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How to exec stored proc dynamically

I have 2 procedures setup in master database, sp_RebuildIndex esMain and
sp_RebuildIndex esSub

The Sub just shows and execute DBCC commands for passed database

sp_RebuildIndex esSub(@listOnly bit=0, @maxfrag Decimal=30.0)

This runs fine if I do pubs..sp_Rebuil dIndexesSub
However when run thru. the Main proc, I get Incorrect syntax near
The main proc is

Create Proc sp_RebuildIndex esMain(@dbName sysname, @listOnly bit=0,
@maxFrag Decimal=30.0)

Declare crDbs CURSOR For
Where CATALOG_NAME NOT IN ('tempdb', 'master', 'msdb', 'model',
'distribution', 'Northwind', 'pubs')
And CATALOG_NAME Like @dbName

Declare @execstr nvarchar(2000)

Open crDbs
Fetch crDbs INTO @dbName
If (@@FETCH_STATUS <>0) --Then no matching databases
Close crDbs
Deallocate CrDbs
Print 'No databases were found that match ''' + @dbName + ''''
Return -1

While(@@FETCH_S TATUS=0)
Print Char(13) + 'Rebuilding indexes on ' + @dbName
Print Char(13)
Set @execstr = @dbName + '..sp_RebuildIn dexesSub '
EXEC sp_executesql @execstr, N'@listOnly bit, @maxFrag Decimal',
@listOnly, @maxFrag
Fetch crDbs INTO @dbName
Close crDbs
Deallocate CrDbs
Return 0

su********@netz ero.com

Jul 23 '05 #1
5 6107
I believe if you change:
Set @execstr = @dbName + '..sp_RebuildIn dexesSub '
Set @execstr = '[' + @dbName + '..sp_RebuildIn dexesSub] '

it should work.

Personally, instead of creating sp_RebuildIndex esSub in each database,
you should just create it in the master database. Then run a job like

sp_msforeachdb 'USE ? if db_id(''?'') > 4
Print Char(13) + 'Rebuilding indexes on ' + ?
exec sp_RebuildIndex esSub 0, 30.0

Be sure not to run "exec master..sp_Rebu ildIndexesSub 0, 30.0" or else
it will only run the master database during each loop.

Modify to your heart's content.

Jul 23 '05 #2
Now it says
Server: Msg 170, Level 15, State 1, Line 1
Line 1: Incorrect syntax near 'SPlant5_MODEL. .sp_RebuildInde xesSub'.

The stored procedure are setup in the master db. That's why I'm using
the dbname..spname to change db context.


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Jul 23 '05 #3
Don't use sp_executesql. The problem stems from you trying to run a
stored procedure through a stored procedure. So instead, build your
string first and run it by using EXEC(@execstr).

SET @execstr = 'USE ' + @dbname + ' exec sp_RebuildIndex esSub ' +
RTRIM(@listOnly ) + ',' + RTRIM(@maxFrag)
EXEC (@execstr)

Jul 23 '05 #4
Got it. Had to change to this

Set @execstr = @dbName + '..sp_RebuildIn dexesSub'
Exec @execstr @listOnly, @maxFrag


Jul 23 '05 #5
You are right. Your code is much cleaner :)

Jul 23 '05 #6

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