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A beginner's approach to learn frontend development

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Glad to know that you are looking for one of the most interesting and exacting career. Front end development is fulfill with creation and colors. Many number of frameworks and technologies are available for front end development. It may be quite difficult to pick ideal one. Learning front end development is easier than other and fascinating. Lot of technologies are available to learn front end development online. But you can maximize your marketability by pursuing in demand skills for the future!

Everything in tech starts with skills. The interacting web pages demands some skills to design them. Many know how to design front end but some make it special because of their unequalled skills set.
So, in this article i would suggest you best way and in demand skills everyone need to start learning for front end :

First, start with the basics
Some basics skills are important here to get into front end development:
1.HTML 5/ CSS 3
HTML 5 stands for 'Hyper text markup language'. It describe the structure of the website using tags and elements. Use to make basic to major changes to a website design. CSS 3 use to specify the layout of the web page. It is use to design and define that how the content of a website will appear.

2. Javascript
Javascript is object-oriented programming language. It is use to create interactive effects and dynamic features in a web page.

3. jQuery
jQuery is Javascript library. jQuery makes Javascript fast and easy to use on your web page. Efficient load functions and objects thus improve application performance.

4. JS frameworks

Angular.js- It is Javascript framework used for building client applications.
React,js- It is Javascript library used for designing user interfaces,
Vue.js- Javascript framework used for building user-interfaces and single-page applications.

These are important to learn because of their features and advance designing methods.
To keep the code organised and easy to manipulate these frameworks plays a big role.
Companies like Amazon India, Flipkart, paytm, Zomato, Netflix etc use these frameworks. Using these they develop and organize high functional websites.
The developer who works on these frameworks have more growth and earning potential. And that's what make them distinctive from other front end developers. These frameworks are most demanding in industry. So, learning these advance front end frameworks is important.

5. CSS frameworks
Foundation, Semantic UI, Bootstrap, Pure and Ulkit are
most demanding CSS frameworks. These are use to make website more interactive. These frameworks makes learning front end development a fancy thing.
Bootstrap helps in making website 'Device friendly'. Learning bootstrap framework is important.

Learning front end development with Implementation
Here is very crucial thing that most of the students don't prefer to do that is PROJECTS. You may have read many articles over way of learning front end development but few of them advice to do project. But this is what where students fumble and that's what interrupt you at the time of getting hired. Yes, having knowledge of something doesn't mean that you know the real concepts. Job roles demand some proof.
According to me, projects is only the best way. Real learning starts from here.
Because learning only skills will not make you a front end developer. These frameworks, libraries, tools are not easy to apply if you're a beginner. Learning front end development means creating something fascinating from learned skills.
If you are a beginner I would suggest you to work on some projects.
Projects will help you think practical. Projects will help you to reach at convenient level of skills. It is the only way to enhance and frame something that you've learned.

Follow this process of learning front end development you will be amazed with results.
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