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question regarding slow performance an PAGEIOLATCH_SH locks on sql2005


I wondered in anyone can help with the following problem that i'm
experiencing, i'll try to provide as much info as possible and any
suggestions would be appreciated.

I have just started at an organsiation and there seems to be slow
performance maybe on the san on a 64bit itanium dual core machine. 4
CPUs are being showed to sql server, it also has 16gb of RAM. I'll
start with the configuration of the SAN.

After speaking to the SAN guy, rather than carve the SAN up into
different area's for san Logs/Data etc they have gone for the approach
of spreading a Vdisk across as many spindles as possible (All 145 of
them). So the area that is presented to the SQL Server according the
the SAN guys is a vraid 5 stripe made up of all 145 disks which are
all 72gb fibre-channel disks.

This storage is not just made available to sql server but also made
available to other apps as well that need storage. Having read the
manufactres best practice on setting this up there is a valid argument
for doing this.

The bandwidth from the SAN is 2Gb fibre, with each computer that uses
the SAN having 2Gb fibre cards.
Clearly, that could act as a bottle-neck. But, there's nothing that
can be done about it according to the SAN guy.

Needless to say, any changes on the SAN are pretty much going to be
out of the question as far as he's concerned but i think performance
isn't that good for the type of box they have and the SAN its attached

The 2nd thing i'll explain is the setup of the database in question,
firstly whoever set it up split the database into 16 different file of
4 filegroups so the table that i'm selecting to is in one filegroup
split over 4 files and the the table selecting from is in another
filegroup made up of another 4 files. These are placed on the same
physical disk made up of the SAN LUN with 145 spindles.

Anyway when i do a select from a sales table which has various group
bys and then insert the results into a blank table with no indexes it
can take over 2hours for 200k rows which i find very slow.

When i look at the sysprocesses table i am getting various waits as
follows :-

72 4272 0 0x0042 900 PAGEIOLATCH_SH 6:9:2192094
72 4272 0 0x0069 0 SLEEP_TASK
72 4272 0 0x0000 0 SOS_SCHEDULER_Y IELD

The process seams to be going inbetween a PAGEIOLATCH and
SOS_SCHEDULER_Y IELD a few times per second.

Running the following to get io stalls gives the following :-

Select * from sys.dm_io_virtu al_file_stats (6,7)
Select * from sys.dm_io_virtu al_file_stats (6,8)
Select * from sys.dm_io_virtu al_file_stats (6,9)
Select * from sys.dm_io_virtu al_file_stats (6,10)

gives results like :-

6 7 1708539850 1562421 82465128448 294572225 26431 2455404544 12438340
307010565 44907495424 0x0000000000000 954

It worries me that when the process is on the PAGEIOLATCH the wait
can be over 1000. Is it normal for the wait to be this long and what
would be the best way to prove one way or another if the configuration
of the san is causing this kind of performance???

Thanks for any suggestions in advance


Dec 7 '07 #1
1 4909
ps. The perf mon stats we are seeing are as follows :-

Avg Disk Read/Sec are between 0.06 and 0.3 on the select partion when
the routine starts up. which i think must be a little slow.
Disk Read/Sec is around 170

Dec 7 '07 #2

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