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Identity column in query result

I am firing a query like:

SELECT TaskName, StartDate FROMTasks
WHERE StartDate >= '01-Aug-2003'

Now the result comes as:

TaskName StartDate
Task1 01-Aug-2003
Task5 10-Oct-2003


Now what I want is this:
Sl. No. TaskName StartDate
1 Task1 01-Aug-2003
2 Task5 10-Oct-2003
How do I get the Sl. No. field (it does not exist in the table).
Can I do it?

Jul 20 '05
11 13756

Thanks for youir solution.
Although it uses the idea of inserting the data in a table, it is a good solution.

So, a simple SELECT can not do the trick.

Thanks a lot to you all, who contributed, and helped me a lot!


mj***@libero.it (Mauro) wrote in message news:<a2******* *************** ****@posting.go ogle.com>...
I don't think you can get a serial number with a simple SELECT, unless
you migrate on Oracle RDBMS which has a pseudo-column named ROWNUM
very useful for your purpose; rather, on MS-SQL 2K, you can create a
function that return a table. This example run on Northwind sample


create function dbo.FN_ORDERS()
returns @tab table (
OrderId int,
OrderDate datetime,
ShipName nvarchar(40)
) as
declare @OrderId int
declare @OrderDate datetime
declare @ShipName nvarchar(40)
declare @i int
declare c cursor for
select OrderId, OrderDate, ShipName from Northwind.dbo.O rders
set @i = 0
open c
fetch c into @OrderId, @OrderDate, @ShipName
while @@fetch_status = 0 begin
set @i = @i + 1
insert @tab values (@i, @OrderId, @OrderDate, @ShipName)
fetch c into @OrderId, @OrderDate, @ShipName
close c
deallocate c

select * from dbo.FN_ORDERS()

Obviously you have to create one function per table and change your
front end code...

s_****@rediffma il.com (Surajit Laha) wrote in message news:<ba******* *************** ****@posting.go ogle.com>...

The table has 25000 rows at this moment and increasing.

I can obviously generate a sequence in the front end, but:
1) I want to do it in the back end, to check if it is possible
2) I dont want to use Temp tables

If I accept any of these, I can solve this problem right away.

But I want to find an option of doing it in the backend, following
these constraints, and want to know if it is possible.

If it is not possible, then it is important for me to know that it is

The description of the table does not help much, as I would like to
use this idea (if I get any) in any query result from any table.



"Shervin Shapourian" <Sh**********@h otmail.com> wrote in message news:<vo******* *****@corp.supe rnews.com>...

Can you tell us more about the nature of your problem? How big is your
table? Isn't it possible to generate sequence numbers in your front-end
application? Why don't you want to use temporary tables? Is it because of
some technical or performance problem or you just prefer not to use temp


"Surajit Laha" <s_****@rediffm ail.com> wrote in message
news:ba******** *************** ***@posting.goo gle.com...
> Hi all,
> Unfortunately none of them worked!
> The serial no. column returned some big values and do not appear
> serially.
> The last one (using a temp table) is ok, but I do not want to use temp
> tables.
> Task name may not be unique, there are Task_ID and Task_UID which
> forms a composite key for this table.
> But how can that help?
> Please help/comment.
> -surajit
> > "Surajit Laha" <s_****@rediffm ail.com> wrote in message
> > news:ba******** *************** ***@posting.goo gle.com...
> > > I am firing a query like:
> > >
> > > SELECT TaskName, StartDate FROMTasks
> > > WHERE StartDate >= '01-Aug-2003'
> > >
> > > Now the result comes as:
> > >
> > > TaskName StartDate
> > > --------------------------
> > > Task1 01-Aug-2003
> > > Task5 10-Oct-2003
> > >
> > > etc.
> > >
> > > Now what I want is this:
> > >
> > >
> > > Sl. No. TaskName StartDate
> > > ----------------------------------
> > > 1 Task1 01-Aug-2003
> > > 2 Task5 10-Oct-2003
> > >
> > >
> > > How do I get the Sl. No. field (it does not exist in the table).
> > > Can I do it?
> > >
> > > -surajit

Jul 20 '05 #11
[posted and mailed, please reply in news]

Surajit Laha (s_****@rediffm ail.com) writes:
Thanks for youir solution.
Although it uses the idea of inserting the data in a table, it is a good

So, a simple SELECT can not do the trick.

Actually it can. See the script below. However, the performance is likely
to be bad. Using a temp table with an identity column would be a lot faster.

CREATE TABLE surajit (taskid int NOT NULL,
taskuid int NOT NULL,
taskname varchar(12) NOT NULL,
startdate datetime NOT NULL,
PRIMARY KEY (taskid, taskuid))
INSERT surajit (taskid, taskuid, taskname, startdate)
VALUES (1, 1, 'Task 1', '20021212')

INSERT surajit (taskid, taskuid, taskname, startdate)
VALUES (1, 3, 'Task 1.2', '20021224')

INSERT surajit (taskid, taskuid, taskname, startdate)
VALUES (2, 1, 'Task 2', '20030605')

INSERT surajit (taskid, taskuid, taskname, startdate)
VALUES (3, 1, 'Task 3', '20010915')

INSERT surajit (taskid, taskuid, taskname, startdate)
VALUES (3, 2, 'Task 3', '20011015')

SELECT taskname, startdate,
cnt = (SELECT COUNT(*)
FROM surajit b
WHERE b.taskname < a.taskname OR
(b.taskname = a.taskname AND
b.taskid < a.taskid OR
(b.taskid = a.taskid AND
b.taskuid < a.taskuid))) + 1
FROM surajit a
Erland Sommarskog, SQL Server MVP, so****@algonet. se

Books Online for SQL Server SP3 at
Jul 20 '05 #12

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