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5 Reasons Why Web Developers Should Learn Angular

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Angular, is the most popular javascript framework. The self proclaimed Super heroic framework is gaining a lot of traction from professionals over the globe.

With features like less coding and time efficiency, it has emerged as an integral tool for web development. Almost every major website is running on Angular these days. Some big names in the list are Intel, PayPal, Netflix, Youtube etc . So there is no doubt that an aspiring developer should learn Angular to make it big in the industry.

Let’s look over some major perks of the framework and why is it worth to learn Angular for a Web developer -

Support for SPAs
Single Page Applications or SPAs are the key essential for a web system. Nobody likes to wait too long for a web page or application to load. This has led to SPA's gaining a lot of popularity.

Single page apps are far more responsive and offers same experience as the other native apps. The HTML document is dynamically updated as per the user input. This enhances the user experience and the performance of the website or application.

So to provide a fluid experience to the user and the system, developers must learn Angular and adapt to it.

Effective handling of dependencies
Handling dependencies in an efficient way is another great feature of Angular. It has a built-in dependency injection subsystem which reduces a considerate amount of workload.
Developers have to add dependencies rather than searching for them. This is where Angular comes in action. It instantly offers the dependencies, making things easier for developers. In case of SPAs, you can perform dynamic loading without worrying about namespace and spin up.

Support for parallel development
Another reason to learn Angular is the support it offers for parallel development. Making the entire process easier, developer don't need to depend on each other. With the support of JavaScript, a developer can now put in patterns.
The entire application is broke down into modules. This helps developers to test the codes without damaging each other's work.

Design-Development Workflow
With Angular, the designing and development of an application can go side by side. This helps developers add HTML while designers go along with their part without breaking the application.

Designers get free from rearranging codes and can rather move elements in the system.

Developers get more control
Angular enables a new scenario known as a “directive”. This enables developers to add new HTML elements and attributes. These directives include grids, lightboxes etc . So a developer need not type the whole code and rather use these directives.

This provides functionality to the entire system making it essential to learn Angular.

The popularity of Angular is nowhere hidden in web development world. Consider it as a powerful tool to include in your skill set.

Above listed are some major reasons for you to learn Angular. Let me know if I missed out on anything important in the comments below.
Nov 24 '18 #1
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As being a software developer there are few languages that can add in your armoury to get extra attention and Angular is one of them. Here are a few points from my end that can help you to get a better understanding.
  • AngularJS Gives XAML Developers a Place to Go on the Web
  • AngularJS Gets Rid of Ritual and Ceremony
  • AngularJS Handles Dependencies
  • AngularJS Allows Developers to Express UI Declaratively and Reduce Side Effects
  • AngularJS Embraces DD … Er, Testing

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Jan 6 '20 #2

P: 12
Angular will also- allows frequent testing and helps to reduce line coding.
Jan 10 '20 #3