. However, if I
change the same data again on the main server and synchronise it with
the satellite station, I get conflicts. But that shouldn't happen. My
understanding of "conflict" is that if I change data set 1 on the
satellite station, then change the same data set on the main server
and synchronise it, a conflict should emerge. But this is not the case
with me. Why could that be? Does anyone have any suggestions? Could is
be a fault with the SQL server 2000?

Attached you can find a txt-doc, which I created from the standard
conflict solver. Maybe it can help you to understand my problem.

Thank you in advance for your help!

Kaan Öcgün
DatumZeit,Benut zeraktion,Datum enbank,Publikat ion,Tabelle,Urs prungsDatumenqu elle,RowGuid_We rt,Konflikttyp, Ursache_Text,SQ L
30.6.2003 15:49:37,"Konfl iktverlierer"," TAB1","(Alle
Mergepublikatio nen)","[dbo].[DF1]","Rechner1.TAB 1","{6EBD741 8-8158-42DB-A615-B8B758284DD5}", "9","Die
Zeile wurde auf 'Rechner1.TAB1' aktualisiert, konnte jedoch auf
'Server1.TAB1' nicht aktualisiert werden. Verletzung der PRIMARY
KEY-Einschränkung 'PK_DF1'. Ein doppelter Schlüssel kann in das
DF1-Objekt nicht eingefügt werden.","SET DatumEFORMAT dmy
UPDatumE [dbo].[DF1] SET [dbo].[DF1].[ID] = [conflict_TAB1_D F1].[ID],
[dbo].[DF1].[Datum] = [conflict_TAB1_D F1].[Datum], [dbo].[DF1].[ATime]
= [conflict_TAB1_D F1].[ATime], [dbo].[DF1].[Endezeit] =
[conflict_TAB1_D F1].[Endezeit], [dbo].[DF1].[Feld1] =
[conflict_TAB1_D F1].[Feld1], [dbo].[DF1].[Anmerkungen] =
[conflict_TAB1_D F1].[Anmerkungen], [dbo].[DF1].[ÄnderungsDatum] =
[conflict_TAB1_D F1].[ÄnderungsDatum], [dbo].[DF1].[Geändert_von_ID] =
[conflict_TAB1_D F1].[Geändert_von_ID] FROM [dbo].[DF1],
[conflict_TAB1_D F1] WHERE [dbo].[DF1].[rowguid] =
'{6EBD7418-8158-42DB-A615-B8B758284DD5}' AND [dbo].[DF1].[rowguid] =
[conflict_TAB1_D F1].[rowguid]
Jul 20 '05 #1
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