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zusammengesetzt er Primary Key mit Deleted-Flag

Knifflige Frage zu Datenbanken:

Es gibt Tabellen, die mehr als ein PK-Feld haben; also z.B.MAID und GMID.
Soweit ok.

Nehmen wir an, aus dieser Tabelle sollen keine Datensätze physikalisch
gelöscht werden, sondern der Löschstatus durch ein Datenfeld GELOESCHT
angegeben werden. Hat das Feld den Wert 0, dann ist der Datensatz nicht
gelöscht; ansonsten steht der Zeitpunkt (Tag und Uhrzeit) der Löschung drin.
Dann funktioniert der PK nicht mehr, denn es können ja durchaus mehrere
Datensätze mit gleicher MAID und GMID vorhanden sein. Aufnehmen von
GELOESCHT in den PK geht theoretisch, ist aber gefährlich (da
Fließkommafeld, und wer weiß schon, ob 0 immer gleich 0 ist...).

Hat jemand eine Idee?

Jul 20 '05
11 4622
Roughly translated. (very Rougly ?).
A table PK fields MAID and GMID.
Tuples are deleted but not removed from the table.
There is a field GELOESCHT (REMOVED).
A 0 (I think a NULL) in this means not removed a datetime
gives the time when this tuple is removed.
Using this then the PK doesn't work anymore because including
these removed fields there can be more than one MAID and GMID
Adding the GELOESCHT field to the PK doesn't work because
this gives trouble with a ???floatfield?? ?(=Fließkommafe ld) and
is a 0 equal to a 0 ?? (I think a NULL equal to a NULL).

Does anybody have an Idee ?

The anwser I have given is more extended than the request.
I did elaborate with datamodel and databasemodel fase, to
get above table what the problem was and included a table
which has referential constriants with the table.
This because to 'solve' the problem one has to know exactly
wat it is to be used for. (Hense the datamodel).
And how this can be solved. (Hence the databasemodel).

ben brugman.

"Alkos" <az****@nospam. org> wrote in message
news:bn******** *@news.rd.franc etelecom.fr...
What is the question, please ?
(I also hope you are trying to design your DB with Oracle ;)


"ben brugman" <be*@niethier.n l> a écrit dans le message news:
3f************* ********@read.n ews.nl.uu.net.. .
Hello all stakeholders,

My German is worse than my English so I am going with English.
(This is a long anwser, I do appreciate respons and if there are
questions please ask. I have a view of what a Datamodel (logical)
and a implementation of a Datamodel=Datab asemodel (fairly fysical)
is. This view I have may be unfamilliar to you or you might not
agree with this view).

I like to split the problem into two different 'fases', that of
datamodel and that of implementation into a database (databasemodel) .

Requirements are a table were MAID and GMID are the 'logical' PK.
But a tuple can be deleted, were we want to keep the data, but need
an indication that the tuple was deleted and when the tuple was deleted.

Suppose that there is a 'child' table which has a relation with the table
over the MAID and GMID PK. (Two different situations can exist the
child table can not contain children of deleted 'parents', or the child
table can contain children of deleted 'parents'.)
I do not know if your situation includes such a table.

The deleted tuples can be seen as historical tuples, to be kept.
This can be modeled as a sepparate table.
This can also be modeled with extra information within the tuple.
(A deleted indication or a deleted date or both).

So the modelling of this table can be one table or an actual table
and a historical table.
Depending on the way the information is viewed on or the other can

This should implement all the rules given in the datamodel fase, but
how to implement this is still a 'free' choice.
Here we can implement the model as it is, but independed of the model
one can choose for the one table or two table implementations .
(If we still have the choice here, why do we need a model ? The model
describes what we need these needs have to be implemented, the model
should help to make the choices not make the decisions).

If implemented as TWO tables, selection on actual information is easy,
selection on historical information is ease. Selection on both can
be done with a union.
With two tables the relation between the children and the parent.
Easiest to enforce deleted parents can not have children.
Second option deleted parents can only have deleted children also
in a historical children table.
Nasty implementation both the actual parents and deleted parents
can have children in the one children table. This is not a nice

If implemented in ONE table. Extra columns are needed and the PK has te
be extended with some historical info. First we should avoid NULLs because they are not nice in PK's and not nice in relationships. (This is an
understatement) .
So if you have a deleted indication use at least two values one for not
deleted one
for deleted.
Datetime fields or stamps, personaly I think that time is continuous and
not suetable as a PK or other identification, but if the datetime is rounded
to say
days, seconds or milliseconds it can be made suetable for identification. But then a a choice MUST be made how it is rounded example days or

If there is only one deleted tuple for each MAID and GMID than use the
identification. If there are more I would go for a version (automatically or
not) and one could define the highest as actual, but maybe it would be
better to define zero (Not null) as actual and keep the higher numbers
as historical. A fixed number zero (or any other number) for the actual
tuple makes selection easier.

