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SQL Server 2000 Backup and Restore, Need help!

6 New Member
Hi all,

My manager ask me to do backup for 3 database and restore them in a new server.

I did the backup for the 3 database into BAK file. Then in the new server, when I did the restore in SQL Server Enterprise Manager by using their restore function and selecting device(s) for the BAK file, I encounter the different messages such as the following:

1. Microsoft SQL-DMO (ODBC SQLState: 4200) The media family on device 'C:\Backup.BAK' is incorrectly formed. SQL server cannot process this media family. RESTORE DATABASE is terminating abnormally.

Sometimes I got the error message:
'The file on device 'C:\Backup.BAK' is not a valid Microsoft Tape Format backup set. RESTORE DATABASE is terminating abnormally.'

Then I try to do backup for the 3 databases and I uncheck 'Media set name and backup set expiration' under Options for Backup. When I restore them into new server I got the following message:
"Collation ID 49 is invalid. RESTORE DATABASE is terminating abnormally".

I don't understand... I just plainly take the latest BAK file from the server, and I FTP to my own pc to get the BAK files. From my pc I FTP again to the new server to put the copies into the new server directory and I did restore from there. I've read many articles and follow their guides...... But I couldn't get it work...

I really need help for this coz my deadline is tomorrow...... Please help me with this... I don't understand why I cant restore from BAK file... And is it important about media type??? Or anything wrong from my backup? Or restore part??? =(

May 8 '07 #1
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218 Recognized Expert New Member
When restoring, are you setting restore from device to File? From your post, it sounds like you are trying to restore from a tape device

What versions of SQL Server are you using?

May 8 '07 #2
6 New Member
When restoring, are you setting restore from device to File? From your post, it sounds like you are trying to restore from a tape device

What versions of SQL Server are you using?


Hi Steve,

I'm using MS SQL Server 2000, when I backup, I choose to backup in a file as BAK file, not onto the tape. Same like when I do restore, I select From Device and choose the filename.

I think I got some idea about the media set error message... Please correct me if I'm wrong... Does that mean during the time when I do backup, the backup BAK file take note of the harddisk as well??? Since I restore by copying the file into the new server, that may not work... Correct?

May 9 '07 #3
218 Recognized Expert New Member
Nope, it doesn't matter where the backup is taken or restored from
May 9 '07 #4
6 New Member
If it doesn't matter where the backup is taken from but now it still doesn't work... I still don't understand what happen???
May 10 '07 #5
6 New Member
If it doesn't matter where the backup is taken from but now it still doesn't work... I still don't understand what happen???

Now I got a new error message saying "Server: Msg 2774, Level 16, State 1, Line 2 Collation ID 49 is not valid."

Can anyone please let me know how to proceed the restoration without having problem for collation ID and media type or media set???
May 10 '07 #6

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