If deleted tuples can have children the deleted indication or version

be incorperated in the relational key. This makes updating difficult.
both can not be updated in one go or defered checking has to be used.
(Defered checking has limitations and should if possible not be used).
(A write and delete cyclus is possible, first make a historical parent,
then move the children then delete the first parent).

If children are not allowed on deleted tuples they should be deleted

a parent can be deleted (with the deleted signaling).
Problem the if only the MAID and GMID are checked, the database can not
enforce this rule. So applications should enforce this rule.
(Problem with applications enforcing rules that checking for children

and then
deleting the parent, another process can in the mainwhile add a new child. Oracle does not do any predicate locking so this insert can not be

One could include the actual indication in the relation. Then at least
a concurrency conflict at least one transaction will fail.)

If there are specific requirements that the solution should be ONE or TWO tables,
one can also revert to VIEWS to make this available. And remember ONE or

table implementation can be INDEPENDEND of ONE or TWO table models.
Depending on the functional requirements the model should have one or two tables.
Depending on the model and nonfunctional requirements this should be
as one or two tables. (Which queries are done how offten, how many tuples (actual
and deleted) and how fast should the queries and the updates be).

General filosofie :
First there should be a Datamodel to describe what we want.
Then a DataBaseModel should be made from this and be implemented.
(At this point some decisions have to be made which rules will be enforced by the RDBMS and which rules have to be enforced by business logic.)
After this the business logic can be build.

If there are questions of which things are allowed (combinations of data) one should look at the databasemodel. (The database model and functional
model (or design) should be able to anwser all the questions of what is
functionaly allowed).
If there are questions of how to interface with the RDBMS one should
look at the Databasemodel.
The RDBMS and business logic togethere should implement all the
constraints 'dictated' by the databasemodel.

If you are still there, thanks for your attention,
ben brugman.

"SWE@kp" <sw*@klages-partner.de> wrote in message
news:2f******** *************** ***@posting.goo gle.com...
Knifflige Frage zu Datenbanken:

Es gibt Tabellen, die mehr als ein PK-Feld haben; also z.B.MAID und

GMID. Soweit ok.

Nehmen wir an, aus dieser Tabelle sollen keine Datensätze physikalisch
gelöscht werden, sondern der Löschstatus durch ein Datenfeld GELOESCHT
angegeben werden. Hat das Feld den Wert 0, dann ist der Datensatz nicht gelöscht; ansonsten steht der Zeitpunkt (Tag und Uhrzeit) der Löschung

Dann funktioniert der PK nicht mehr, denn es können ja durchaus mehrere Datensätze mit gleicher MAID und GMID vorhanden sein. Aufnehmen von
GELOESCHT in den PK geht theoretisch, ist aber gefährlich (da
Fließkommafeld, und wer weiß schon, ob 0 immer gleich 0 ist...).

Hat jemand eine Idee?


Jul 20 '05 #11
(I also hope you are trying to design your DB with Oracle ;) No.


With Oracle Designer you can design DB's.

With Oracle you can implement DB's. (Databasemodel) .

But the designing process can be done with a great number
of tools (pen and paper for one). Also designing the
databasemodel can be done with a great number of tools
(pen and paper for one).

The designing process should be at least for a great deal
be independend of the database where you implement
the database. Because of RDBMS differences and
performance one can make different implementations
on different RDBMSsen. So although an RDBMS (Oracle)
for example can be in the back op your mind during the
design fase, it should not have to much influence.

When designing try to make the 'design' as generic
as possible. A design which can be implemented in
multiple different RDBMSsen is 'stronger' than a
dedicated design.
(The world is not completely ideal, so some parts of
the design are dependend on the database you are
actually going to use. There are differences in
concurrency model, in grouping of records (think iot and clustering),
in sequencing, some of these should be taken into the
designing process at an early stage.
So when possible try to be independend of an RDBMS but when
neccesary take the RDBMS into account)

ben brugman
Jul 20 '05 #12

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